My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Wonder Plane Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lonemoon hurried to click his wristband for communication, but it did not react at all. Can this be the limitation that Shen Ying mentioned? Not only was the position they entered into random, they can't even use a.s.sistant authority here?

Then how on earth is he going to find them?

He looked around him and decided to find an immortal city to gather some information first. Just as he was preparing to call out his sword,

Subconsciously, Lonemoon wanted to call out his immortal sword, but then, that giant bird figure flashed in front of him and changed into human shape. He walked towards him smiling. “Where is this Fellow Immortal going? Would you like an exclusive bird service? To and fro trips included. Enjoy luxurious vehicle and a five-star experience. Zero immortal power consumption. We have a 99% positive rating on Didi Beast Services!” [Didi is a Chinese ride-hailing company]


What the h.e.l.l?


“Fellow Immortal looks unfamiliar. New customers can enjoy a 30% off for the first ride! It costs only 3 mid-tier immortal stones. We can stop and leave at your command with perfect punctuality guaranteed. Would Fellow Immortal like to leave now?” With that said, he patted his own back hard.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched. “It's… It's okay. I can fly myself!” With that said, he flew up on his sword.

“Eh? Fellow Immortal, don't go! Flying on sword is so immortal power-consuming! If you're not okay with 30%, 40% is fine too… Or 50%

What was going on?

Lonemoon's expression was full of confusion. He accelerated on his sword. Exploring with his Divine Perception, he realized that there was an immortal city nearby. Indeed, quite a lot of mansions soon appeared afar.

He went down directly and saw a giant stone tablet, upon which was a line of exquisite calligraphy in big fonts: Welcome to Shang Fang Immortal City!

Lonemoon was stunned. Doesn't this type of welcoming message seem a bit familiar?

Coupled with the ‘Didi Beast Services' he mentioned just now, Lonemoon suddenly had a foreboding feeling. After a while of hesitation, he walked inside. Almost instantly, bustling sounds surrounded him.

“50% bargain sales! 50% off all immortal pills at Danding Pavilion! Applies to each and every item, 1 day only! First come first serve!”

“Jumbo Mansion clearance sale! Immortal artifacts of original price at dozens and hundreds going at only five! Level one to level five immortal artifacts for you to choose from!”

“Shang Fang Immortal School is open for registration! Our school has top-level Mystic Immortal teaching lessons. Your level-raising dream can come true within a century. All cultivations below Earth Immortal are eligible. A full refund of school fees will be given to those who haven't achieved immortal ascension by graduation. Shang Fang Immortal School is your best choice for improving cultivation!”

“Are you still concerned with aging looks because of late pill formation? Are you still regretting once giving up the opportunity to cleanse the meridians or reform the body? Huancai Fang's top-tier Age-Resisting Pill will make your immortal dream come true.

“Seventh-level immortal beast eggs…”

Lonemoon, “…”

This is… an immortal city?

Looking at these modern selling tactics and familiar advertising phrases, he wondered whether they hired a strategist from another plane, or all of them traveled through time together?

Lonemoon's heart sank. There was obviously something wrong with this world, something seriously wrong. Very possibly, there was more than one intruder. He had to find Shen Ying soon.

Just as he was about to ask for some information, he suddenly heard a loud bang. Looking up subconsciously, he saw something rising into the sky not far away, and exploding like fireworks. A large golden array covered the whole immortal city instantly.

But there was no immortal pressure from it at all. It seemed like merely a large marking, s.h.i.+ning in the sky.

“Wow, that's an expensive doing!” In confusion, he heard the surprised shouts from cultivators in the streets. In their talking there was no panic, but actually some envy.

“I don't know who is so rich to actually buy a whole-city immortal marking.”

“Yeah. Once this marking is out, it can be seen across the dozens of immortal cities.”

“This is my first time seeing a whole-city marking. I'm not sure whoever that paid so much for marketing can earn back the worth of this marking!”

“Rich great cultivators are different after all.”

So this array in the sky was just an advertis.e.m.e.nt?


“There, there! Look, the marking is activated!” Someone gave a reminder.

All the cultivators in the streets looked up, and so did Lonemoon, subconsciously. The golden array in the air suddenly started changing, and the whole figure started condensing and transforming, generating large amounts of golden stars which fell down. Words vaguely appeared in the middle of it and started getting clearer gradually. Within the time of burning half an incense, two words in attention-catching large fonts were formed – Father Niu!



“Eh? What is Father Niu, anyone heard of it?”

“I've never heard of it. Can it be some top-level pill?”

“Or maybe some rare artifact.”

“No, no. In my opinion, this must be some special cultivation method.”

Lonemoon's mouth twitched, and the veins in his forehead were about to burst. Killing aura overflowed all over his body. He produced a wind-riding seal and turned to rush towards the position from which the array just rose.

These two idiots!

He went all the way to the square at the very center of the immortal city. Indeed, from far away, he saw a platform raised in the middle of the square, on which two familiar figures stood. One of the leaned lazily on a chair, nibbling at a fruit. The other stood behind holding a giant banner. On the banner, it was written in golden font: Paying substantially to look for Father Niu!

The two glanced at the crowd in front of them while chatting casually.

“Chef, do you think Father Niu will see it?”

“Master, rest a.s.sured. With his cultivation level, even without meeting us, he wouldn't come to danger.”

“Uh… How many immortal stones have we owed, then?”

“Including the cost of fireworks just now, it would be 45105 mid-tier immortal stones in total.”

“Chef, quickly use your Divine Perception to do a careful search. We must find Father Niu!”

“Yes, Master. No problem, Master!”

The footstep of Lonemoon, who just reached the square, paused. In the next moment he turned to leave without hesitation. Holy s.h.i.+t, I don't know these two burdens.

“Father Niu!” Shen Ying actually recognized him fast. “Chef, stop him!”

“Yes, Master!”

In the next moment, with clanging sounds, a sword rain fell in front of Lonemoon, surrounding him tightly. The cultivators around him hurried to dodge. In the middle of the whole square, Lonemoon was the only one left, surrounded by immortal swords.

Shen Ying stood up rapidly and raised a hand for a pa.s.sionate greeting. “Hey! Father Niu!”

“Get lost!”

Don't think about me paying all your debts!

Lonemoon realized deeply that he had been keeping two costly burdens. It was less than four hours since they separated, and the two could actually use up tens of thousands of mid-tier immortal stones within such a small immortal city. Besides, they were merely eating, without buying any dharma artifacts or dharma treasures.

Lonemoon pressed his bag of immortal stones with a bleeding heart. More than forty thousand mid-tier immortal stones, forty thousand! How much dirty work… pui, business, would he have to do, and how many spirit plants and dharma artifacts would he have to sell to make up for that?

For the 1001th time, he wanted to sell these two burdens!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 357

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