My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: River of Forgetfulness Returning to Position

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What was going on?!

He turned his head to the side and look along the golden color above his head, he saw that the River of Forgetfulness fell down around the city gate after crossing over the whole ghost city and returned to normal. Only the section inside the city hang in the sky like two waterfalls.

Yi Qing had some vague speculations in his mind, as he suddenly understood why the ghosts in the city were unable to get out. The Dharma spell in his hand changed, and Future Life Array appeared once more beneath his feet. With a wave of a hand, the array rose slowly into the sky and covered the whole ghost city.

In the next moment, the ghosts turned into black smoke once more flew into the River of Forgetfulness in the sky and disappeared without a trace. The city whose Yin Qi was already dispelled once by Yi Qing returned to the look of an abandoned city, as the leaving of the ghosts brought away all the Yin Qi left.

Yi Qing turned to the side, and Song Ren was still there indeed. Little Shortie said that he couldn't enter the Samsara, but he didn't imagine that he couldn't even enter the River of Forgetfulness.

“Master, the River of Forgetfulness must be the reason the ghosts in this city were unable to get out.” He looked at Shen Ying.

The misplacement of the River of Forgetfulness made the ghosts unable to enter in time. And at the city gate there was the hinge of its misplacement, and from there, an enclosed s.p.a.ce was formed. That was why the ghosts were unable to exit. Living people could not enter the River of Forgetfulness, so it didn't affect them. Song Ren couldn't enter it as well due to the grievous energy, so he could also enter and exit freely.

“I've already sent these ghosts to the River of Forgetfulness at the top temporarily. But for them to return to Underworld, the River of Forgetfulness needs to be returned to its place.” If the River of Forgetfulness was not returned to the original position, these ghosts would never reach the Underworld. More importantly, the section in the sky was apparently one of the branches of River of Forgetfulness. Leaving it here, it would eventually go dry, and so would the other branches it was connected to. A worse impact would definitely happen. “Does Master have a way to get it back down?”

“Hmm…” Shen Ying's head tilted. “Maybe pull it down?”

“…” Pull? He was stunned. How to pull? The River of Forgetfulness had no physical shape.

No, no. If the master said it could be pulled, it definitely made sense.

Thinking about it, a string of Spirit Qi formed in his palm, which in an instant formed thousands of silky thread, flying towards the golden River of Forgetfulness in the sky. Yet once the spirit qi came to contact with the River of Forgetfulness, it went right through it. It couldn't touch it indeed.

He frowned, and subconsciously, he felt for the a.s.sistant mark on his body. In the next moment, the spirit qi which couldn't touch a physical body suddenly produced a bang, the way something fell into the water. A small drop of golden water splash appeared on the surface of the river.

It… it touched it!

(⊙ o ⊙)

So that's how the a.s.sistant mark is used?

With a joy in his heart, he waved a hand to produce even more spirit strings, which flew towards the sky, crossed over the whole river surface and tied up a section of the river directly. He pulled them downward, and with some water splas.h.i.+ng sounds, the surface of River of Forgetfulness which was originally peaceful suddenly showed layers of water splashes, and its fell downward slowly.

Yi Qing adjusted his own cultivation and pulled harder downward. The golden river which hang in the air fell even more rapidly. After a quarter of an hour, he finally managed to pull that misplaced section of River of Forgetfulness back to the ground.

The abnormality of water levels at the city gate returned to normal as well. The River of Forgetfulness started flowing once more in the city, golden glimmers s.h.i.+ning on its surface.

“The method that Master mentioned is really effective.” Yi Qing looked at Shen Ying with joy. It was Master indeed.

“…” What did she mention?

After this there'd be no more ghosts trapped in the city. Yi Qing gave out a sigh of relief, before he turned to look at Song Ren beside him and frowned once more. It's only that… they still didn't find out how he died.

“Master, how about we go to the nearby towns to ask about what actually happened in this city?” While the ghosts were trapped due to the misplacement of the River of Forgetfulness, the cause of death of the city humans remained to be known. Maybe they could find out the cause of Song Ren's grievous energy too.

“OK.” Shen Ying nodded.

Just as Yi Qing was ride the sword, he felt strange aura approaching them. Somebody was coming!

His movement stopped. Whoever that came was absolutely familiar with this ghost city. He gave up moving and waited for the person to show up.

Indeed, in a short while, a man in green robes appeared at the city gate. However, he didn't come on sword ride, but seemed to come in a hurry using the sorcery of ground-shrinking. He stopped first by the city gate and looked around in surprise. “The… the Ghost Qi in this city actually disappeared completely!”

His expression was full of disbelief. Only now did he notice Yi Qing in the city, and thinking of something, his eyes brightened, and he made a strange gesture towards him which seemed to be some kind of etiquette. Only then did he say, “Did Fellow Daoist cleanse the ghosts around here just now?”

Cleanse? He didn't like this word somehow. He just sent them to Samsara via the River of Forgetfulness.

Yi Qing frowned, but nodded anyway.

The man became even happier. “It was a great kindness that Fellow Daoist did!” His face was full of suns.h.i.+ne, and he looked relieved. “This ghost city has caused harm around the area for years, and even the Taoists couldn't deal with them. But it is actually resolved by Fellow Daoist today.”

He seemed to remember something and continued, “I am Tang Han from Tang Clan of Qing City. Fellow Daoist has such great Dharmic Dao, may I know which great clan you are from and how I should address you?

“Yi Qing.”

“Yi?” He was stunned. He had never heard of such a surname among the great Taoist clans?

Just as he was confused, Yi Qing took a step to the side and continued, “This is my Master, Shen Ying.”

Tang Han was stunned. He didn't pay attention just now and had just realized that there was another woman beside him. Surname was Shen… His eyes brightened even more. “Can you be from Shen Clan of Luoyang?” That'd be no wonder. Though Shen Clan was not a big clan, it was a respectable one with hundreds of years of history. Since when had Shen Clan produced such an excellent cultivator? He could actually manage the ghosts that even the Taoists couldn't deal with.

“No!” Yi Qing shook his head directly. What Shen Clan from Luoyang and Tang Clan from Qing City? Can't it be that all the cultivators of this small world were from clans?

“No… no?” Tang Han who kept guessing wrongly stunned. “What family are both of you from, then?” Couldn't they be independent cultivators?

The master and disciple exchanged a look before answering together,

“Niu Family!”

Tang Han, “…”



What family is Niu family? He never heard of it! Can it be some great clan that hid from the world?

“Does Fellow Daoist Tang known what actually happened in this city? Why would the city be full of ghosts?” Yi Qing stepped forward and asked.

Seeing that the other party showed no intention of introducing his origin, Tang Han didn't make further inquiries. Looking at the ruined city, he sighed and said, “The people of this Qing He County are rather pitiful. Right now, the world is chaotic and deviant ghosts were everywhere. They were the cause of the city residents' tragedy.”

“Deviant ghosts?” Yi Qing was stunned. He had only heard of deviant beasts and deviant demons. What on earth are deviant ghosts?”

Seeing the other party's confusion, Tang Han grew even more certain of his guess that they were from some great clan that hid from the world. He side-stepped and said, “If you don't mind, maybe you can return to my humble home and then I will tell you about it in detail?”

Yi Qing looked towards Shen Ying, and seeing no opposition from her, he cupped his fists and said, “We'll trouble you, then!”

“This way, please!”

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 375

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