My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: Complete a.s.sistants

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“Water… Water!” She waved her little hands and made a gesture of hugging a water bottle. “Little Ying wants to drink, wants water.”

Yi Qing finally realized that she was thirsty, and he immediately felt a bit guilty that he actually forgot to prepare tea and water for Master. Just as he was about to take down his storage bag, Lonemoon beside him got crazy again.

“Little Ying wants to drink water? Come, come to Daddy! I have Spiritual Fruit Juice, Immortal Fruit Juice, Sweet Fruit Juice, Spiritual Purple Juice… Which do you want?”

When he talked, he produced bottles of many different colors filled with all types of fruit juice. He laid them all over the ground. And all of them actually looked familiar!

The corner of Yi Qing's mouth twitched. How much food for Master have you hidden behind my back?

Shen Ying glanced at the ground and looked like she didn't find the one that she wanted. She showed no intention of taking up any of them, but continued grabbing Chef. Seeing that he opened his storage bag, she couldn't wait anymore, and reached out with her little hand into it.

Yi Qing helped her take out a bottle of Clear Immortal Water and opened the bottle cap. Only then did she raise it up with both her hands to drink. But perhaps because the bottle was so heavy and she was so young, she didn't manage to raise the bottle, but lost balance herself and fell backwards.

Yi Qing hurried to support her. His one hand surrounded her little body, while his other supported the bottle for her.

She drank a few mouthfuls. After a while she pulled at his sleeve, showing that she'd had enough. Only then did Yi Qing put away the bottle, taking back the private collection Father Niu kept at the same time.

A certain person obviously didn't notice it, as he looked at Shen Ying with the look of a trafficker. My daughter indeed, even drinking water was so cute.

“Thanks, mum! Thanks, dad!” Shen Ying wiped her mouth, and then ran back to play with her little boat.

Yi Qing, “…” I've said that it's not mum.

Lonemoon couldn't help but turn together with her. “Little Ying, Dad will…”

He only walked two steps when Yi Qing dragged him back rapidly. “Work!” Are you a pervert?

“We can't think of a way by just standing here!” Lonemoon sighed. Even the Encapsulation Array didn't work. He might just as well go back to stay with his daughter.

Yi Qing's expression turned heavier. “Master said that all spells are made out by people. So long as we know the rules, perhaps…” He paused for a second, then as though remembering something, he looked down at the storage bag in his hand. He turned to Lonemoon and said, “Father Niu, do you remember the method for making this storage bag?”

“Isn't just a small spell of s.p.a.ce shrinking?” answered Lonemoon casually. “Use immortal qi or spiritual qi and place a s.p.a.ce of suitable size inside the bag.”

“What if that s.p.a.ce is so big as to contain heaven and earth?”

“That'd not be a storage bag, it'd be a mystic realm!” said Lonemoon. “Opening up mystic realms and creating one's own world. Immortals with cultivation of Exalted Immortal can already do it. But the so-called mystic realm is after all, a product attached to the plane. Still a s.p.a.ce inside the plane, actually.”

He stretched out a hand to point at the new buds on the plane tree in front of them. “If there are living things in a mystic realm, and it is connected to Samsara via the River of Forgetfulness, it would slowly grow into a complete small world.” That was the case with Three Azure Realms that they were in before. He looked back at Yi Qing. “You mean to open up a mystic realm and put that mushroom inside? No, that would be putting it into the plane completely.”

“No!” Yi Qing shook his head. He took a step forward and said with a deep voice, word by word, “If creating a mystic realm is opening up a new s.p.a.ce in the plane with a spell, what if… we revert this spell?”

Lonemoon was stunned, his eyes widened abruptly.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!” There was a wave of excitement in his heart. Yes! If creating mystic realms are opening, then reversing it, wouldn't it mean kicking out? “You're awesome!” He couldn't help but gave Chef a thumbs-up. He was a man who created his own sword techniques, indeed. “Hurry up, let's combine forces and give it a try!”

Yi Qing nodded. The two breathed in deeply and went through the spells for opening up mystic realms in their minds. Then they activated G.o.d Power from their bodies and made a series of reversal spells at the same time. In a short while, two series of very strange and twisted Dharmic talismans appeared above that mushroom.

“Move the array's center to the place it connects to the plane tree!” Lonemoon pointed at the root of that mushroom and reminded him.

“Yup.” Yi Qing adjusted his spell immediately, directing it towards the root of the mushroom. Instantly, circles of dharma spells appeared. They surrounded the connecting place to the plane tree tightly like a swirl. And it went all the way up in circles like a rope.

This reverse dharma spell seemed to be consume a lot of immortal power. Lonemoon hang on for a while. In less than an hour, he felt the immortal power in his body emptied, and it became difficult for him to continue. He struggled on for a while, but that feeling of immortal power being drawn out continuously didn't stop. It was as though even the a.s.sistant seal couldn't match the speed in which the dharma spells were formed. Suddenly, a wave of white light appeared over that mushroom. As if resisting them, a wave of impact force rebounded instantly.

Lonemoon felt a sweetness in his chest. The spell connection from his hand broke with a bang.

He suppressed the stirring of blood about his heart. He turned with concern towards the person who held his own beside him, “Chef…” He saw that his expression was just as bad. Large beads of sweat beaded on his forehead. It looked like he was also having a hard time sustaining.

Lonemoon was a bit anxious. Obviously, their method was correct, or the mushroom wouldn't have hurried to resist as such. Only that his injuries from invasion of his consciousness and Shen Ying's beating had yet to recover, and only less than half of his immortal power remained. That was why he was so easily repelled. While Chef's injuries already recovered, using this totally strange spell on his own was really difficult.

Yet he couldn't stop. He had apparently sensed that once he paused, some accident might happen.

Lonemoon breathed in deeply, and spent some time adjusting, and then felt some immortal qi return in his body. He hurried to set a spirit-drawing array around Chef, hoping to reduce his consumption.

But this reserve spell had too huge a consumption, that Yi Qing's complexion grew worse and worse. He even felt that meridians all over his body was torn by something. His dantian was already empty.

“Chef, never mind!” Lonemoon grew anxious and wanted to make him stop. “We'll think of another way.” This way, he would also get injured.

Yi Qing didn't stop, but looked at the dharma spell in front of him. Only a little bit more. He must be able to do it. Master said that their ability was sufficient to manage it, then it must be. They just… just…

a.s.sistant seal!

He suddenly remembered that Master had said, before she reverted to three years old, that so long as they completely mastered the abilities of a.s.sistants…

What was the complete abilities of a.s.sistants? They could already activate the a.s.sistant seals according to their wishes, was that not considered completely mastering yet?

He closed his eyes subconsciously, and sank into the sea of consciousness. In front of him was a complete whiteness. There were only two beads, one golden and one red, floating up high like sun and moon. Those were his dragon and phoenix cores. Besides that, there was nothing.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 429

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