My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 541

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Chapter 541: Big Dao Organization

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Though people who were accidentally pulled into other planes usually have a slim chance of surviving, there were always some exceptions. There were even cases of managers or plane a.s.sistants getting their direction wrong during transmigration and ending up in other people's houses.

At this time, managers naturally have to send the person back, this makes it hard to avoid meeting the manager of the person's plane. When many of these incidents happen, all the managers found it very troublesome. And due to the varying forms of existence of the planes, misunderstandings and fights often occurred.

So slowly, the management who were familiar with each other worked together to form a group, that was the administrative committee. No official person in charge, it was just a committee in name to not invade each other and to inform one another when something was up.

“Back then when Kai Tian accidentally entered my sister's plane, it was also because he had connections to the administrative committee and informed her, that's why my sister let him become an a.s.sistant.” Shen Ying raised an example and added after some thought, “Things like the plane permit was also something that the committee came up with.”

Lonemoon and Yi Qing's faces darkened together as they were instantly reminded of that d.a.m.n piece of A4 paper, just how casual was this administrative committee!

“Managers are very busy, they don't meet often. By the way, I even got a prize from the a.s.sociation when I was schooling!” With that said, she opened a lighted screen and tapped on it. In the next second, a certificate instantly leaped out of the screen.

It wrote: Certificate

Student Shen Ying:

Received notable results in the learning of a.s.sistant skills this year, chosen as the “Outstanding a.s.sistant Trainee”, this certificate is specially presented as a form of encouragement!

Plane Management a.s.sociation

Any year any month any day.

There was even a bright red stamp stamped on it.

Lonemoon: “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

This was really a very informal a.s.sociation! Why would a bunch of strong and reputable managers form such a casual a.s.sociation?

“So… this Big Dao Organization might be just like the administrative committee, a casual… ah pui, an a.s.sociation formed by various plane managers?” Lonemoon asked.

“Mm, possibly.” Shen Ying replied.

“Since Master is so familiar with the administrative committee, then do we have to join?” Yi Qing asked.

“You can join.” Shen Ying frowned. “But my sister is a member too, you two want to enter?”

Both of their expressions changed in tandem and the topic of the conversation instantly reversed.

“Let's talk about this Big Dao Organization!”

“What's up with this fruit too?” Lonemoon looked at the fruit in his hand. “They're inviting us to join this what Big Dao Organization, why would they send this s.p.a.ce that resembles a fruit over?” Calling it a s.p.a.ce wasn't accurate enough, he could sense the remarkable vitality in this fruit, which means to say that this fruit was a complete big world.

Shen Ying shook her head, unsure too. “Why don't we eat… why don't we go in and take a look?”

“…” You said to eat it earlier, you definitely meant it right?!

“I feel that though this ribbon is an invitation, the fruit might be for showing the way.” Yi Qing guessed.

“You are saying…” Lonemoon paused for a moment. “The s.p.a.ce inside this fruit, might be where the Big Dao Organization is located?”

“Mm.” Yi Qing nodded. “And this fruit might not be the actual ent.i.ty of the s.p.a.ce, but just a conjured unit, just like the entrances of mystic realms.”

Lonemoon stood for a moment and directly sent a stream of Immortal Qi into it, sure enough, he could not a.s.sess the specific situation inside the fruit, it was really a fake fruit! In this case, they had to go take a look, to find out what that so-called Big Dao Organization was. “Then let's go take a look.” Besides, it was already written clearly here that it was an invitation, they should not have any ill intentions. Perhaps they might really meet some managers of the other planes.

“Are we really going?” Yi Qing frowned, somehow feeling that there was something odd about this matter.

“Since they were able to tie this fruit to the plane tree while we were totally unaware, they might have some other means.” Lonemoon said, “Regardless of whether they are friends or foe, we would have to meet them.”

“…” Yi Qing was silent for a moment and no longer objected.

“Boss!” Whereas Hong Meng at the side was shocked, looking towards Lonemoon with an aggrieved look. “Are… are you leaving the plane? That's too dangerous!” Their plane had just stabilized, was it alright to just leave it alone?

“We'll be back in no time, it won't take long.” Lonemoon glanced at him. “Your divine power has recovered, help Rabbit out more with managing the divine race, and also Fatty's side, give him some help when you're free too.”

“But… but what about this plane? Why don't… why don't I go too?”

“What business of yours is there?” Lonemoon rolled his eyes. “Don't worry, I am able to sense it if anything happens. You can scram now!” With that, he opened the plane pa.s.sage and chased Hong Meng back with kicks and pushes.

“Let's go.” After clearing the site, Lonemoon then walked back, just before they set off, he glanced at Shen Ying and added, “Don't get lost again.”


With that said, his palm clenched and crushed the fruit in his hand. As expected, a white light instantly covered three of them, in the next second, they disappeared from the Divine Realm.

Lonemoon had thought that since the so-called Big Dao Organization was a place built by managers, it would be large and luxurious, yet with a flash of white light, they were brought to a crowded street.

There were people walking back and forth all around, it was very lively, there were even numerous stalls set up on both sides, selling food and toys, even daily necessities.It looked like a mortal street, totally unlike the office of some administrative a.s.sociation.

How could this be? What happened to showing the way, did the fruit expire?

“Master! Father Niu!” Yi Qing's expression changed as he said with some bewilderedness, “The divine power in my body… has disappeared!”

“What?” Lonemoon was shocked and subconsciously felt for his own, sure enough, it was empty in his body. Don't mention divine power, there wasn't even a trace of Immortal Qi. He tried again with a different divine power, there was still no reaction. “How could this be?”

“Probably because we are outside of the plane.” Shen Ying voiced out.

The two faltered become coming to a realization. True, that fruit did not belong to their plane in the first place, this place also looked like a mortal realm, it was very normal to not have Immortal and Spirit Qi.

But since that Big Dao Organization initiated an invitation, what did they mean by sending them to this mortal world now? Regretting midway? Wanting to trap them here? Though this place restricted cultivators, but they were managers, if they wanted to return, they could open the Plane Gate anytime.

“Let's look around before anything else!” Lonemoon looked at the sky and decided. Perhaps because there was something special about that fruit, they did not alert anyone when they appeared out of the blue on the street, as if they had always been here.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 541

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