My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 442

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Chapter 442: Handover to Disciples

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“Hey, Father Niu!” Shen Ying waved a hand in greeting habitually.

“To h.e.l.l with ‘hey'!” The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, as his whole person blew over like a wind. He looked at the person in front of him up and down. Indeed, she was taller than a few days ago, and especially with that familiar laziness all over her, this was the real Shen Ying indeed. Yes. “Would it hurt you to tell me earlier!”

Well, you didn't give me an opportunity to speak. Shen Ying laughed, handing over a bun, “Wanna eat?”

“To h.e.l.l with eating!” Lonemoon grabbed it forcefully and stuffed it into his mouth like it was his way of releasing anger. He looked like he was gonna burst out, but his eyes actually glanced over the person in front of him many times, unsure. “When did you recover?”

“Just now.” She simply had a sleep, that was all.

“You're totally fine?”

“Yup.” I was fine to begin with.

“You won't shrink or something, anymore?”

“Uh… that'd be difficult.”

Lonemoon stared straight at her for a long while, before he let out a sigh of relief. “Good that you've recovered.” He had thought that it'd take her a few more years, but it was actually so fast. Though it was a good thing that the Shen Ying with her cheat-like abilities was back, why did he feel a deep sense of displeasure? Especially when he thought that he could never see three-year-old Little Ying again, he disliked the annoying person in front of him even more.

“Next time, can you notify us early if anything like this happens.” If it happens a few more times, they'd really not be able to take it.

“Don't so concerned over these small details.”

What small details!

He took a few deep breaths, suppressing the angst in his heart. “The handing over of position, it has to be soon.” They can't drag Invincible Sect down with them.


“Don't you have anything to say?” At any rate, YOU are the sect master.

“One.” Shen Ying finally put down the steamed bun in her hand, and said with a look of complete seriousness, “Father Niu, if you're no longer in charge of Invincible Sect, will you… still be giving us living allowances?”

Lonemoon, “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

“Get lost!!!!”

Lonemoon thought at first that the matter of handing over was just an ordinary matter of sect heritage. He didn't expect that when it came to it, Yu Hong was unwilling. She forcefully refused to take the position of Sect master. No, not only Yu Hong, but the whole sect looked like they'd refuse this decision till death.

“Master Lonemoon, are you testing me? Whatever the case, I will never accept the position of sect master, and n.o.body in the sect will.”

“Elder Lonemoon, in my heart there is only one sect master of Invincible Sect. Alive, we are sect master's disciples; dead, we are sect master's dead disciples. Right now, sect master is still here, how can we be treasonous and go against our superior?”

“Elder Lonemoon, you don't need to persuade me any more. If I am Sect master's disciple for a day, I'm her disciple forever.”

“Elder Lonemoon, if I have done anything wrong, please give me a heavy punishment, but please don't place me in the position of injustice, ingrat.i.tude and disloyalty.”

Yu Hong spoke in all righteousness, and her expression was dead serious. The key was that the disciples around them looked like it was the most natural thing. They even gave him frequent looks of condemnation.

Lonemoon, “…”

Holy s.h.i.+t, what did he do? He just wanted to pa.s.s on a position, h.e.l.lo? Isn't that very normal in Immortal sects? Where the h.e.l.l did this they-would-die-before-accepting-another-sect-master look come from? He must have built a cult of heretics instead of a sect over all these years.

In the end, Lonemoon still compromised. The next best thing would be to change the concept, and choose a new Elder, instead of Sect master. In name, it was to take over from him and Chef, but it was equally to take charge of the management of the whole sect. At any rate, Shen Ying the sect master was no more than a mascot.

This time, she accepted without hesitation, and expressed a willingness to do all she could to promote Invincible Sect.

Lonemoon, “…” Do you guys have some misunderstanding about the sect master? And what was that feeling of grievance?

Eventually, Lonemoon chose two Guardians. Yu Hong, the Left Guardian, would manage all matters of the sect. The Right Guardian was Si Yu, who would teach the disciples cultivation.

Since Si Yu came back from preaching in the lower realms, she seemed to have new understandings. Not long ago, she successfully went through her Tribulation and her cultivation rose to Young Emperor. She was also the first to reach the level of Emperor among this batch of disciples.

And with Lan Hua, seeing that he had paid rent for so many years, and had made the most contribution in rebuilding the Heavenly Palace, Lonemoon finally settled his problem of residence. He formally became a member of the Invincible Sect, the kind that didn't need to pay rent.

In excitement, Lan Hua dug his storage bag empty once more. This time not because of Good Heart, but of his own willingness.

It was difficult, the life of a foreigner. In fact, he stayed in Invincible Sect for all these years because, besides him being used to the place, it was also the only place in the whole Immortal Realm that could provide unlimited materials such as talismans and array objects for his usage, research and wastage.

Because of the whole sect being body cultivators, n.o.body had any use of those materials, and n.o.body would fight with him for it. Besides, with his good friend Radish, any kind of immortal herb could be planted, and any type of weapon refinement material could be found. As an all-rounded cultivate-holic, how could he find a better place than this? He'd be silly to leave!

So Lan Hua had firmed up his wish to stay here since long ago and had finally become a member of Invincible Sect after thousands of years of hard work. Hmm, life was perfect.

He only seemed to have forgotten the fact that Lonemoon robbed his storage bag every once in a while, and he was still penniless now thanks to that.

Because of the change of position, the original handover ceremony became a promotion ceremony. And with Si Yu's sudden imperial ascension, Lonemoon just decided to settle both matters at one go.

The continents were respectful as always, and all of them attended despite their losses from the previous intrusion. Lonemoon pa.s.sed the positions of Elders to Yu Hong and Si Yu under the witness of everyone and announced that he would retire from managing the affairs of the sect from then on. He pa.s.sed the jade flute that he had used for years to Yu Hong as a token.

From now on, he was no longer involved in the affairs of Invincible Sect. He even threw out the account books and all, totally letting go.

Shen Ying looked at a dish of pastry which was almost finished really soon and took away the last two pieces rapidly. And then, she finally expressed objection to this, “Father Niu, maybe, you should still take back the account books.”

“Why?” Lonemoon turned to glance at her. Remembering something, he said with a bit of relief, “Now you know how difficult it is to manage a sect, and feel heartache for me?”

“Uh…” Shen Ying looked at the empty dish on the table. No, she felt heartache for the pastries. “Anything else from you?” The person whom she may not see for days in the past had already sat there for a long time.

Lonemoon was stunned briefly. He looked at Shen Ying, and then at Chef beside her. Suddenly he thought of something. His mouth twitched, and he said with some disdain, “Are you two thinking that I'm intruding on your privacy and that's why you wanted me to go? A grown woman can't be kept in the family indeed.”


“Oh yeah, Chef.” He remembered something and turned towards Chef. “I kept forgetting to ask you: what was the matter that you suddenly sent voice transmission to me saying you had to discuss with me?”

Yi Qing's face paled, and the hand which was pouring tea trembled. The tea spilled out immediately. A bit of panic flashed across his face. He hurriedly said, “Nothing!”

“Hmm?” Lonemoon was stunned. “Your tone from that day didn't sound like it. Didn't you say it was about you and Shen…”

“Father Niu!” He suddenly interrupted him aloud, and the panic in his eyes grew even greater. He grabbed the empty dish on the table and said, “The pastries are finished, I will go make some more.” With that said, he turned and plunged into the kitchen. Even his footsteps sounded a little messy.

Lonemoon, “…”

What was it with these guys?

He couldn't help but turn towards a certain foodie, “What did you do this time?”


My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 442

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