My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: Chef's Cultivation

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The management of Invincible Sect had officially been handed down to Yu Hong and her batch of disciples. In the beginning, Lonemoon offered certain instructions and reminders from time to time. Slowly, as things began to gain momentum, Lonemoon finally let go and acknowledged that it was time to leave.

He had everything planned. Now that Shen Ying was completely well, he had nothing more to worry about with regard to the rear hall. However, the Three Realms were not as normal as they appeared to be on the surface. There were tons of problems inside. Be it Hong Meng or Song Ren, or the problem with the mushroom realm – all of these were not small problems.

Shen Jing was absolutely right before. The G.o.dfiend left behind a mess for them to clear up. Now that they took the bait, they realized that it had been a trap all along. There was no way any of them could sit back and relax any further. To prevent another manager from invading the plane, and before anything irreversible happened, they had to take the initiative to clear up the mess.

That was why they had to go to each and every small world to check. On the one hand, they would be able to learn about this plane inside and out. On the other hand, they would be able to spot any traps that were lying in wait for them. Lonemoon even did a search and for all the delicacies around the Three Realms and compiled them into a book, just in case Shen Ying suddenly felt too lazy to go on the trip. Shockingly, before Shen Ying could even object, Chef suddenly said he was quitting. He wanted to go into isolation to raise his cultivation level.

Lonemoon thought he had misheard Chef at the start. What was he saying?! This little cheat needed to increase his cultivation level? He was already an a.s.sistant of the plane, and at the peak of the powers that this world had to offer, especially now that they had figured out how to make full use of their a.s.sistants' authorities. Cultivation in their eyes was just data that could easily be adjusted. Why would he still need to increase it? That was unless they met yet another invader like the previous one. Otherwise, Shen Ying and him were the most capable of winning against everyone.

But Chef was determined. No matter what Lonemoon said, he would not change his mind. The next day, he took his sword and mounted the stage in the sect, focused on training his sword techniques. Then… with one move, he broke the entire stage with his sword.


He did not seem to realize his destructive powers. In the next few days, he either destroyed halls with his sword Qi or used his fire-elemental techniques to burn down whole palaces.

Lonemoon's chest tightened. Faintly, he could hear the sound of immortal stones flowing right out of his pocket.

“Control him!” Unable to hold back any longer, Lonemoon pulled over the only person who had the ability to stop Chef.

Shen Ying glanced at him lazily, then slumped, like she could fall asleep at any moment. “I'm hungry – I have no energy to control him.”

“Didn't you freaking just eat?” Lonemoon glared at her

She scanned him from head to toe with a strange expression, so that Lonemoon began to feel gooseb.u.mps all over his body. Shen Ying shook her head and sighed. “Sigh, innocent single man. You wouldn't understand.”

When Lonemoon heard this, he felt like a dagger had been pressed through his chest.

“What are you talking about? Make yourself clear!”

“Don't worry, it's nothing!” Once again, Shen Ying looked at the man who was training his sword techniques. Soon, he will realize that there was no use in training this hard. That was if he had not destroyed the entire Invincible Heavenly Palace by then.

Lonemoon frowned. “Speaking of which, what did you tell Chef the other day?” Why did he become like this?

“Nothing.” Shen Ying sighed, but she was thinking of something else. She didn't make it in time, did she? “All I said was if he wanted to marry me, he should expect to be killed by my older sister.”

Lonemoon paused. That was highly likely indeed.

“Ai, isn't love unpredictable?”

“…” Hey! Watch your words! Are you trying to recite a poem?

“I didn't say anything about his lack of status, but he insists on us doing things the right way.” Marriage is only a sort of permit. What's more, he was not even from that plane. The most they would be able to get was probably a fake marriage certificate. “Actually, I'm not too concerned about whether we get married or not.”

“…” It sounds like you don't want to give him a status!

“Father Niu.” Shen Ying turned to him with a serious expression. “Are all sword cultivators so stubborn?”

Lonemoon pursed his lips and then retorted, “Are all body cultivators so casual?”


“Shen Ying, tell me honestly!” Lonemoon patted her shoulder and said seriously, “Do you like Chef? Or just Chef's body?”

“….” Why can't I like his cooking?

“Chef, Elder!” Just as they were speaking, Lonemoon flew over from afar. She seemed to know that Yi Qing was somewhere nearby training his sword techniques. She had a defensive array around herself to protect herself from getting hurt accidentally. She bowed and said, “The country emperor of East Tsui has been waiting in the Heavenly Palace for a long time. He said he has an important matter to bring to your attention.”

Lonemoon frowned. “Yu Hong, I said that you and Si Yu can handle the matters for the sect. You don't have to come and ask me about these things. You can handle it.”

“No.” Yu Hong turned to glance at the man not far away. Then, she continued, “He wants to see Elder Yi Qing. I already asked what this was about, but he refused to tell me. All he said was that this matter is urgent, and he had to see Celestial Emperor Yi Qing personally.”

“He's looking for Chef?” Lonemoon paused. Then, he recalled that apart from the ten Celestial Emperors, others saw Yi Qing as the person who controlled the Heavenly Palace. He was the official Celestial Emperor of the Bo Sea. “East Tsui? Why does that name sound so familiar?”

“The country emperor of East Tsui is Yu Cang,” Yu Hong reminded Lonemoon. “He was the one who arrived late at the last immortal meeting.”

“Oh. The one who played the villain?” Lonemoon knew who he was now. He was the one who said that he supported Lan Hua and opposed to Yi Qing being the country emperor.

Suddenly, he wanted to laugh. When those country emperors tried to play tricks on them and cause conflicts between Yi Qing and Lan Hua, they completely failed. Instead, their plan backfired, and they began to have internal strife because of the Immortal Contest Pills. Later, Lonemoon and the others lost interest in the country emperors. But from time to time, they would hear from the disciples about news regarding them. They even heard that about half of the 15 country emperors had later been fired.

“He's still a country emperor?” While Lan Hua refined more than a hundred Immortal Contest Pills, Lonemoon only handed to them about 15. Later on, he quietly let a few more enter the market, so that the country emperors got angry. Afterall, the people who consumed the pills the other day were the close confidant of the country emperors. Yu Cang was the only one who played the villain and stepped up to cause trouble. Whether they supported him in silence or not, the other country emperors were sure to keep their distance from them. By right, the country of East Tsui should be in trouble by now. Why hadn't Yu Cang been fired? What was more unbelievable was that he would come to look for Chef and not Lan Hua when he had problems.

“East Tsui is more special,” Yu Hong explained. “I heard that the various immortals who are in charge of various parts of East Tsui are called City Lords. Most of them came from the same lower realm. Among them, most are Yus. In the lower realm, they were known as one of the aristocratic families that trained hard toward immortality. It is rare that they are still one family in the upper realm today. Perhaps because they were all from the same lower realm, they're especially united.”

“That's rare!” Lonemoon paused. But few cultivators from the lower realm ascended to immortality. Although there were many immortals in the immortal realm, they came from all over the 3000 worlds. What's more, “3000 worlds” did not really mean there were only 3000. In fact, there were probably many more worlds than that. How could so many immortals come from one lower realm? It must be that that particular lower realm was filled with thick spirit Qi.

It was no wonder that Yu Cang was still sitting comfortably in his seat. He had such an advantageous support system behind him. Lonemoon was curious as to what was so urgent that Yu Cang would run here and look for Chef. Suddenly, he was excited. He nodded at Yu Hong. “Since the country emperor came here personally, we cannot refuse to meet him. Yu Hong, lead him to the front hall. We will be there in a moment.”

“Yes!” She turned and flew out.

Lonemoon nudged Shen Ying beside him, who had been drifting in and out of sleep. He pointed at Chef and said, “Hey, get to work. Call him over.”

“Oh.” Shen Ying looked at Chef in the distance and shouted lazily, “Chef!”

In a flash, the sword Qi in the air disappeared and Chef appeared beside Shen Ying. His eyes were twinkling as he gazed at her. “Master, you called?”

“Someone wants to see you,” Lonemoon said. “Stop training for now. Let's go to the front hall.”

Chef frowned. It was obvious he was unwilling. Yet, he stole one glance at Shen Ying and followed them, anyway.

The three of them began to walk toward the front hall. After taking just two steps, Yi Qing could not control himself any longer. He turned to gaze at Shen Ying, clenching his fists by his side. A moment later, he reached out stealthily and grabbed Shen Ying's hand. He gently tightened his grip on her hand. Seeing that Shen Ying had no reaction, he broke into a silly grin and flushed.

Lonemoon, who had seen the entire process: “…” Motherf*cker!

He had to endure seeing their public displays of affection even when walking!

Wait a moment!

“Where are the two of you headed? It's there!”

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 444

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