My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: The Way to Dispel Ghosts

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“Heaven Master Yun” Everyone was surprised, and then overjoyed, “Great! Heaven Master Yun is here! Longxing City is saved now!”

“He's the best Mystic cultivator in the world indeed. No deviant ghosts can't be solved by him.”

“I didn't expect that I can actually see Heaven Master Yun. This trip is not wasted at all.”

“Hasn't Heaven Master been hidden from the world since decades ago? Could he have come specially for Longxing City?”

Everyone was relieved, and they all went in front with faces full of excitement.

Even Yi Qing looked over with some curiosity. Only people with great merits could have the Light of Merit about their body. But this was the first time he saw one so bright. Even the Buddhist cultivators in the other small worlds couldn't reach the level of thickness of merit that he had. Yet he was a cultivator. No, a Mystic cultivator, in the folds of this small world.

How many good deeds did one have to do to achieve such a thick Light of Merit? Yi Qing couldn't help but feel a wave of admiration.

Yet that man in the middle, all covered in golden lights, merely smiled kindly at everyone, cupped his fist and said, “Fellow Daoists, Yun Heng has come late.”

Only then was everyone able to react. They returned the salute with extremely reverent expressions. Some even rubbed their eyes in disbelief, thinking that their eyes had mistaken. After a long while, that Sect master whose surname was Ying stepped forward. “Heaven Master Yun, have you come for these deviant ghosts?”

“Yes indeed!” Yun Heng nodded. “In my seclusion, I felt the concentration of Yin Qi around this area, that's why I hurried here specially.” He turned to look at the several dried corpses upon the ground, and a bit of pity flashed in his eyes. “It seems that I'm one step too late after all, that I couldn't save them.”

He raised his hand and produced a seal. With a wave of the whisk in his hand, a golden light swept towards the corpses on the ground. Immediately, the dried corpses changed into light spots and disappeared. He sang the Daoist sutra a few times, before he sighed and put down his hand.

With his reminder, everyone also remembered the peers who just died martyrs, and they fell silent immediately. Looks of sorrow showed in their eyes.

After a long while, Sect master Ying finally spoke. “Alas, Heaven Master has already tried your best. Should they be conscious in the underworld, they wouldn't blame you. In any case, they died saving the world, and this was a fulfillment for them.” He sighed, then turned to look at the deviant ghosts covered by the golden light. His expression darkened. “We didn't expect that the deviant ghosts that appeared this time was so huge in numbers. We are low in Dharmic powers and I'm afraid we can't drive away all. Does Heaven Master have a way?”

Once he finished speaking, the crowd turned to look towards Yun Heng as well. In fact, everyone knew that so many deviant ghosts were beyond what they could manage. From the moment that they set eyes on them, they had been ready to die, so that they could delay them even temporarily. But Yun Heng was a Heaven Master, and with him here… they might actually be able to drive them away.

Yun Heng looked at the expectant people, his glabella wrinkled slightly, and the hands at the side of his body tightened. He said, “The deviant ghosts that came this time are indeed unprecedented in numbers. Even I can't be confident of completely dispelling them.” He made a sigh and turned to look at the black crowd of deviant ghosts behind him. “I will try my best. Would you protect my Dharma?”

Everyone's expression grew heavy as well. Even Heaven Master was not confident. This showed how severe the deviant ghosts' situation was this time. Yet right now, the only way was to put in all they have to give it a try.

“This matter concerns all living beings in the world. Heaven Master Yun, you can freely try it. We will definitely do our best to protect your Dharma.”

“Okay!” Yun Heng nodded, before taking a step forward.

He took out a purple dharmic talisman directly and recited a few sentences of something in a low voice. In a short while, very bright talisman lights appeared. Other Mystic cultivators protected his Dharma all around him. That Dharma light grew brighter and brighter, and within a short while it became a purple light, flying towards the top of the array which trapped the deviant ghosts.

The patterns of an array immediately formed in the air and expanded slowly. He seemed to be working hard to let the array cover the whole lot of deviant ghosts underneath. Yet perhaps due to the different cultivation method, it was very hard for him to maintain that, and soon, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Yi Qing looked over, and found out that the Spirit Qi within his body was constantly being sent towards the array in the air, as if he was not at all concerned about wasting it. Like that, half of the Spirit Qi in his body was gone.

He frowned. At this rate, even if he was a Soul Formation cultivator, his Spirit Qi would be used up within minutes.

Suddenly he grew curious about that array in the air. What kind of array would require a Soul Formation cultivator to use up all his strength? He examined the array for a long while, but still couldn't recognize it.

Indeed, in a short while, Yun Heng's face was completely pale, and the Spirit Qi inside his body was almost all gone. If not for the golden Light of Merit that surrounded his whole body, he probably wouldn't be able to sustain it any more. The cultivators held their breath to look at the array in the air, very focused. Finally, that giant purple array covered all the deviant ghosts underneath.

Only then did Yun Heng turn his hand, and with his last bit of spiritual power, he changed into another spell. The dharma spells that he recited became even more complicated. Even his Light of Merit seemed to darken for a moment. In the next instant, the purple array suddenly changed, and the pattern s.h.i.+fted. The whole sky was filled with a wave of blinding red light. With a thick killing Qi, it fell down directly.

This was… the Soul-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Array!

Yi Qing's eyes widened suddenly. The array was falling down towards the remnant soul, and that even the golden light dome which trapped the deviant ghosts previously broke with a sound. The separation array that he set within it was about to collapse as well.

His heart tightened. Subconsciously, a few waves of sword qi had already gone over, attacking the Soul-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Array.

In the next moment, there was a loud bang. That red array collapsed instantly, falling down as spots of fluorescent light. And Yun Heng who had exhausted his Spirit Qi setting the array immediately suffered a backlash from the array. He spit out blood and fell down.

“What are you doing!” Only then did the other cultivators notice Yi Qing at the side. They reacted immediately and turned to look with anger at the person who suddenly moved to break the array. Many even took out the peach wood swords in their hands and surrounded him on all sides. “Who are you? Why did you destroy Heaven Master's array!”

“You prevent us from dispelling deviant ghosts and seriously injure Heaven Master. What on earth do you want?”

Yi Qing frowned and paid no heed to their questioning. Yet he turned to look at the swaying Yun Heng, and asked with a deep voice, “What do you mean by dispelling, is killing these remnant souls?”

After he said this, everyone grew even angrier. “c.r.a.p! Deviant ghosts endanger the world. Of course they are to be dispelled!”

Yi Qing frowned even deeper.

“No need to talk much with him. Seize this traitor who destroyed the dispelling array!” Sect master Ying took the lead to shout out. The angry crowd was going to slash him with their swords when…

“Wait!” Yun Heng at the side suddenly spoke, stopping the crowd who rushed forward. “Wait a minute!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 380

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