My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: Daily Life of Raising a Daughter

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Everyone from Invincible Sect was full of confusion, until Elder Yi Qing came over angrily, holding his sword. He stopped a certain person who was so obsessed with showing off his daughter that he even wanted to go beyond Invincible Heavenly Palace and show her off to all the people of Ten Continents.

“Where are you taking her?!” Yi Qing was very angry, obviously. Before Lonemoon could react, he already robbed the little girl from Lonemoon's arms, before giving him a kick.

“Hey! Chef, that's too much!” Lonemoon was also angry. He gave the other party a stare and said, “I'm just taking her out for some air. Do you have to go as far as this?” With that said, he moved to get the girl back.

“Hmph!” In the next instant, the sword in Yi Qing's hand was already placed against Lonemoon's neck. “I have to!”


He was going to start a fight! The hearts of the disciples couldn't help but sank. Seeing that an internal fight was about to begin, they were just thinking about going forward to persuade them, they suddenly heard a soft, child's voice coming from Yi Qing's arms. It was so sweet as though there was honey mixed in it.


Everyone: “…”


In the next instant, two lily-like little hands reached out from the wide cloak and hugged Yi Qing's neck. “Little Ying is hungry, wanna eat!”

Immediately, the hostile atmosphere was suspended. Yi Qing directly withdrew the sword in his hand, hugged the child, turned, and flew back towards back palace.

“Wait! Let me feed…” Lonemoon hurried to follow. In a short while, the two had disappeared. It was as though the conflict just now had never happened. Everyone else was left with their faces full of confusion…

They didn't hear it wrong just now, right? That child called Elder Yi Qing…

Lonemoon and Yi Qing!


The faces of the disciples all twitched. They looked as though they had just been hit by lightning. Didn't Elder Yi Qing never leave the side of sect master? If he had any such thoughts, it should be towards sect master. But it was actually towards Elder Lonemoon? And they got a daughter without any prior notice?

Could sect master have suddenly started closed-door cultivation to avoid awkwardness?

Disciples of the whole sect was amazed! They suddenly felt that they had discovered some huge matter.

Lonemoon felt that the looks that disciples of the sect gave him was strange somehow. Especially when he appeared together with Chef, everyone looked both excited and awkward. Lonemoon couldn't help but doubt if he had given out the wrong salaries this month?

From time to time, there were even disciples who purposely came all the way to the back palace and looked at him with very strange expressions. Those weird looks made him feel insecure somehow.

“Yu Hong, I heard that Si Yu's needlework is quite good. Suppressing the feeling of awkward in his heart, Lonemoon asked seriously, “Maybe you ask her to help me out, make a few dolls or something like that.” Little Ying was a girl after all. With dharma artifacts, she could do with a few more stuffy toys.

Yi Qing was stunned for a moment. She looked subconsciously at Elder Yi Qing who was sitting with his back towards them, feeding the little girl. “But, Si Yu is still teaching Dao in the lower realm…”

“Tell her to come back then.” Nothing was as important as his daughter.

“Uh? Ah!” Yu Hong was even more shocked. What happened to his good wish of spreading sword cultivation around the world? Did he have to change heart so soon? But looking at his determined look, she had to nod. “Yes, Elder!” The power of love was strong indeed. So you are actually such an Elder. She suddenly pitied sect master a little. How much mental strength did it take to watch these two over so many years? She was sect master indeed!

Yu Hong was just about to go and contact Si Yu, when she suddenly remembered something. She took a large bush of dandelions from her storage bag, handed it over and said, “Radish asked me to bring this.”

Lonemoon frowned. “Didn't we say that Shen Ying is in closed-door cultivation? Why is he sending this?”

“Nope.” Yu Hong hurried to explain. “It said this is for you!”

“Me?” Lonemoon's eyes widened. “Are there worms on Radish recently?” In the past, besides Shen Ying, he was too lazy to bloom even one for anybody, regardless of how hard they tried to persuade him. And now he actually took the initiative and to send some over.

“Yup, yup.” Yu Hong nodded hard and said, “It said that it gave some to me when I married, so it has to make up yours.”

“Huh?” Lonemoon was stunned. “What do you mean?” What has this to do with Little Hong and Little Black.

“At any rate…” Yu Hong blushed, as though remembering something. She stuffed the dandelions in her hands right at him. “Hurry up and give it to Elder Chef. He's sure to like them.”

“Chef?” Were these dandelions for Chef or for him?

“I will go to find Si Yu.” Yu Hong showed no intention of explaining at all. She looked once more at a certain person inside the room, then turned and ran away.


Before he had any time to ask, Yu Hong had already run all the way to the gate of the yard. She even turned to give him a ‘Go on!” gesture. Soon she ran out of sight.

Lonemoon, “…”

What the h.e.l.l?


Lonemoon looked at the dandelions in his hands and returned to the inside of the room. He handed the dandelions to Chef casually. “There!”

“Why do you give me this thing?” Yi Qing drew back, displeased, showing no intention of taking it at all.

“Didn't you ask Radish for it?” Lonemoon was stunned. “Yu Hong said Radish asked her to send over, and told me to give it to you.”

“What do I want this thing for?” Not like it can be cooked into dishes.

“That's strange.” He frowned. “That stubborn Radish suddenly changed his character? Didn't he bloom for n.o.body but Shen Ying in the past?”

Chef's face sank. He looked down at Little Ying who opened up her little mouth for feeding obediently.

“Father Niu, did everyone… notice something?” Shen Ying's shrinking this time was different from the other time, during which there was no big change to her besides her figure being shorter. Besides, her sense of existence was low to begin with, that was why n.o.body felt strange. But this time, it was far too obvious. Anyone not blind can see the difference. With the matter of mushroom world just resolved, they said that Shen Ying was in close-door cultivation in case something happened.

“Shouldn't be!” With the character of those fangirls and fanboys in the sect, if they realized something happened to Shen Ying, they must have reacted far more strongly! Lonemoon put the dandelions into his storage bag casually, then he turned to look towards the little girl who was eating slowly. His look softened instantly, and he threw whatever doubt he had to the back of his mind. He reached out to touch her little face, but his hand was slapped down by Chef.

“Master is eating!” Little b.i.t.c.h, don't think about touching my Master.

Lonemoon gave him a stare, displeased. He had to be satisfied with getting a chair and sitting down beside Little Ying to watch her eat. When she finished the last bit of her meal, he asked, “Darling daughter, are you full?”

The girl's large round eyes turned around and finally settled on him. Her cheek moved rapidly, getting down the food in her mouth, before she showed him a smile sweet as honey. She nodded and said, “Yup.” With that said, she even patted her little belly.

“Little Ying is so good! You are not even picky!” So cute, and not at all like a certain troublesome person who couldn't be happy without spicy food, and didn't eat coriander. “Then daddy bring you out to play, okay?” With that said he subconsciously reached out to take her.

And he was slapped down by Chef once more. “She should nap now.” If I let you rob Master away once more, I'm not named Yi Qing.

Lonemoon looked and saw that Little Ying seemed to get really sleepy. Her eyes started getting blur, and a little head nodded over slightly.

“Then I'll take her back to…” He moved to hug her.

But Yi Qing got her up first. Little Ying rubbed her eyes, put her little head right on his shoulders, and fell asleep immediately!

“Hey, hey, Chef. This is too much!” Lonemoon said, instantly displeased. “You're not married yet. The daughter is still mine!” He stepped forward and was just about to rob her over once more, when he suddenly heard a dream talk, which seemed to contain endless grievance, and there was even a crying tone.

The two stiffened at the same time, their hearts aching a bit immediately.


Lonemoon, “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 431

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