My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Radish's Repairing Method Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lonemoon looked around and realized that not far from him was a separation array. He turned and walked towards that direction. He clapped to remove a corner of the array, and immediately the scene in front of him was visible through the corner, like a curtain was lifted. Behind, there was half of a starry sky and a naked figure within it…

As though he sensed the movement behind him, Radish who was lifting his s.h.i.+rt turned around. Lonemoon saw two shades of white on his b.u.t.t…

“Eh, annoying one, you are back!” Radish who finally turned into human shape but was half naked, called out and started walking towards him.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched, and at an extremely fast speed, he put back the separation array in his hand, and casually added several more layers of separation arrays upon it, covering this obscene scene, before he walked back gloomily.

“What is Radish doing?” Acting indecently in front of the Three Realms?

Shen Ying took a piece of roasted meat from Chef, as she replied most naturally, “Blooming!” Isn't this very obvious?

“Rubbis.h.!.+ Of course I know he is blooming.” This was the only trick that Radish could play. “What is he blooming for?”

“To repair the planes.” Shen Ying answered, gnawing at the meat.

“Repair?” Lonemoon was stunned. “What do you mean?” Since when did Radish have such an ability?

“Master means, too many planes are having troubles this time, so there won't be enough time to fix them one by one.” Yi Qing by the side explained. “So Master attached the data of plane repairing on Radish. Radish is the Thousand Leaves Vegetation Spirit, so he can communicate with all plants. His flowers can send data accurately to every tear in the Three Realms. So…”

“That's why she lets Radish bloom here and then transmit the dandelions to worlds with plane tears to directly repair the planes in batches.


So there's actually such a method. “Why didn't you say earlier?” He actually ran down to the lower realm.

“You left before Master could finish.” You ran too fast, how can you blame us for that?

“…” Motherf*cker!

Shen Ying nodded, wiping the oil on her mouth.

“One more piece, Chef!”

“Okay, Master.”

“Father Niu, you really don't want a piece?”

“Get lost!”

Radish's sowing-like repairing method indeed worked. In a short while, Lonemoon saw the warnings on the wristband turn off one by one. In less than half an hour, there were only two or three warnings left.

Radish walked out directly from the separation array. “Little Missy, I've finished blooming, and I've saved you the largest one!” With that said, he rushed over with a dandelion the size of a Hydrangea flower in his hand.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He directly stopped him half-way, and with a turn of hand, he produced a piece of garment and threw it over. “Put on the pants!”


Radish's face was full of displeasure, and only through Lonemoon's fierce look, did he slowly pull on the pants. He raised the dandelion in his hand high as he ran towards Shen Ying. “Little Missy, look, look, this is the biggest one.”

Shen Ying who finally finished up her roasted meat turned to give him a look, and slowly replied, “I don't want it.” It loses seeds.

Radish's overflowing pa.s.sion instantly died down. He was so upset that he seemed to wither. “Little Missy…”


Seeing that she showed no intention of accepting, he took it back. His body turned, and he changed back into Radish shape. He held the pants which fell off and threw it to Lonemoon.

Little Missy must have refused the flower because the pants didn't look nice. It must be so!


The annoying one is to blame!

He snorted towards Lonemoon, before habitually climbing up to his leg to be an accessory.

“Shen Ying, have you figured out what happened this time round?” Lonemoon paid Radish no heed, and looked directly towards Shen Ying. With so many plane tears appearing so suddenly, it can't be normally whichever way you think about it. “Where did these cracks come from?”

“In normal circ.u.mstances, only plane storms and plane invasions can produce tears.” Shen Ying gestured for Chef to put away the unfinished roasted meat. Her hand pointed, and the gra.s.s underfoot instantly disappeared, and the surroundings changed back to that starry sky.

Only that this time, there seemed to be more star-like light b.a.l.l.s floating in the air.

“Plane invasion?” Lonemoon frowned. “But there wasn't an invasion warning just now.”

“Indeed not,” said Shen Ying, “So these tears are the same as that one in the Demon World.”

“Demon World?” Both Lonemoon and Yi Qing looked shocked. Yi Qing directly stepped forward and asked, “Master means that these tears has also existed since a long time ago, but was previously hidden by something?”

“Yup.” Shen Ying nodded. She thought about it and added, “When we were fixing this Divine Realm, I upgraded your sensors by the way.” That's why they could detect so many tears at once.

So, these are all pits left in the plane?

“But… if the tears had been there all along, why nothing happened before? And all of them suddenly activated now?” Lonemoon frowned. This was a bit too coincidental. And it actually happened with G.o.dfiend missing. “Can it be that array?”

He suddenly remembered that light pillar in Demon World. It seemed that plane tears only appeared after that thing appeared.

“There's special Immortal Qi in that array.” Yi Qing also nodded. “I've never seen any Immortal Qi like that, unless…”

“Unless it doesn't belong to this plane to begin with!” Lonemoon continued. This way, it all made sense. “That array and its Immortal Qi broke up the plane?”

“You're half right.” Shen Ying's head tilted, and she directly pulled out a light screen. Pointing to the data on the screen, she said, “But, that array was not used to break the plane, but to repair it!”

“What?!” The two were stunned. “What do you mean?”

She reached out and clicked on the light screen. Immediately, an exact image of the array back in the Demon Palace appeared in front of them. “This array contains the rule of s.p.a.ce. It can't completely fix a plane tear, but it could temporarily stabilize them. It's the same in other planes.”

Lonemoon was stunned. That meant, there was actually an array like that on top of every plane crack. No wonder after Chef and himself destroyed the array, that crack suddenly appeared. The array was actually used for blocking the crack.

“Can't it be that the lower realms collapsed because Chef and I destroyed that array?” He felt awkward.

“No!” Shen Ying shook her head. She turned to take out a fruit from the bag beside Chef and said while nibbling, “The array at each crack was independent. We only sealed that one crack back in the Demon World. Besides, that array was modified.”

“What's the matter with the lower realm then?” Lonemoon asked anxiously. “Can it be that someone destroyed all those arrays at the same time?”

“Not destroyed…” Shen Ying stopped short and took a look at him before saying, “but taken back!”

“…” What do you mean?

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 355

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