My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: The Intrusion

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“What on earth are you talking about?” 'Lonemoon' who was already prodded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess struggled, while staring angrily at the approaching two. “Why did you do this?”

“It doesn't matter if you don't speak.” Shen Ying's look darkened. “All unsanctioned intrusions are to be eliminated, anyway. Or did you think I'd be so stupid as to not recognize my own a.s.sistant?”

That person stunned, and the previous painful look changed instantly. His mouth suddenly widened, showing blood-dripping teeth, and a very creepy smile. His whole face started twisting. He spoke in a sharp voice that was completely different from Father Niu, “Found it, Manager…”

In the next instant, his whole body started s.h.i.+ning, and his person swelled like a balloon. Flashes of blinding white light leaked out of his body. Shen Ying's heart sank. “Chef!”

Yi Qing didn't hesitate. The sword spell in his hand went right at the man immediately. A wave of sword rain fell upon his call, stifling his aura completely before a self-explosion. The white light finally stopped. The figure identical to Father Niu inside the sword array disappeared, leaving only a ball of white, translucent ice crystals, blown apart and disappearing with a gust of wind.

“It's gone…” Yi Qing frowned, and checked with his Divine Perception. There was no more aura inside. He turned his hand to release the sword array. Only a pool of red blood was left on the ground. His heart sank. “Master, could this person be…”

“Hmm.” nodded Shen Ying. “Not something from this plane.”

Shen Ying took two steps forward. Looking at the red blood on the ground, she was just about to call out the light screen for examination, when white light suddenly shone from the ground, and from the scarlet bloodstains, as though coming alive, thousands of ice crystals emerged, stabbing in the direction of Shen Ying.

“Master!” Yi Qing was shocked. It was already too late to pull her back. The blade-like ice thorns was about to pierce through the person in front of him at any moment. Suddenly, a ringing sound came from Shen Ying's wristband, and a protective cover appeared over her body, wrapping her directly inside, blocking out the ice thorns outside. With a sharp sound, the ice thorns were broken directly, and in the next moment they were gone with the wind once again, as though they had never appeared. Even the blood on the ground disappeared as well. The protective cover around Shen Ying dimmed down.

“Master…” Yi Qing pulled her right into his arms, his complexion pale. A wave of panic fear swept over him, and his whole body trembled somewhat. He should have been cautious all the time. Master was different from before, just now should it… He didn't dare to think any further, but only held her even tighter.

Shen Ying got a bit uncomfortable from the hug. She struggled a bit, but failed to get out. Was he that worried? She thought about it and decided to comfort him. She patted his back and said, “You worry blindly!” She raised her wristband, “My sister set ten layers of protection on my wristband, how could it be broken by such a suicide bomber? Please don't doubt my professionalism.” Seeing that he still didn't let go, she lowered her voice and added, “… I'm fine.”

Yi Qing's palms tightened, only then letting go. He looked at the person in front of him up and down, and as though finally confirming that there was nothing wrong was her, his face finally relaxed a bit. He turned to look at the position in which the person disappeared just now.

“Those ice crystals, could it be his original shape?” His face was dark.

“Hmm.” Shen Ying nodded. “That was his original form from a different plane, so its existence was completely different from that in this plane. With that said, she turned to look at the bag of spirit stones on the floor, which he just threw over.

Yi Qing looked over as well. His look darkened, and in the next instant, a sky-full of sword rain fell upon that bag of spirit stones once more. Indeed, that kind of ice thorns appeared again in the bag which was broken by Yi Qing's sword qi and disappeared. Only that the direction of those ice thorns were towards Shen Ying as well.

“Master, his target…”

“Was me.” continued Shen Ying. “More precisely, the Manager.”

Yi Qing's face paled once more. “Manager…”

“All voluntary intruders have the eventual aim of replacing the Manager as the new ruler of the plane. It was normal that he'd attack me.” Shen Ying looked like she had long been used to it.

Yet Yi Qing's expression turned even worse. He had to take a deep breath to suppress the angry emotions in him. “His camouflage was so alike, that the aura, cultivation and even character was pretty much similar. I think Father Niu must be already in his hands. We have to go find him as soon as possible.”

“He should be fine for the moment, I can sense him. Only that… I'm afraid the matter is not resolved yet.” Shen Ying frowned and a heaviness was on her face, which had never been there before. She pulled out the light screen, while saying, “This was apparently just a scout, what was behind is the real trouble.”

“Behind…” His heart tightened somehow, and his eyes widened abruptly. “Master means that mushroom world…”

“100% already fallen and taken by intruders.”

She pulled out the plane tree directly and located that mushroom. The originally colorful mushroom had already turned completely red. And there was a flas.h.i.+ng yellow exclamation mark upon it.

This was a plane warning!

Yi Qing was stunned, Just as he was about to speak, the ground suddenly started shaking. Some special ability was transmitted over from a distance, and the whole Heavenly Palace started shaking. He felt a panic, and vaguely it was as though the a.s.sistant seal in his body started stirring as well. He didn't activate Divine Perception at all, but he somehow felt that west of the palace, something peculiar appeared.

A scene flashed in his mind immediately.

“Sect master!” Yu Hong ran over and said very anxiously, “Disciples of western palace sent us a transmission just now, saying that west of Bo Sea there was a strange occurrence. On the border of immortal and demon worlds there was… there was…” She looked like she didn't know how to put it.

“A blue realm gate!” Yi Qing continued directly.

“Yes!” Yu Hong stunned for a second and then nodded hard. “How did Elder Yi Qing know?”

“Master, it was right at the position on which the immortal spring appeared previously. It was the gate towards that small world.” Yi Qing said certainly. “I don't know why but the scene over there suddenly flashed in my head just now.”

“The plane was warning you.” Shen Ying's face dropped cold, as though a layer of ice formed around it. It seemed that the matter this time wasn't simple. “Hmph, I haven't even gone them, yet they dared to come to me.” With that said, she drew a line beside her, opening up the plane pa.s.sage directly. “Let's go and see!”

Yi Qing looked at the person in front of him, and a hint of hesitation flashed across his face. But Master…

After a long while, he turned towards the person beside him and said, “Yu Hong, activate the Protective Mountain Array immediately. Notify all areas of Bo Sea and Little Black not to let anyone near the immortal-demon border.”

Yu Hong was stunned, realizing the seriousness of the matter. She cupped her fists and said, “Yes!”

Only then did Yi Qing follow Shen Ying towards the pa.s.sage, setting layers of protective array around the two on the way.

In a moment, the scene around them changed, and the two were already at that sea of flowers in which Bo Sea Immortal Gathering was previously held. Only that the scene in front of them was completely different. Wild winds raged, and around them was all chaos. Immortal Qi and Demonic Qi mixed together and went all about the area. It was as though even the air became feverish. Flowers and plants are pulled out by the root and flew into the air. The ground was breaking bit by bit.

And in the very center of the chaos was a huge crack which went all the way from the sky to the earth. Inside it was a wave of bright blue light. It was as if it tore up the whole heaven and earth. And it was even growing larger. In the center of the blue light, something s.h.i.+ny, crystal-like and as large as a mountain was about to break out.

Yi Qing's eyes widened, and a strong sense of repulsion rose from the bottom of his heart. For the first time, he understood so clearly, what was a plane intrusion!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 421

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