My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 417

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Chapter 417: Overwhelming Sweetness

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“Holy s.h.i.+t!” Had he been blind before? “Wait! When we were in that plane before, weren't you… Shen Ying admitted it herself!”

“That was just an act so that her older sister would agree to her coming over.

“You mean to say…” Lonemoon's eyes widened. “You didn't manage to get her?!”

“…” Yi Qing's entire body stiffened. He looked down at the green chilli that he just picked up. It was going to become chilli sauce in his hands.

“Er…” No wonder Lonemoon didn't find them that romantic. He glanced at Yi Qing, who was almost burying his head in the wok of chillies. Lonemoon patted his shoulder and said, “You try harder then. Take your chance while Shen Ying still hasn't recovered to try to win her over.”

Yi Qing paused. He pulled his head out of the wok and asked, “Why?”

“Are you serious?” Lonemoon sighed and said in a very grave tone, “Once girls get older, they become harder to bluff!” If Yi Qing did not take advantage of the situation while Shen Ying was still young and naive when was he planning to win her over?


“I'm telling you – you have to chase girls while they're young. What's more, she's now only 15 years old. For all you know, you'll be her first love!” Lonemoon talked as if he had a wealth of experience. “Don't say I didn't warn you first as your brother – if you don't make your move now, she probably will get cheated by other strange men.”

Yi Qing anxiously retorted, “No!” Master promised him that she would consider him first.

“Alright, even if there isn't anyone else,” Lonemoon continued, “By the time she recovers fully and restores her natural personality, the problem wouldn't be that she doesn't like you. It'll probably be that she'll be too lazy to develop feelings for you!”

“…” That… sounds about right. “I… understand.”

“That's the way!” Lonemoon nodded. Finally, he felt the familiar feeling of being a father again.

Wait! He seemed to be missing something out.

When Chef said that Shen Ying acted as his girlfriend just to come back… Doesn't that mean that Lonemoon endured the beating for no reason?!

Flips table!

“Shen! Ying!!!”

Late into the night.

Invincible Heavenly Palace, in the back palace.

Shen Ying was gulping down the fruit juice that Chef brought over to her. Her eyes were wide open. A moment later, she returned the empty gla.s.s to him. “I've finished testing it. Mm… it's not bad!” She commented with a serious expression. A moment later, she bit her lip and added, “If there's anything new that you want me to try, please bring it over. I won't be able to test it once I go to sleep.”

I really want another cup, but I can't say that!


Yi Qing stared blankly back at her bright eyes. A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of his lips as a warmth spread throughout his chest. He turned and poured her another gla.s.s. “Can I trouble Master to please try this for me again?”

“Mm.” She nodded firmly. Then, she gulped down the second gla.s.s of fruit juice. She licked her lips, eyes twinkling.

Yi Qing did not pour her another gla.s.s. Instead, he received the empty gla.s.s from Shen Ying and kept it away. “This juice is too sweet – you cannot drink too much of it. Otherwise, it might affect your sleep.” He used his sleeve to wipe the remnants of the fruit juice from her mouth.

Shen Ying trembled. The hand that had been holding the empty gla.s.s lingered in mid-air, in the same posture. She felt the heat rush to her face as her cheeks flushed red. Her heart was threatening to thud out of her chest as well.

Calm down, calm down. He's just a boyfriend. This is very normal. I'm not shy at all… Mm, not at all!

Anyway, Yi Qing seemed to be staying behind for exceptionally long today. Could it be…

Father Niu's advice was echoing in Yi Qing's mind. He kept imagining Shen Ying being stolen away by somebody else. Therefore, he did not notice her expression as he wiped her mouth clean. After a moment's hesitation, he finally decided to ask for confirmation.

“Master, do you remember-”

“Are you not going back today?”

Before he could finish his question, Shen Ying interrupted him. Yi Qing paused. Out of habit, he answered her question first. “Master, did you want to go to sleep now?”

Sleep… sleep!


He's staying behind so that he can sleep here!

Shen Ying was completely mistaken. Her face became even more flushed than before. Suddenly, she had no idea what to do. What should she do? He had already made his intentions clear!

But they were boyfriend and girlfriend afterall. They've even met each other's parents. It would be normal to live together, wouldn't it? For all she knew, they slept together in the past as well. What's more… She did fancy this man, who could cook so many different delicacies, and who treated her more nicely than her older sister did. As the manager, she did not mind! She was only… not sure how.

“Are you… sure?”

Yi Qing stared blankly back at her. “Sure?” Sure about what?

“Alright!” Shen Ying gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. She seemed determined. She began to speak in codes, “Well… I forgot how. You have to teach me!”


Before Yi Qing could react, Shen Ying leaned forward so quickly that Yi Qing did not have time to think. She planted a kiss on his lips.


Yi Qing's mind went completely blank. He thought he could faintly hear the sound of angels singing by his ear.


Shen Ying did not wait for him to finish speaking before she pulled him along and pinned him down on the bed by sitting on top of him. She kept pulling at his collar. A moment later, she pulled his robe open. Her eyes widened, as if she was looking at food to be eaten.

He looked delicious without his clothes on!

The chill on his chest caused Yi Qing to snap out of his trance immediately. His entire body flushed red – even his exposed chest. “Master… Master! You're-”

“Sleeping!” Shen Ying answered in a serious tone, her expression still icy. Yet, she could not hide the fact that her hands were trembling. “I'm doing my duty as your girlfriend.” What solid muscles. Hey, he belonged to her! She could touch them!

The next moment, her two cold hands traveled up his body. Yi Qing stiffened. With each move she made, his body felt hotter and hotter. It was burning up even more than when he gathered the True Phoenix Fire. It was almost as if someone had put him on a grill. Everything around disappeared. All that he could see was that little red face in front of him that still had on a serious expression. Her face was unbelievably clear – so clear that it made him want to… swallow it!

“I'll be gentle.” Shen Ying planted another kiss on Yi Qing's lips. She was getting more excited. Hearing Yi Qing's heart beating faster and louder than her own, she could not help but comfort him. “Although I don't remember how to, Father Niu says you are my boyfriend. Don't be afraid. I'll be good to you.” Mm, that's what people always said in dramas. She was sure she did not get the lines wrong.

Shen Ying's hands traveled downward. She was fast approaching the unspeakable area.

Yi Qing suddenly turned around and pinned Shen Ying down underneath him. He held onto both of her wandering hands and buried his face in her hair.

Shen Ying paused. She struggled to get out from his grip, but failed when Yi Qing tightened his hold on her. Did she miss a step? Did she get something wrong?

She was just about to speak when she heard a controlled whisper in her ear.

“Master… Don't… bully me like that.” I won't be able to control myself.


My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 417

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