My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Dragons

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The two flew right over, and in a moment, a rain of swords appeared all over the sky. Lonemoon called out a sword array, which cleared out an empty s.p.a.ce around the pool. Only then did they fly down. Lonemoon's sword technique was strong, and those demon beasts that just came out of the pool were severed into pieces.

“I'll go and destroy that pool!” Yi Qing flew up to the top of the pool, directly mobilized his sword intent, which formed a giant dragon which flew straight down towards the pool.

When it was almost reaching the pool, a white light suddenly emerged from the surface of the water, and it sucked in the whole dragon directly. Yet the pool was still intact, without even a single ripple.

Yi Qing was stunned, and before he could react, in the next instant, the dragon roared, and the sword dragon which he produced just now suddenly rushed out of the pool, and came directly in his direction.

This was…

Yi Qing was shocked, and as he hurried to dodge, the sword dragon went straight into the sky. This pool could actually rebound his sword qi!

“Careful!” Before he could think carefully, Lonemoon suddenly cried out towards him. Only then did he realize that several arrays had appeared in the air. The shape of the arrays were very strange. He had never seen anything like that. Especially the words on them, they didn't look like anything in this world. There was no visible movement of Spiritual Power, yet the array shone brightly. Almost instantly, several sword dragons, the same as the one he called out just now, rushed out from those dozen or so arrays, and went straight towards him.

There were indeed too many sword dragons, and those were his own sword qi besides, so the power was overwhelming. For a time, even he himself could not resist it. Lonemoon rushed over directly, and the two stood side by side to form a defense array together. They combined force finally managed to block out those sword dragons.

“Ho, I didn't expect you to actually dodge that!” A familiar cold voice came from the front. The s.p.a.ce above the pool distorted, as though some disguise was removed. The figure of a man suddenly appeared in front of the two.

“Stupid kid… uh, Jing Qi!” Lonemoon recognized the person instantly. So he was here indeed. He came to a sudden understanding. “You caused this Beast Tide!”

“That's right!” He snorted, stared straight in the direction of Yi Qing, and his eyes were full of hatred which looked like they were about to overflow. “I just slightly ignited the magic of this 'spring of life'. But I didn't imagine that you not only didn't get killed by the beasts, you can even discover this place.”

“What on earth do you want?” Yi Qing frowned. If not for the presence of Master, with the scale of the Beast Tide, cultivators of Three Azure Realms were completely insufficient to stop them. At that time, the beasts would definitely sweep across the Three Azure Realms, killing both cultivators and mortals, including of course, those from his own sect.

“What do I want? Revenge, of course!” Jing Qi's look towards him grew even fiercer. “For during the contest, you destroyed my cultivation, maimed my spirit root, made my practicing over all these years go wasted and made me a cripple. You've done this to me, of course I must destroy everything you have to relieve the hatred in my heart.”

“I destroyed your cultivation?” Yi Qing's expression was blank. When did that happen?

Lonemoon's eyes narrowed. As he observed him, he noticed that there was indeed not a trace of cultivation left. And in less than two days, he felt that Jing Qi had fattened significantly, such that his body shape was almost the same as that vague shadow. The key was that the thick karma that once filled his body had none remaining any more.

“But that doesn't matter now.” A hint of excitement went across Jing Qi. His look towards Yi Qing was like the look towards a dead person. “If not for you, how could I have discovered this place, and gained such great magical power?” The more he said, the brighter his eyes went. He raised a hand to trace something in the air. Suddenly, an array appeared in front of him, facing the two directly. “Today is the time that you pay.”

As his voice fell, a ray of light suddenly went out from the array, rus.h.i.+ng directly toward the two from the opposite side.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing immediately went on their swords and dodged, but in the next instant, they saw that the ground that the light swept through was severed in the middle.

What the h.e.l.l is this spell?

The two were shocked. Yet in the next instant, several such arrays appeared in the sky. For a time, light rays appeared all over the sky, and started to attack the two like laser beams.

They could only dodge, but they would still accidentally be swept. Even their Dharma clothing seemed unable to block those strange lights. Lonemoon even got half his sleeve cut off accidentally.

“Destroy those arrays!” Yi Qing said aloud.

Lonemoon nodded. He turned and dogged the light rays, while at the same time rushed towards those arrays. Holding his sword, he waved it towards those arrays. With a cracking sound, the lights in the array changed into mere sparkles and disappeared. It seemed that those lights were powerful, yet surprisingly fragile. The two attacked together side by side, and within a short while, they had dealt with those arrays.

“You can actually break my Holy Light Array!” Jing Qi seemed like he didn't care at all, and his look grew even colder. “Never mind, it was only to delay time, anyway.” His hand turned, and a half-man long wooden stick decorated with jewel suddenly appeared in his hands. He mumbled something, and another giant array suddenly appeared in the sky.

The array was huge, almost covering the whole sky above the small island. The red lights from the array covered the whole area with a blood red color. Lightning appeared and strong gusts of wind rose around the array.

“What do you want?” Lonemoon's heart sank.

“I only need to call it out, and all of you will have to die here!” He suddenly burst into a crazy laughter, his face full of the joys of revenge, and his hand raised the stick even higher. “Come out, giant dragon!”

“What?” Dragon? Lonemoon was shocked. Could he actually summon the dragons from the Divine World?

Before he had time to think carefully, the lightning in the sky became even more rampant. A piece from the array protruded, as though something was breaking out of the array. In the next instant, hot airs descended from the sky, and a huge body shape came out from the array. A giant head emerged first, following a body tall as a mountain. There was a pair of giant wings behind it. It opened its mouth and made a thunderous roar.

Yi Qing: “…”

Lonemoon, “…”

This is… a dragon?

What dragon! How can such a small monster with wings and can only blow fire be a dragon?

“Dark beast that can destroy the world, tear them up, and burn this world down!” A certain person who felt that he did something great shouted loudly to the beast, an excited look on his face.

“…” F*cking r.e.t.a.r.d.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 339

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