My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 38

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"I'm going to the Main Peak to look for Xi Qiu." After returning to the Blackheaven Sect, Lonemoon only threw down those words with no regard for the other two and left in a hurry to find the sect master to discuss the matter of the mystic realm.

Yi Qing brought Shen Ying back to Yingyuan Peak, looked at the sky and said, "It's almost noon. Master, please wait for a while. I will go pick up the ingredients for today and be back soon."

"Alright." Shen Ying nodded, and then she went inside the house and immediately laid on the stone table to sleep. So tired! Dealing with that green fox had made her sacrifice her sleep for a night, so she was already nodding off. After laying down for a moment, both of her eyelids were about to close.

Yi Qing, who had just gone out, came back looking conflicted.

"So fast?" Shen Ying tilted her head, glanced at him and asked, "Where's the vegetables you collected?" Didn't he go to pick up the ingredients? Why did he return empty handed?

"Master…" Looking all guilty, Yi Qing said, "The people from the Outer Affairs Hall said that we have already hit… the limit for spirit rice collection this month."

"Ah!" She faltered momentarily. "Wasn't it unlimited?"

"Disciple has also only just found out about there being a limit to the amount of spirit rice provided per month." If only he had known, he would not have made so many pastries. It was all that freeloader's fault. Yes, that must be it. He ate too much which was why his master didn't have food to eat now. "The Outer Affairs Hall said spirit stones can be used to exchange with other disciples, but…"

Shen Ying's mouth twitched. "I understand!" They were broke.

After several months of time, she had now finally remembered the largest crisis of her transmigration—poverty!

"Master, do not worry. It will be pay day two days later, then your disciple will be able to receive spirit stones." Yi Qing immediately consoled her. "Moreover, the Blackheaven Sect has many animals nearby, so for the next few days Master will have to suffer a little and eat their meat. I shall go and catch them now!"

Great chef! Shen Ying sighed. As the master, she was so poor that she could not even afford a meal, and she still needed her disciple to go hunt for meat. This was… so convenient!

"Then I'll leave that to you!" Shen Ying patted his shoulders. "Go on, I'll wait for you."

"Alright Master, no problem Master!" Yi Qing nodded hard, turned around and flew off.

Shen Ying sighed once again. When considering the professional qualities of a chef, this one scored full marks.

However, they could not continue on like this. It seemed like it was time to find ways to earn money. If she had known earlier, she would have picked up the gold that the civet cat had dropped earlier on. Her temporary chef was to blame for it.

"Ah choo!" In the main peak, Lonemoon sneezed in the middle of a discussion. Ah? Why does it feel like someone just scolded me?

"Uncle-Master?" Xi Qiu looked at him quizzically.

"It's alright. You may continue."

"Okay. Disciple-Nephew feels that the ancient mystic realm matter is very serious." The resurgence of an ancient mystic realm was a good thing. He had been over the moon when he first heard of the news, especially since it was an ancient mystic realm! Moreover, no one had ever set foot inside it. There could be countless unique gems and jewels hidden inside, so who wouldn't be delighted? Who wouldn't be excited? But after the feelings of joy pa.s.sed, worries began to surface in his mind. "Previously, that divine light shone through the sky. All the sects must have noticed it and will go to check it out. This resurgence will be known to all in a matter of time."

"Yes, I'm clear about that." Lonemoon nodded. "But since this mystic realm has surfaced within Blackheaven Sect domain, there is no reason for us to ignore it. As for entering the mystic realm… you are the sect master, so you shall make the decision."

"I feel that… the period of time a mystic realm remains open has always been limited. Since this matter will be known to all the sects sooner or later, why not we directly inform the Six Schools Three Sects and invite them to enter the mystic realm together to check it out." Xi Qiu lowered his voice and said, "As for the members to be sent, each sect can decide on their own. This is an ancient mystic realm after all. With opportunities come risks—it all depends on one's fate."

"Yes, I think so too." Lonemoon nodded.

"Alright. I shall send letters out to all the sects now." Xi Qiu bowed and left quickly.

Lonemoon pondered about something for a bit and then went to Ling Xiao Peak. This was a huge matter after all, so there was a need to inform the other two Supremacies so as to quickly decide on the members to be sent and wait for all the people from the sects to gather and enter the mystic realm.

However, he did not expect surprise visitors even before the Six Schools Three Sects responded.

Three visitors had suddenly appeared above the Blackheaven Sect. Their entrance was accompanied by numerous heavenly sounds and even the sky seemed to have been torn apart. They had arrived by tearing through the void.

Lonemoon and Xi Qiu were momentarily perplexed before they finally came to a realisation—these were people from the Upper Azure World!

Why had people from the Upper Azure World come to a sect in the Middle Azure World?

"Where is your sect master?" The three of them paused in the air for a while. The one on the right glanced at the Main Peak with disdain, seemingly looking down on everything around, and he even released a mild suppressive aura.

It was… the suppressive force of a cultivator of the Soul Formation stage!

Shocked, Xi Qiu stepped forward and said, "I am Xi Qiu, the sect master of the Blackheaven Sect. For what matter have you, Supremacies from the Upper Azure World, come here for?"

The three people had finally descended from the air and stopped at the entrance of the Main Peak's hall. They looked over at Xi Qiu, still with much disdain, but when they saw Lonemoon at the side, they were surprised and began to look more alert and careful.

"I am an elder of the Xuan Yuan family in the Upper Azure World. Dao name, Qing Yin. These two are my senior brothers." Qing Yin answered with arrogance as he held his head high.

Xi Qiu was even more shocked. The Xuan Yuan family! The Middle Azure World did not have much information regarding the Upper Azure World, but they certainly had heard of this family; it was one of the four aristocratic families, the top-cla.s.s families. Why would they suddenly send three of their members to a sect in this world, one of them even an elder at that?

"The resurgence of an ancient mystic realm has set off numerous anomalies in the Upper Azure World, thus we have come by the order of our master to investigate." Qing Yin continued, "The dangers of this mystic realm is currently unknown, and even the Upper Azure World has little knowledge of ancient realms. In case of any problems, we are willing to lend a helping hand to the Middle Azure World and head in first check it out."

Xi Qiu's face turned black. They had also been attracted by the ancient mystic realm. They were not here to help—they were obviously here to take their share of the loot! From the way they spoke, they even wanted to enter first to gain some spoils. How could this be allowed?!

"Thank you for your kindness, but this mystic realm has appeared within Blackheaven Sect domain and as it would be inconvenient for my sect alone to handle this, we have already sent invitations to each sect to come over and discuss the matter of entering the realm. I am afraid they have already reached the entrance of the mystic realm, so I shall not burden you, Supremacies, to go and test waters."

"What!" Qing Yin was shocked. Apparently, he had not thought that anyone who discovered a mystic realm would have informed other sects to share in it instead of immediately claiming owners.h.i.+p over it. His brows furrowed together, thinking: no wonder they are just some lower realm cultivators. A bunch of idiots! He immediately unleashed his Soul Formation stage suppressive aura towards the Xi Qiu.

Lonemoon, who was at the side, was the first to notice this and so also released a suppressive force which immediately pushed back the other party's imposing aura. So what if they were from the Upper Azure World? The Blackheaven Sect was not to be trifled with.

Taken aback, Qing Yin was pushed to the point where he needed to retreat a step. Never had he imagined that this person who was only of early-stage Soul Formation cultivation level would be able to intercept his suppressive aura. He was just about to retaliate, when the silent person in the middle of their group suddenly stepped forward and an opposing suppressive aura of much greater degree was immediately felt.

Lonemoon furrowed his brows, almost unable to withstand it. He looked at the other party in shock—this was not an aura belonging to that of a cultivator at the Soul Formation stage. This person was… a Disintegrating Traveling Immortal!

The so-called Traveling Immortal referred to those who had already reached the Ascension stage, but were unable to ascend successfully. To save their own lives, they had no choice but to disintegrate and become Traveling Immortals. Although a Traveling Immortal was also a cultivator and not considered an actual immortal, they were more powerful than those of the Soul Formation stage. It was just that they did not have the chance to ascend after disintegrating.

What could be lying within that ancient mystic realm for the Upper Azure World, which was already abundant in resources, to send three high level cultivators, one of whom was even a Traveling Immortal?

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 38

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