My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: The Culprit

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“This is… that Jing Qi!” Lou Hong recognized the person.

“He was the one who stole it.” The wolf monarch continued. “We couldn't find him at Green Robes Sect, and we only knew afterwards that this kid was saved by Honesty Sect. That's why we…” Had they known that there was a Soul Formation cultivator, and a sword cultivator besides, he would absolutely never have come.

Lonemoon frowned. He had actually more or less guessed that this matter may be related to that intruder, but he didn't imagine that it was actually him. No wonder so many demons appeared first at that village, and then at Green Robes Sect, and now at Honesty Sect. Jing Qi was the one they were after.

Yet even though Jing Qi knew that he was the one who attracted those demons, why had he never mentioned it? And he didn't look guilty at all during the whole discussion, but remained in an utterly justified manner. This wouldn't seem right if it was any other child, and he was no ordinary child.

Lou Hong's face darkened too. He turned and commanded, “Go to the back mountain and bring the one named Jing Qi.”

“Yes!” A disciple turned and flew off immediately.

The wolf monarch's eyes brightened with hope.

But Lonemoon didn't intend to let him go so easily. “Even though you have a reason, just because you killed off the whole Green Robes Sect and ate so many people, I cannot let you go!”

The wolf withered down again and shook even more severely. A Dharma spell was just going to be formed.

“Supremacy, wait!” Lou Hong seemed to have thought of something, and he said, “This wolf monarch had sinned greatly, and our Honesty Sect just happened to lack a mountain-protecting beast. How about we make it stay at the mountain gate for life, as redemption for his sins?”

The wolf monarch nodded violently, “I'm willing! I'm willing! Supremacy, please spare my life. I like protecting gates best, I like it very much. Woof woof!

Lonemoon, “…”

Lou Hong, “…”

Why are you woofing, did you think of yourself as a dog?

“Since the sect master says so, so be it.” Lonemoon made a hand seal, and his finger pointed towards the center of the wolf's brows, directly dragging out a piece of his Divine Perception and heart blood. He turned to look at Lou Hong. “Give me your hand!”

Lou Hong reached out a hand subconsciously. Lonemoon directly turned his hands towards the hand. Instantly, a blood-colored wolf head symbol appeared on Lou Hong's wrist.

“This is… a blood contract?!”

“Hmm!” Lonemoon nodded. “Should he disobey, or still dare to eat humans in the future, you can directly activate this seal to kill him. Demons, unlike demon beasts, cannot be contracted, so this is the safest method.”

The wolf monarch's head bowed down even lower, as he hurried to promise, “I don't dare, don't dare!” With that said, he immediately clawed onto the stone platform at the mountain gate and sat down with his back claws on the ground. The huge tail behind him shook in a eager manner, as if he had completely forgotten that he was originally a Demon Monarch.

Lonemoon, “…”

Lou Hong, “…”

Everyone: “…”

Hmm, he was fairly… sensible.

“Only those few small demons are left. They have no blood in their body, they probably have never hurt humans. Deal with them as you wis.h.!.+” Lonemoon said. He suddenly thought of something, “Oh yeah! Those dead bodies, after taking the demon cores out of them, clean them up and send them to Invincible Peak to Shen Ying. Although they are a bit chopped up, they should still be edible!”

“Eat… eat?” Did they hear it wrong?

“Hmm.” Lonemoon glanced at the small demons left and the wolf monarch, as he said word by word, “Don't they like to eat humans? I will let them know the fear of those on top of the food chain.”

The people, “…”

The demons, “…”

And the demons trembled together.

So… So horrible… They are actually going to eat the demon corpses!

Before everyone had been able to react, the disciple who left just now suddenly ran back, an anxious look on his face, “Sect master, it's no good! That disciple called Jing Qi had disappeared.”

“What?” Lou Hong's face darkened. “Wasn't he locked up? How can he disappear? Have you checked the disciples' entrance and exit record?”

“I have. n.o.body had seen him leave. I only realized he was not there when I went to the locked room.”

“This child…” A flash of anxiety crossed Lou Hong's face. Couldn't something have happened to him? He suddenly remembered something.

Everybody turned to look at the dog monarch… uh no, the wolf monarch!

The wolf monarch's hair all stood up. “No no no… It wasn't me!” Don't wrong a good wolf! “We didn't even get to enter the mountain gate, how could we get him? Besides, I didn't even find the Green Feathers Spiritual Orchid…”

“Supremacy, in your opinion…” Lou Hong looked towards Lonemoon awkwardly.

Lonemoon frowned. Maybe that stupid kid just ran away by himself.

“Let's return to the sect first.”

Lou Hong nodded. Only then did everyone fly back to the main peak, bringing the captured small demons. Lou Hong walked in the front and just as he was about to enter the audience hall when a coercive force of a Soul Formation cultivator suddenly emerged from inside, and without paying attention he directly stepped back.

The suppression actually intensified, and it swept over the crowd recklessly with a murderous aura.

Lonemoon's expression turned cold. Did they think that he was dead? In an instant, he used the suppression unique to sword cultivators to counter-attack. The suppression rushed into the hall mercilessly and hit the cultivator sitting in a high position.

Sounds of tumultuous movement of tables and chairs immediately came from the hall, as if the person had lost his balance. Only then did Lonemoon lead the crowd inside. They looked at the middle-aged cultivator who came uninvited and sat in a high-ranking position.

“Honesty Sect actually produced a Soul Formation cultivator! I underestimated you.” The cultivator on top stood up and looked towards Lonemoon with vigilance.

“You are… Supremacy Wu Xiang of Divine Heaven Sect.” Lou Hong was shocked as he immediately recognized the person. Divine Heaven Sect was the top sect of Upper Azure World, with millions of disciples, and Honesty Sect could by no means compare with them. They also had more than a dozen Soul Formation Supremacies in their sect, and this Supremacy Wu Xiang was among the best of them. Rumors had it that he was already halfway immortal.

“It seems that this old man is still recognized!” The man smiled, but his look remained rather proud.

Lou Hong frowned. “May I know what business Supremacy has here at Honesty Sect?” And he even started fighting indiscriminately. If not for Supremacy Lonemoon, he himself may even be hurt.

“I came for nothing else but this old man's new disciple.” Wu Xiang looked at him, and probably due to Lonemoon's presence, he said with a serious tone, “I have recently received a new disciple called Jing Qi, who had been troubling you here recently. I have already brought him away just now, before I realized that I have not given you a notice, that's why I came back.”

“Jing Qi…” Lou Hong's face darkened. No wonder he suddenly disappeared. He was brought away by him. He would never expect a little kid like that to actually know Supremacy Wu Xiang.

“That's right. He will be my only personal disciple from now onwards.” His look was cold, and with a hint of blame in his voice he continued, “This is the disciple I have had over so many years of cultivation, and inevitably I am rather protective of him. Besides coming to notice your sect, there's also another matter that I'd like to ask Honesty Sect!”

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 316

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