My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: Formation of Heaven and Earth Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Everyone fell silent, looking at the unbelievable scene in front of them. Even Lonemoon and Yi Qing were stunned. Though they had long known the superb abilities of Shen Ying, they were still amazed seeing her open up the void and separate Heaven and Earth. Unlike opening up a small world, this was a whole plane. He suddenly remembered that when Shen Jing opposed her taking charge of the plane, she said that she was completely capable of opening up a new plane. Now it seemed to be true indeed.

Is this… what a Manager whose existence surpa.s.sed the plane is?

Everyone was immersed in great shock for a time.


“So hungry!” Shen Ying suddenly stopped and turned to look at the people behind her. “Father Niu, how about I have some snacks first?”

“Get lost!” Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Instantly, the look of amazement disappeared like a burst bubble. “You've only walked 50 meters!”

Yi Qing: “…”

Hong Meng, “…”

Everyone: “…”

She was that same foodie indeed!

Shen Ying walked for a total of eight hours before completely separating the Heaven and the Earth. She stopped in the middle to demand a meal. Luckily, Chef had stored food in his storage bag. With him handing over dishes and fruits at the side, a certain lazy thing eventually managed to persist.

The apparently grand act of opening up a plane somehow felt like a marathon for her.

At the moment, the plane had mostly been formed. She didn't need to continue walking along that crack anymore as it would continue spreading on its own to separate Heaven and Earth on its own, until the new plane was completely formed.

She also integrated that broken small world with this plane. In any case, the living beings in that small world belonged to this plane to begin with. With that purple spring, Hong Meng also chose to let it dissolve into this plane. This way, living beings of the plane could flourish wherever they were. There would eventually be a day when all the living beings who were once devoured by the void would be able to return her.

Hong Meng looked at the reborn plane with eyes full of emotions. After returning here, that dragging sensation in his body had completely disappeared. The drifting heart also found a sense of belonging immediately. Though this was still a bare world with nothing in it yet, this… was their home.

“Thank… thank you!” Hong Meng turned to kneel known directly towards Shen Ying's direction with eyes full of tears. “Thank you, Manager of the other world!”

Others followed. The same emotions shone in their eyes.

“Oh.” Shen Ying waved a hand. “It's nothing. This is what you're supposed to thank.”

Everyone: “…”

She was… not overly courteous indeed.


Lonemoon coughed, stepped forward and said, “Your plane is newly born, and has nothing yet.” They were immortals, but in this world, immortal and spirit qi weren't born yet. “To return it to the way it used to be is up to yourselves. We won't intervene any further.”

“Yes. We understand that.” Hong Meng nodded emotionally. Never in their dreams had they imagined that they could return here again. This was already too good.

“And, that outer realm is also dissolved into this plane.” Lonemoon frowned and continued to explain. “Thought they started off as beings of this plane, they were nevertheless too much affected by those intruders in the past. And coupled with the sudden change of plane and disappearance of immortal and spirit qi, they would probably cause some trouble. You should be prepared.”

Hong Meng's look darkened, and he nodded. Those people had always lived in the outer realm and they didn't know yet about the change of plane. “Thanks so much for the reminder, Fellow Daoist Lonemoon. We'll take note of that.”

“Hmm.” Lonemoon turned to look around the barren surroundings. It was their plane after all. Right now, helping them to rebuild it already served as a return of their previous a.s.sistance. With the rest, it would be inconvenient for them to intervene. “Now that the plane is returned to all of you, we'll be going back.”

Hong Meng was stunned briefly. The corner of his mouth moved. He exchanged a look with the rest and looked as though he didn't know what to say. There was no longer that those gloomy emotions in his eyes, but only genuine grat.i.tude towards them and hope for the newly born plane. The eyes were so bright that it was a little dizzying.

Finally, they bowed towards them once more. “Thank you so much for this rebirth.”

Lonemoon sighed, and without further ado, he returned to Invincible Sect with Shen Ying and Chef. Only after returning did they realize that the sun was already rising. They had been extremely busy in the past few days indeed.

Shen Ying fell asleep directly on the bed, and the snoring could be heard even from outside the room. Chef, worrying that someone might disturb her, sat down directly outside the room and started doing breath adjustment.

Thinking about someone's usual anger upon being woken, Lonemoon didn't try to intervene, but turned directly to look for Yu Hong. With the matter of Little Black followed by the problem of the plane, they had yet to take a break from work. Only now did he have the time to re-learn the situation of Invincible Sect. After all, they had left for 3000 years, and Lan Hua who was used to freely dis.h.i.+ng out money had been in charge. It was time… to check the accounts!

He turned to fly towards the audience hall. In the back of his mind, he felt that he had forgotten something, but he couldn't remember what it was at the moment. Never mind. It didn't matter!

The Divine Realm at the same time.

A certain Radish who finally woke up to a huge empty starry sky, “…” What the f*ck!

Ever since the departure of Hong Meng's group, the whole plane had completely stabilized, and the plane alert didn't sound for a long time. Shen Ying finally got to live the happy life of alternating between eating and waiting for food. She had no other mission except occasionally being arranged by Father Niu to water Radish.

Radish was only fetched back from the Divine Realm after Lonemoon finished checking the accounts. In the recent years, the production of spirit plants in the sect was far below expectations, and it was obviously the result of a certain plant's bad work att.i.tude.

But to Lonemoon's relief, the financial situation of the sect was not so bad as he had expected. By right, with the ways of a certain money-dispensing kid, after 3000 years, the sect would be lucky to not have to sell their sky palace. Yet the reality was just the opposite. Income of the sect not only didn't drop, but even had small increases as the years went by. It was quite a miracle.

“Boss Lan, what did you do?” He couldn't help but ask.

Lan Hua was stunned, and he directly rolled his eyes. “How do I know? Aren't Yu Hong and others in charge of matters of the sect these years?”

“Uh, then you…”

“I did pay the rent!” Lan Hua raised a hand with an innocent look. “Ask Yu Hong if you don't believe me.

Lonemoon, “…” Didn't he misunderstand something?

So after so many years, his position in the sect was still that of a tenant, and one who had to work for free besides. Did you forget that you yourself was at the cultivation of Demon King?

Lonemoon closed the account book in silence and decided to continue this wonderful misunderstanding. “There'll be a raise in rent next month.

Lan Hua, “…” Are you still human?

Lonemoon walked out of the audience hall with a very pleasant mood. He had to say that Yu Hong had done a good job and did not make his years of teaching go to waste. Though none of the disciples of the sect had reached the level of a sword cultivator, they had nevertheless… pa.s.sed on his knowledge!

He had decided that he would give Yu Hong a red packet of a large amount. In any case, she was going to marry Little Black soon, and the gift money couldn't be missing.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 367

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