My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 452

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Chapter 452: Together with Fatty

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“What are you keeping these useless yellow papers for?” Lonemoon glanced at him. Thinking of something, his eyes widened. “Can these talismans really work?”

“Not entirely!” Yi Qing directly sent over a bit of spirit qi. In a short while, that pile of talisman papers moved, and a yellow talisman pattern floated up to the area right above his hand, indistinctly visible.

“Holy s.h.i.+t, this fatty's handmade talismans can really work.” Lonemoon took a piece of the talisman paper, which was extremely unstable and incomplete, but nevertheless halfway to success. Wait… his hand stiffened, and as though remembering something, his eyes widened abruptly.

Only then did Yi Qing say, word by word, “He's mortal!”


Lonemoon finally thought of this matter. A mortal who couldn't even use spirit qi could actually draw messy talismans that worked. He must either have extraordinary quality, or special treasures. Seeing the way it was now, it must be the latter. Not a simple Fatty indeed. No wonder Divine Imperial Sect was so anxious to find him.

“Never mind, it has nothing to do with us.” Lonemoon was not really interested in these matters. He had seen too much of cultivators fighting for good quality. Such things happened every moment in the Three Realms. Besides, all karmas are registered by Heavenly Dao, and all good and evil were to be repaid. It was not good for them to interfere. “Let's go back to the inn. We'll go to other immortal cities for information tomorrow.”

Lonemoon thought that he'd never see that Fatty again. After all, he was just a mortal. However deep he hid, he probably couldn't escape the search of several Soul Formation cultivators. That's if… he didn't suddenly climb to the rooftop their house and trembled in a way which made the whole house crack.

And when he was shaking, he actually repeated self-comfortingly, “They can't find me, can't find me, can't find me…”

Lonemoon, who just entered: “…”

Yi Qing, who just entered, “…”

“Hey, Fatty!” Shen Ying actually looked up and greeted the person above her, “You ate?”

A certain huge thing leaning on the roof s.h.i.+vered. In the next moment, with a crack, the roof beam which had long been unable to support a certain person's weight broke and slammed down with a bang. Even half of the roof above them collapsed.

Yi Qing acted fast, dragging Shen Ying into his arms directly and stepping back to hide in the safe area. Lonemoon turned and stepped to the side as well. For a time, dust flew all over the room.

Lonemoon produced a wind spell, disbursing the dust in the room, uncovering the mess all over the floor, and Fatty who was covered in it. He seemed to be a bit dizzy from the bang. Seemingly dizzy from the hit, he shook his head before looking at the person in front of him.

“Miss… Shen?” He was stunned momentarily, and then struggled to get up. “Why are you…”

Before he could finish, loud sounds of footsteps came from not far away. It seemed like the disturbances over here attracted attention. Vaguely, some exploring suppression could be felt.

“What happened?”

Lonemoon looked out of the room, and saw that the innkeeper, followed by a group of cultivators in white looking exactly like those in the tea house just now, was walking towards their direction rapidly.

The man who just got up went pale as snow. His huge body trembled even more severely, and the eyes which were small to start with widened into a circle, full of horror.

Shen Ying took a bite of her fruit, and immediately took a step forward to the side of Lonemoon, looking out with him. She happened to be just in front of the fat man.

“What happened?” Those cultivators in white were in front of them in no time. He looked at Lonemoon suspiciously, and then, skipping Shen Ying and Fatty, he looked towards Yi Qing. His Divine Perception swept across the room mercilessly for more than a dozen times. After a long while, he drew back his glance with no result. “Why did this room suddenly collapse?”

Lonemoon gave a certain person who was nibbling at a fruit a look, and something went across his eyes. “Why? I want to ask why!” He turned towards the innkeeper who came behind and questioned with an angry face. “Innkeeper! This is your premium room? Lucky we didn't stay inside during the day, or who knows what would happen! Can you be an inn run by brigands?”

“No, no. Fellow Daoist has misunderstood.” The innkeeper walked forward, his face full of alarm as he hurried to apologize, “So sorry! I never thought that this room would collapse. Should I arrange another premium room for you?”

“Just arrange another room?” Lonemoon snorted, his look unrelenting. “Who dares to live in this house of yours any more? What if it collapses again?”

“Then how about… I exempt you from the inn fees for all these days?”

Lonemoon raised her brows, and his face calmed a little. “We have three people.”

“All three exempted, all.” The innkeeper hurried to add.

“That's better.”

Those cultivators in white frowned, seemingly in disapproval of Lonemoon's behavior. The cultivator who asked questions just now spoke directly, “Okay, good that n.o.body was hurt. Oh yeah, did you see any other person just now?”

“What person?” asked Lonemoon.

The cultivator looked like he wanted to say something, but after a while, refrained from saying it. “Never mind.” He glanced through the room once more and still didn't discover anything. He turned, leading those cultivators in white, and left.

The innkeeper stayed and led the group into another perfectly intact room very politely.

The fat man followed behind Shen Ying with a look of total confusion the whole time. Apparently, his body was almost twice as large as Shen Ying's, but the innkeeper in front did not seem to notice that there was one more person at all. Throughout the whole time, he didn't give him a single look.

No, he didn't give him or Miss Shen a single look.

“Two sirs, please rest well. I will disturb no more.” The innkeeper smiled towards them and then turned to walk away.

Two? The fat man was stunned. He looked between the group several times, and then he suddenly understood something, he turned towards Shen Ying. “Miss… Miss Shen, did you use invisibility talismans on me?” Only invisibility talismans could make one's figure totally invisible.

“No I didn't!” Shen Ying answered honestly.

“Then…” Were those people just now blind?

“Invisibility talisman?” Lonemoon actually laughed and said, “Her whole body was an invisibility talisman, and the kind with its own radiation.”

Shen Ying, “…”

Hui Ze, “…”

Though he couldn't understand, it sounded very awesome. Hui Ze gave Shen Ying another look, and then hurried to cup his fists at the group, “Thank you guys for helping me. Hui Ze will remember it forever and be sure to repay you one day.”

“That won't be necessary.” Lonemoon waved a hand, uncaring. “But when did you suddenly go hiding on the rooftop?” And his roof besides.

“It wasn't purposeful.” He hurried to explain. “I was chased and hid into this inn unknowingly. I really couldn't find a place to hide so…” He gave him a guilty look. “I didn't know before that you all are staying at this inn.”

“Is that so?” Lonemoon glanced at him. “Those Divine Imperial Sect cultivators are looking for you, right? Letting so many people be involved, it must be more than just simply offending a person in charge.”

Hui Ze was stunned momentarily, his face paled, and his hands tightened beside his body, but he didn't speak for a long time.

“Never mind. I'm not interested in your business!” Lonemoon waved a hand. “But we'll be leaving this immortal city on the morrow. You better take care of yourself.”

Hui Ze was shocked, and his eyes were full of panic. He turned to give Shen Ying a look. After a long while of hesitation, he asked very carefully, “Miss Shen, may I… may I go along with your group?”

“Do you know where we're going, before you talk of going along?” said Lonemoon.

“It doesn't matter.” He shook his hand. “I have nowhere to go, anyway. Anywhere is fine.”

So he wanted to be a burden of theirs. Just as Lonemoon was about to refuse, Shen Ying suddenly spoke, “Okay.”

“Shen Ying!”


Lonemoon and Yi Qing spoke together in disapproval. This man was obviously a huge trouble.

“Thanks so much, Miss Shen!” Hui Ze's look was full of joy. He thought about it, and reached to produce a pile of spirit stones, and placed them on the table. “I have nothing to thank you guys with, I only some spirit stones. I hope they could be of use?”

The next moment…

Lonemoon stood up rapidly, patted Hui Ze's shoulder and said, “Don't you worry, Brother Fat. Isn't it just protecting you on your way? No problem at all!”

Shen Ying, “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

“…” Where was his shame?

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 452

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