My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 540

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Chapter 540: Sudden Appearance Of An Invitation

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Hong Meng pointed to the plane tree and said, “The three worlds are the Human and Demon Beast World, Immortal and Demon World, Divine Underworld. But now the human and demon beast races are still weak, with a small population. Thus, I set up boundaries between every world. Though both races are in one world, they are still separated from each other. It's the same for the Immortal and Demon World, but for now no one from the Lower Realm has ascended, there is no one there except for some low level Divine Race.”

“Oh.” Shen Ying looked at the barren branches. “Why are there no leaves.”

“This is because the worlds have just been divided out, the human race has yet to prosper, the little worlds here have not formed the Three Realms.” Hong Meng explained, “When the human race develops, we will have more realms to fully form the Three Realms. And if someone from the Immortal and Divine World opens a mystic realm and obtains the acknowledgment of Heavenly Dao, it can also grow into a realm of its own.”

“Then will it bear fruit?” Shen Ying asked.

Hong Meng froze, what the h.e.l.l was such a question, don't really take it to be a tree- h.e.l.lo… After a good while, he then laughed dryly, “Heh heh… You must be joking Mdm. How is it possible that it would bear…”

“Oh, then what's that on the tree?” Shen Ying reached out and pointed to where the leaves lushest in between the two trees.

Hong Meng looked over following her hand and saw a speck of an unusual red color in a gap where those purple and gold interlaced, a plump object was hidden between the layers of leaves.

“There's re… really a fruit! BBB… Boss!” Hong Meng was entirely stunned, frantically looking around, he turned and grabbed onto Lonemoon, saying, “Boss! Stop vomiting, look at the tree! Fruit… quick, look there's a fruit!”

“What fruit?” Lonemoon really could not stand those two trees, his eyes wouldn't even flicker in that direction.

Hong Meng could only spin him around entirely. “It's the plane tree! A fruit has grown on the plane tree… there has never, huh?” He stopped midway in his speech, his eyes becoming even wider in the next second. “Hold on, Madam Shen Ying, what are you climbing the tree for? That is the plane tree! Every leaf was a little world, not to mention the fruit.”

He instinctively wanted to stop her but it was already too late, Shen Ying was already up there, her hand reaching towards the bright red fruit.

“Wait! You can't pick that, the worlds will coll…”

With a snap, the fruit was already in her hands. She then turned back to look towards him, “What did you say?”

Hong Meng: “…”

Then, nothing happened at all!

“No… Nothing!” Heh heh, as long as all of you are happy. My heart feels so tired! Why are all three people so unreliable, it suddenly feels like the future of the two planes is dim and dark.

“Master.” Chef who finally stopped vomiting and recovered then walked over and helped the person on the tree down, glancing at the fruit in her hand, he asked, “What is this?”

“I don't know, an apple?” Shen Ying looked at the fruit. “Why don't we eat it!” With that said, she opened her mouth and was about to bite it.

Lonemoon s.n.a.t.c.hed it away promptly and she bit into the air.. “Eat my foot!” He glared at her then after some thought, pulled out a bag of pastries, shoving it into her hands as an exchange before turning his attention to look at the fruit seriously. “This is obviously a s.p.a.ce!” And it was a s.p.a.ce bigger than a little world, the odd thing was that Lonemoon's divine perception could not penetrate it at all.

“This thing doesn't seem to belong to the plane on this side.” Yi Qing had also sensed the aura of a foreign plane from the fruit and frowned, asking, “Why did it grow on this plane tree?”

“It didn't grow on the tree!” Shen Ying suddenly spoke up.

The two people were taken aback. “What do you mean?” Didn't you climb up the tree and plucked it down?

Shen Ying looked down instead then turned back to search under the tree before picking something and bringing it over. “It was tied to the tree.”

Both of them took a look and realized that it was a thin, white ribbon, they couldn't tell the material it was made of but it was suffused with a faint white light that resembled moonlight. Lonemoon took it for a closer look and found that the ribbon felt so weightless that it was really like moonlight.

“This doesn't belong to our plane either.” Lonemoon's expression darkened. “Could it be that someone secretly tied this fruit to the plane tree while we weren't around?” But the plane tree and the Manager was telepathic, if anyone had done anything, they ought to be able to sense it immediately. To be able to leave this behind unknowingly, the other party's capabilities was definitely not beneath that of a Manager.

“Don't tell me it's a Manager of another plane again?” Were Managers being produced in bulk these days?

“Father Niu, could you let me take a look at the ribbon!” Yi Qing asked in a low voice, Lonemoon handed it over directly.

He looked closely at the light on the ribbon, thought for a second and sent a stream of Immortal Qi into it. At once, the ribbon floated up, transforming into multiple rays of light and slowly bent to become rows of unfamiliar characters.

“This is… a letter?” Lonemoon was taken aback.

“More like an invitation!” Shen Ying suddenly said as she took a step forward, reaching out and flicking her hand towards the white light in the air, instantly messing up those characters. In the next moment, the characters rearranged to become words that they were familiar with.

A row of striking big words were written on it:

Sincerely inviting the two Managers of the immortal spirit planes to join the Planes Union: Big Dao Meeting! All the Managers of the union looking forward to your alliance.


Big Dao Meeting


“What is this?” Lonemoon frowned. “What does it mean?” An NGO 1 formed by Managers?

“Master, have you heard of this Big Dao Meeting previously?”

Shen Ying replied while chomping on her pastries from a side, “I think I've heard of it somewhere, don't really remember anymore.”

“No matter what, this is specially regarding Managers.” Lonemoon guessed. “Does plane management also have any related organizations?”

“Yes!” Shen Ying replied casually. “The administrative committee is one.”

“What administrative committee?” The two were shocked.

“It's the Plane Management a.s.sociation!” Shen Ying said calmly. “Huh? Have I not told you two about it!”

Lonemoon: “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

Could you change your habit of giving belated information! Was it still possible to change?

“Talk about that administrative committee first!” Lonemoon inhaled deeply, what's with this helplessness that he was already used to feeling?

“It's not a big deal.” Shen Ying stuffed another pastry in before continuing incoherently, “It's just a non-official, informal, don't-contact-unless-you-have-problems, might-not contact-even-if-you're-facing-problems a.s.sociation that a group of managers who were familiar with each other formed.”

“…” What's with it sounding increasingly unreliable as they listened on? Since it's so trashy, why build this a.s.sociation? Too idle?

“Basically, planes are completely independent of each other, but sometimes there are also small interactions with one another.” Shen Ying then slowly revealed for them.

In conclusion, it is still related to transmigration between planes. Sometimes those who enter other planes, might not be intentionally intruding, it could just be an accidental entry. For example, being pulled in by a plane storm or falling into cracks in the plane and such.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 540

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