My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: Leaving Samsara

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“Exactly, it's the River of Forgetfulness!” Lonemoon nodded hard, then pointed to those pictures and said, “This small actually has no sub section of the River of Forgetfulness at all, as if it was completely isolated.”

Yi Qing was shocked. He opened up a.s.sistant authority and looked carefully at the scene, but saw that there was no change to the scene at all. Though the earth was covered with greenery, underneath it there was not a bit of the aura of the River of Forgetfulness.

“Why would it be so?” When apparently there were so many people living in the small world?

“That's not all.” Lonemoon waved a hand over that octagonal bronze mirror, and the scene in front of him enlarged instantly. The human figures who were at first only the sizes of ants appeared in front of his eyes clearly. Sounds of a conversation came out.

This was a mortal city. Father Niu's avatar seemed to be sitting at a wine house. The waiter was recommending good vintage beside him.

“Sir, would you like some of the Yuanqing Liquor, our best? Our shopkeeper made it himself, and it has already been sealed for more than 200 years. Or you may also try some Burning Red Wine. It is a hundred-year vintage, also made by our shopkeeper.” With that said, he pointed to the shopkeeper by the door who had a thick mustache.

“Two hundred years!” Yi Qing was shocked. “This person is…”

“A mortal!” Lonemoon said certainly. He was a mortal with neither Spirit Qi nor Spirit Root.

“But the life expectancy of mortals is less than 100 years, how did he…” He stopped mid-sentence, and as though remembering something, he eyes widened abruptly. “Because of the River of Forgetfulness!”

“That's right.” nodded Lonemoon. “In this small world, both mortals and cultivators seemed to have escaped Samsara.”

Yi Qing's face darkened. Without the River of Forgetfulness, after death, ghosts could not enter Samsara, “Could this be the same as that world of Song Ren…”

“No, it's not the same.” Lonemoon shook his head. “On Song Ren's side, it was a disturbance to the River of Forgetfulness caused by plane mending, and in this world there was no River of Forgetfulness pa.s.sing through it at all. As though it was deliberately circ.u.mvented, it was completely isolated. All the people in this world… know not the concept of death. And there are no newborns.”

“So… they don't die!”

“Yes.” Lonemoon made another seal, pulling out the scene in which two cultivators fought. Neither were low in cultivation. Both were Soul Formation cultivators. Those attacks were apparently very violent, some simply causing fatal wounds. But neither of the two showed any signs of dying. There wasn't even any sign of soul detachment.

Yi Qing frowned deeper as he watched. “As this goes on, I'm afraid all the people of this small world…”

“Will disappear.” Lonemoon sighed, taking back the bronze mirror.

Little Shortie once said that every soul only had limited time in the world. The longer they stayed, the more consumption it caused on their soul body. So-called cultivation methods were in fact just strengthening of soul bodies, so that the time of stay could be longer. Only the River of Forgetfulness could repair souls, that's why it was the eventual destination of millions of living beings in the world.

And in this mushroom world, everybody appeared to live eternally, yet they were slowly consuming their souls. There would eventually be a day when they disappear completely.

“Why only this small world is separated?” Could it be that Little Shortie forgot about it? Yi Qing turned towards Shen Ying. “Master, what do you think?”

Shen Ying frowned, raised a hand to click on her wristband, pulling out a light screen instantly. In the next moment that giant plane tree appeared in front of the two. She directly located that mushroom world and then enlarged the place of connection.

A very bright golden light started to s.h.i.+ne, making it hard for them to even open their eyes. Shen Ying did some adjustments, before that golden light dimmed down. It became thousands of silk threads, which interlaced and extended in all directions.

“This was… the River of Forgetfulness!” On those golden rivers was a thick soul power. It should be the River of Forgetfulness which gathered souls.

“Look there!” Shen Ying pointed to the surroundings of that mushroom world. Indeed, among those dense, thin lines, not even one connected to that mushroom, as though it deliberately avoided it.

“What was Little Shortie doing?” It was really because of the River of Forgetfulness. Lonemoon was a bit angry. Why was this world alone missed?

“It probably has nothing to do with her.” Yi Qing said with a deep voice. “Though she is the River of Forgetfulness itself, she can't know about all small worlds completely.” Besides, this small world had no River of Forgetfulness. In the past, these matters were probably all taken care of by G.o.dfiend. Otherwise, G.o.dfiend wouldn't have to ask them to look for Meng Po all over the world when the matter at Divine World happened.

“It can't continue like this. We can't watch this world disappear completely, although it won't affect the other small worlds.” Lonemoon said seriously.

“Who said it won't affect other small world?” Shen Ying gave him a cold look from the corner of her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Lonemoon hesitated.

Only then did she remind him in a serious manner, “Did you forget that there was still that gate?”

“The realm gate!” Yi Qing was shocked, as he suddenly remembered about that. Indeed, although this world appeared to be isolated and totally free from Samsara, which meant that no more souls entered there, so long as the realm gate could be opened, people from other small worlds could definitely break the void and enter this world.

“Didn't you say that cultivation above Soul Formation would be able to open up the mortal realm gate? If the gate that they opened was that towards this small world…” Shen Ying tuned and gave the two a glance. “What would happen?”

The two were both shocked. Above Soul Formation, those were the levels of Immortal Ascension. Should they suddenly enter a world without death…

“They'd think that it was the Celestial World!” And they won't think about leaving at all.

“Hmm.” nodded Shen Ying. These were two a.s.sistants with quick responses, they were worth a praise. “What's to be done next? Do you need any more reminders from me for your pig brains?”

Yi Qing: “…”

Lonemoon, “…”

This girl could still be communicated with when she didn't do verbal attacks.

“Alright. I'll go to back mountain, Chengyu's place, and tell Little Shortie to reconnect the small world with the River of Forgetfulness tomorrow.” Lonemoon breathed deeply and stood up. He won't be serious with a fifteen-year-old brat.

With that said, he turned directly and went out of the door. The room quieted down instantly, with only the master and disciple left once more.

Yi Qing's heart trembled slightly for some unknown reason. That heated sensation which he suppressed just now showed a vague tendency to reappear. He turned towards Shen Ying who was still sitting at the table. “Master…”

Shen Ying didn't reply. Her eyes stared right at the enlarged plane map on the light screen, thoughtfully.

“Master?” He had to call out again.


“We can go back.” He tried his best to stabilize his voice. “The night is deep. I'll escort Master back to the bedroom.”

Shen Ying's body stiffened. After a long while she stood up slowly and walked to Yi Qing's side. “Oh.”

Yi Qing's hands tightened. He breathed in deeply. After a long while of hesitation, as though gathering all the courage he had, he rapidly grabbed someone's right hand into his palm, and then, holding it tight, led her to the door. “Let's… let's go.”

Shen Ying was stunned briefly, remembering the unfinished act just now, and her face couldn't help but reddened slightly. As she walked, she subconsciously looked towards a certain person's lower body.

Couldn't it be real?

A while later…


“… Yes.”

“What about… you take off your pants and let me take a look?” Maybe it had already healed?

Yi Qing's foot tilted. He lost his balance and fell down right to the front.


My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 419

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