My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

When Shen Ying woke up, it was already dark. The rabbits were gone, but the man who was wearing a b.l.o.o.d.y white dress sat across from her and looked at her with a tangled look.

Shen Ying was stunned for a minute, only to remember who this person was. “Oh… that pit.”

“Where are the rabbits? Where did they go?” She turned her head and looked around. She found that the house had been repaired. Her small cottage house with a single room turned into a large five-room cottage. That group of rabbits is amazing!

“They finished building the house. Since they were afraid of waking you up from your sleep, they went back home.” Min Qing pointed to the pile of ingredients in front of the house. “This is what the rabbit king left, saying it is today’s food. ”


Shen Ying rubbed her head and stretched. She picked up one of the vegetables and frowned. “How is it a turnip? Hehe… this group of rabbits. Yesterday, they gave me carrots. Today, they gave me white radishes! There are green radishes too.


“Forget it. I will try to make something with these vegetables”

“Hey? Why are you still not leaving?” she said. “Are you not going to go? Don’t you want to go home and eat rice? I only have radishes.” The basket was handed over to him and he took it casually.

I”Thank you for giving this to me, but I can’t take this.”

“Oh. Then, goodbye!”

“Shen Ying!” he screamed.

“What?” Shen Ying turned back again. “Is there something you need?”

I bite my teeth and I slammed down on the ground and bowed. “Please savior, accept me as your disciple!”

“Ha?” She is dumbfounded. “Apprentice?

“Apprentice? Want can he learn from me?”

After that, he slammed his head three times on the floor while looking at her nervously.

“… are you kidding?” Is this person’s brain okay?

“Savior.” He looked at her with a serious look. “You saved me and healed me. I don’t know how to repay you other than offering you my life.”

“So… you don’t want to be indebted to me?”

“Savior, don’t misunderstand,” he explained in a hurry. “I really admire you. I not only admire your cultivation but also your virtue.”

Shen Ying is different. She obviously has reached the level that others have not. But she prefers to live in this deep forest. She does not accept fame or fortune and is not afraid of life or death. Also, she has an unwavering good heart. She also helped him without asking something in return.

At the moment,

the moment, he was excited. This person seems to be the only person helping this filthy world. He also wants to be like her. For the first time in my life, I wanted to wors.h.i.+p a teacher. He wors.h.i.+pped her as a teacher. It was the first time he wanted to learn how to become stronger. He is just worried that she is not willing to teach him.

“I really want to practice with you, please!”

“What?!” This person is really sick. What should I do?

“UHHHHHH…” Shen Ying said, “No!”

After turning around and entering the house, Shen Ying closed the door.

Accept an apprentice! I have failed primary school twice.



“G.o.ddess, what’s wrong with that man?” The rabbit king couldn’t help but ask. “He has been squatting for three days.”

“Really?” Shen Ying stunned for a moment.” Why doesn’t he want to leave” Since that day, the that day, the man has been kneeling on the floor, waiting to be accepted. No matter how hard she persuaded him, he insisted on being an apprentice. He spent three days in the yard. Shen Ying has not been getting a good sleep.

“Right, can you bring me what you brought yesterday?” She pulled the basket in her hand and found it.

“Take it with you.” The rabbit king nodded quickly. He said that he had a pile of meat from the basket, and there was pig, sheep, and cow meat.”

“This is from Falun town?” Shen Ying looked back at the Rabbit King.

“Oh, it’s hard.” She picked up a piece of meat and immediately ran to the back kitchen. She suddenly thought about a dish with meat, peppered beef, braised pork, boiled meat …

Then, she realized a problem. She cannot cook.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 6

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