My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: Fatty Begs for Teaching

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All the cultivators who came looking for them had left. Fatty finally set down his empty bowl. It was then that it sank in – he no longer needed to fear the people of the Imperial Sacred Sect. He no longer had to worry about whether he could escape from the blood array alive. He no longer had to fear being swallowed whole by anyone ever again.

He looked up at the three people beside him and then lowered his gaze. A moment later, he seemed to have made up his mind about something. He suddenly stood up and stepped aside from the table, then got to his knees.

“Thank you, Elders, for saving my life.” He kowtowed to them with too much strength that he created a pit in the ground with his head. “I know that you don't care for my repayments, but I will forever remember what you did for me. My cultivation level is extremely low and I'm only this way now because of my special body type. If left to my own devices, I would have been swallowed by that group of people a long time ago. So…” He suddenly looked toward Lonemoon. “Can I please ask you to teach me how to cultivate?”

Lonemoon paused and scanned Fatty from head to toe. “You mean to say that you want to rely on us for a living?”

Fatty gritted his teeth and kowtowed three more times. His expression was much more serious this time. “I know it's quite a lot to ask, but I have no other choice. Please grant my wishes, Elders.”

Lonemoon narrowed his eyes and put on his best business smile. “You want us to teach you how to cultivate. Aren't you afraid that you would only attract more trouble? You need to understand that we are also cultivators. We might be after your body as well. You also need to understand how beneficial your flesh and blood are for cultivation.”

“I'm not afraid!” Fatty shook his head adamantly. He looked at Lonemoon trustingly, then turned to look at Shen Ying, who was slumped lazily over the table. For some reason, when he first met Lady Shen Ying, he had a strange feeling that this person could be completely trusted. That feeling was strange, but so real.

“If you were after my flesh and blood, that's even better for me!” Fatty laughed out loud, not in the least bit worried. He joyfully said, “It is a fact that you have saved me. If you need my flesh, it means I have the means of repaying you with my life. How about that?”

Lonemoon's smile was wiped off his face. This was a man who knew right from wrong. They had not saved him in vain. In fact, Lonemoon had not intended to leave him in the lurch as well. It was their own fault for getting involved with the nomological force. Before he clarified these matters, he would not allow this fatty to be eaten by the others.

With that, he spoke with a hint of genuineness, “Alright, you don't have to worry! Honestly, your body is really special, but we want to figure out the reason for that as well. Before that, we will make sure that we protect you well. As for cultivation…” He hesitated.

Fatty kowtowed anxiously once again. “Please, grant my wish, Elder. I… I will train hard. Before that, I will surely cooperate with you to find out what exactly is wrong with my body. I'll do that even if it means cutting off my flesh and drawing my blood for you!”

Lonemoon frowned. “I said, I don't want your blood and fles.h.!.+”

“Then I'll give you anything else you want – I have it all! From today onward, my body is yours, Elder.”

“No one wants your body. I already said- wait, why are you taking your clothes off!” Lonemoon grabbed Fatty's hands.

“Elder!” Fatty looked at Lonemoon in the eyes with a somber expression. He picked up a fruit knife and said, “Tell me which part of me you want. I'll cut it off for you.”

“Holy s.h.i.+t! Who told you to do that? Wait… Why are the two of you wastrels looking at me like that?”

“… We're not!” The master and disciple immediately looked to the skies.

“Then why are you running so far away from me?” They were already more than three arms' lengths away from him!

The two of them retreated even further. Their expressions clearly said, “We didn't know Father Niu was this sort.”

“You wouldn't even let Fatty off – how scary!”

“No wonder he's still single. This is the reason.”

“That's enough from the both of you!” He was straight. He was straight, alright?! Anyway, if they wanted to whisper, couldn't they do it more subtly? Lonemoon could still hear them!


“Shut your mouth!”


Lonemoon finally agreed to Fatty's request to learn dharmic techniques from them. Afterall, the locks on the realm gate were loosened once his cultivation level increased. In other words, the higher his cultivation level became, the faster the nomological force would return to normal.

Now, all Fatty had was his high cultivation. He knew nothing about sorcery. He didn't even know the most basic of skills – sword-riding. He looked like a Nascent Soul cultivator, but Lonemoon guessed that even a Golden Core cultivator would be able to easily defeat him.

They had to teach him everything there was to learn, but the problem was who was going to be in charge of guiding him? Chef turned down this responsibility as soon as he could. He was already in charge of everybody's meals, as well as Shen Ying's afternoon tea, supper, snacks, fruits and pastries. Now that he also had to cook white rice for Fatty, he would be swamped with work. As for Shen Ying… forget it!

Therefore, this glorious task fell on Lonemoon's shoulders.

In the beginning, Lonemoon had nothing much to say about it. Afterall, given Fatty's natural attraction of spirit Qi, it would not be a difficult task to help him raise his cultivation levels, much less teach him how to use basic skills and sorcery. Lonemoon thought that teaching Fatty would be more relaxing than teaching any other disciple.

That was up until Fatty fell down from his sword for the 108th time…

Lonemoon: “…”

Shen Ying, “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

Flips table!

How was it that this man could cheat at his own cultivation and skip four major stages, yet not be able to even stay mounted on a flying sword?

He was really taking full advantage of Lonemoon!

Fatty climbed out of the pit that he had fallen into for the umpteenth time and looked meekly at Lonemoon, whose killing intent was overwhelming. “Mas… Master.”

“Who's your master!” Lonemoon only agreed to teach Fatty, but he never agreed to taking him in as a disciple. Lonemoon glared at him and sucked in a deep breath. “Come. Explain this to me. How are you able to break the sword into two just by riding it for a short distance?” Did he think spirit swords fell from the sky!

Fatty lowered his head and shrunk back, so that he looked like a fat ostrich. “I'm in the wrong!”

Lonemoon glanced at the thousandth broken spirit sword and felt a sharp pain in his chest.

“Forget it, Father Niu.” Shen Ying could not help but reach out to comfort Lonemoon. “He's a newbie after all.”

“Even if he is, he shouldn't be going through spirit swords this quickly.” Was it just a sword breaking? It was more like spirit stones breaking!

“It's not easy for him to look this way already. Have some empathy.” It's not right to fat-shame him. “The saying is good: Good-looking people are a dime a dozen, but interesting fatties… weight 200kg! Cherish him!”

Lonemoon: “…”

Hui Ze: “…”

Was Lady Shen helping him? Why did it feel like she was stabbing him in the back?

“It's noon time already, why not we…” Have lunch first?

“Wastrel, shut up!”


“Why don't you let him use this one.” Yi Qing stepped forward and drew a long sword which was emanating immortal Qi. He handed it over to Fatty.

“An immortal weapon?” Lonemoon frowned. “He can't even ride a spirit sword-”

“Let him try!” Yi Qing said seriously.

Lonemoon paused for a second, then nodded. The strange thing was that Fatty did manage to ride the immortal sword. Although he fell from the sky one or two times, and he was barely hanging on to the immortal sword, he did not break it into two!

On closer inspection, Lonemoon discovered that although Fatty was not used to controlling his own spirit Qi, it was not a big problem. His main problem was his control of sword Qi – it was so terrible that it frustrated Lonemoon to the core!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 463

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