My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 573

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Chapter 573: The United Tournament

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Lonemoon gave Shen Ying a look. If that insect did not call out to them just now, Shen Ying was really about to attack him with that grab, right? “Why did you suddenly attack him?” She didn't look like someone who'd take initiative like this.

Shen Ying took the tea handed over by Chef, before blurting out, “Oh, just a habit!” She wanted to pinch an insect every time she saw one.

Lonemoon: “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

So that was just a conditional reflex just now?

“Is this insect really the insect race of your sister's plane?” Lonemoon's eyes opened wide.

“Yup.” Shen Ying nodded, and explained, “There was once a plane storm near the mother planet of insect race back then. One of the queens of insect race was probably accidentally blown out into the end of the void.”

Lonemoon became even more confused. “But it doesn't make sense. Not all members of the insect race look like this.”The young man just now had antennas, but he was obviously in human form. When they went back earlier on, those images of insect race Shen Ying showed him obviously all showed the kind with thick

“Mimicry, probably.” said Shen Ying. “High-level insects are capable of mimicry. Besides, this is the end of void, and it's normal for some mutations to occur.”

So that was the reason.

“I'm so hungry. Can we start the meal?”

“…” She was that same foodie indeed.

Lonemoon didn't expect to find out where the spirit seed was at on their first day at Yang City. It was easy now that they knew the place. At first, Lonemoon planned to directly sneak into Immortal Academy tonight and retrieve the spirit seed. But he realized that there were too many different auras at the end of the void that it was rather chaotic, with some energy forms that they had never seen before. Their divine perception couldn't enter the interior of the Academy at all, which meant that they couldn't find where the spirit seed was.

Perhaps because of the unfortunate event earlier on, Lonemoon had a bit more vigilance to this world. He didn't rush inside without a care. Besides, that spirit seed was the publicized prize for the United Tournament now, and should it suddenly disappear, some unnecessary troubles are sure to be caused. Besides, this was the chaotic end of void, and they couldn't open the plane door whenever they wanted. Shen Ying said it would take at least one month before it could be reopened.

Therefore, after a lot of thinking, Lonemoon still felt that it was better to win that spirit seed openly. Yes, Father Niu planned to take part in that United Tournament or something. Regardless of whether they could win in the end, at least they had a chance of knowing the exact location of the spirit seed. Besides, though only local academies are allowed to take part in this compet.i.tion, that Buggy just now had also mentioned that many powers called themselves Academies to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. So naturally, they could do that too.

Therefore, the three inquired about the direction and then went straight towards the place of registration. The Immortal Academy was actually not inside Yang City, but on top of a secluded hill west of the city. Perhaps because of the compet.i.tion, many people came and went at the gate. And the place of registration was right on the left side of the academy.

“Invincible Academy?” The person doing registration was stunned for a moment and looked up at the three, “I have never heard of such a name.”

“We are a newly established academy, not very famous, and we are located at a remote place in the north.” Lonemoon opened his mouth and started bamboozling.

That person didn't ask any further, perhaps because he had done too much concierge work in recent days, he directly wrote down the name of Invincible Academy on the logbook, while asking, “Are you all the teachers leading the team?”

“No, we are the people partic.i.p.ating.” Lonemoon explained, and seeing that he showed some doubts, he added, “Our teacher was injured and is resting at the inn, so he sent us to register.”

“Oh, that's just as well. You may go directly to the preliminary round!” He pointed at the inside of the academy with one hand and said, “There are too many academies taking part in the United Tournament, so only academies that pa.s.sed the preliminary round can qualify for the official compet.i.tion.” With that said, he directly handed a compet.i.tion name card to him, before calling the person behind him, “Next.”

Lonemoon said no more, took up that wooden card and went inside.

Yi Qing and Shen Ying followed as well. Just after they entered the gate, a guard at the side gave them a look, waved and said, “Hey, you guys, go this way. The next round is about to start.”

The three turned and followed them in. After a long while, they finally reached a door. The guard pointed to the inside and said, “So long as you can persevere in there for the time of burning one incense, you pa.s.s.”

With that said, he directly opened the door in front of them and gestured for them to enter. They went inside, and realized it was a closed s.p.a.ce like the Colosseum. The place was littered with things like weapons, armor and dharmic talismans, as though the people in charge didn't yet have time to clean it. There was a faint strange smell in the air.

Yi Qing frowned, and directly made a wind spell to blow away that strange smell, and blowing all the rubbish into a corner at the same time.

Obviously, they were about to be in a joust, they just didn't know who would be their opponents. They looked around, and realized that a giant iron door opposite from them was tightly shut. Inside, there was an unknown aura. Vaguely, they could detect that it was a huge fellow.

“Hey!” The guard who escorted them over called out behind them and said somewhat worriedly, “Remember that you have to stay past the timing of burning one incense to pa.s.s. If you want to give up, just say 'admit defeat' directly.

“Thanks a lot!” replied Lonemoon.

The guard nodded. Suddenly, he took out something that seemed like a piece of talisman paper and pressed it onto the wall beside him. Immediately, with a loud bang, the giant iron gate opposite them opened automatically.

That strange smell rushed towards them instantly. The three couldn't help but all take a step back, clamping their noses. Some small, squeaky sounds came from the inside, and a huge figure could vaguely be seen to move towards them. That figure moved only a little bit, and then suddenly stiffened for no reason, and then laid completely still. It was like a huge black stone nailed into the door, trembling vaguely.

After waiting for a long time, it didn't crawl out even a little bit.

The three looked dumbfounded. Could the preliminary round of this united tournament simply to see who could stand longer?

“Eh?” The guard outside was also stunned. “Why didn't it come out?”

He walked towards the opposite side somewhat anxiously and went in through that huge iron gate. In a moment, his angry voice came from the inside.

“Hey, it's your turn to go on the stage. Hurry up and go out!”

“…” There was no response inside.

“Did you hear me? The day hasn't ended yet! Hurry and get out.”

“What's up with you? We agreed to play ten rounds a day, this is just the second. h.e.l.lo? Hurry and go! Wait… Why are you suddenly trembling?”

“What? Not doing it? We have signed a contract with your queen! What you mean by not doing it now?”

“Hey, hey! Don't force me to go tell your queen!”

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 573

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