My Master Disconnected Yet Again 94 A White Ball Of Fur

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Shen Ying made several rounds around the Myriad Beast Peak until the beast regained consciousness, yet she still couldn't find the transportation array. She hesitated and considered jumping off the peak. That was how she got off peaks in Invincible Sect, anyway.

Suddenly, she spotted a flash of light from inside the dense forest to her right. She recalled that the transportation array also emitted white light, rejoicing in her heart, she walked toward the dense forest. She brushed aside the leaves in front of her. Then, her eyes widened.

So much… money!


A cave loomed in front of her. The walls of the cave were made out of spirit stones which continuously emitted white light. As she approached the cave, she sensed a strong gust of spirit Qi rush toward her. Shen Ying touched the walls of the cave. The Yi Family was truly a local tyrant. She suddenly felt an urge to call Father Niu.

Shen Ying gave in to her desire to explore the cave. The inside of the cave was huge, and it looked just like a spirit stone mine. The floor and walls were all covered in superior-grade spirit stones The floor felt smooth and there was nothing else in the cave, save for a huge… white ball of fur in the center?

Shen Ying didn't remember many beasts aside from the ones that could be eaten. She did not remember seeing a beast so white that even the spirit stones on the ground could not compare with its fur. Its forehead was long and clear as a crystal horn.

She subconsciously reached out toward the beast which slept soundly. Suddenly, the beast's eyes burst open. It was enraged by the intruder. Its white fur stood, looking as tough and sharp as needles. It looked at Shen Ying with extreme caution as it began to growl.

"Hey, you're awake!" The beast's fur bunched up, making it like a huge furball.

The furball's eyes grew even wider as it glared at Shen Ying's hand. Its growl became louder. Shen Ying once again happily reached out toward the beast and patted its head. Then, she combed the fur on the beast's head, following the flow of its fur from the top of its head to its


The furball hesitated. It looked frightened for a second as it continued to stare at Shen Ying. Then, it looked down at her hand. It did not respond.

She… can feel it?

Shen Ying loved the feel of the beast's fur. She placed her other hand on the beast, combing through its fur with both hands. "Mm, it feels so good. It's going to be so delicious."

The furball lost all of its earlier defensiveness. It obediently walked toward Shen Ying and intentionally - or unintentionally - leaned in toward her palm. It's quite self-conscious, Shen Ying caressed it more joyfully. She combed its fur from its head to its tail, feeling up its muscles.

"Mm, its body is huge. It can definitely last me a long time. I don't know if it's expensive? Would Father Niu agree to buy it? Eh… why is it a different colour?"

As she patted the beast, the pure white fur at the beast's nose tip became red, as if somebody came and dyed its fur right under her nose. Slowly, its entire body turned red.

Shen Ying's heart skipped a beat. Does it have some skin disease?"

"Who is this, who dares to invade…" Just as Shen Ying tried to figure out what was happening to the beast, a familiar voice sounded from the door. Yi Feng, who had already descended the peak earlier, suddenly charged into the cave with his disciples following behind him. He hesitated when he recognised Shen Ying.

"Sect Master Shen? How are you…" He turned to look at the furball beside her. His eyes widened. Pointing to her hand resting atop the furball, he said, "You… you can touch it?"

"I can't touch it?" Shen Ying hesitated. She quickly retracted her hand. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

The furball looked up at her and pressed its head into her palm once again, without hesitation.

"Sect Master Shen, how did you get here?" Yi Feng asked, walking toward Shen Ying. He studied the beast as several emotions flashed past his face.

"Oh, I couldn't find the transportation array so I walked around and ended up here," Shen Ying answered honestly. "That's right, what beast is this? It looks really delicious. Are you selling it?"

Yi Feng stiffened as a look of panic flashed past his face. He awkwardly smiled and replied, "Haha, Sect Master Shen, you're hilarious. The Myriad Beast Peak can get a little confusing. It is my family's fault for not hosting you well. I should have asked my disciples to fetch you from the peak. It's been such a long time, you must be tired." Yi Feng turned to his disciples behind him and instructed, "Yi Cheng, quickly bring Sect Master Shen to her room to rest."

"Yes!" The disciple quickly responded. Yet, he stayed where he was, as if under some kind of spell.

"Supremacy Lonemoon is already waiting for you. Sect Master Shen, please!" Yi Feng politely raised his hand, pointing in the direction that she was supposed to walk. "We will set out for the Mirage Sea tomorrow morning. Sect Master Shen, please rest well tonight."

"Alright," Shen Ying turned to frown at the spirit beast. As she followed the disciple out of the cave, she wondered if she will be lucky enough to meet another beast tomorrow.

Only after Shen Ying was long gone did Yi Feng dare to heave a sigh of relief. Fl.u.s.tered, he turned to the beast to bow and said, "Please forgive me, Spirit Master! Sect Master Shen is here to visit us for the first time. It does not know your true form. She's also quite… frank. She doesn't mean Spirit Master any harm."

The beast fell silent and thought for a moment. Then, it let out a soft grunt of acknowledgement.

"Spirit Master, your disciple promises that Sect Master Shen is not a bad person," Yi Feng explained. "Her disciple, Supremacy Yi Qing, is the one who broke the Immortal Ascension PaG.o.da and rescued all the cultivators from the various sects. Had it not been for him, your disciple and the various elders of the Yi Family would probably have died inside the paG.o.da. She's here this time to help me find the Contract Spirit in the Mirage Sea."

"What…" the beast suddenly interrupted him. It sounded surprisingly calm as it asked, "is her name again?"

"Huh?" Yi Feng hesitated. He did not expect the beast to ask this question. After a moment, he answered, "I think it's… Shen… Shen…" Shen what? Yang? Yin? Yan? Or was it Yun?

What was it?

"Find out… and report back to me," the beast instructed. It turned away and returned to the centre of the cave. Then, it curled itself up into a ball and lay back down without looking at him again. Its head was buried between its two claws. Yi Feng could only see a hint of red hair.

"Huh? Ah… Oh, yes!" Yi Feng looked confused. So… is Spirit Master angry or not?

He was getting more and more confused by the world of beasts.


There were many beasts at the Mirage Sea.

The Mirage Sea was a sea located at the boundaries of the Upper Azure World. Many said it is broad and boundless. n.o.body knew exactly how wide the sea was. There were many islands in the sea's middle. Since these islands were inaccessible to people, many animals inhabited them. The islands became filled with all kinds of powerful beasts. Even the Yi Family had not heard of some of the beasts on the islands and some high-level cultivators were no match for the beasts.

Yi Feng was the Family Master of the Yi Family - a Soul Formation cultivator. It was difficult to find a beast suitable for him in the Upper Azure World, so he had no choice but to risk a trip to the Mirage Sea for one. At first, he invited Shen Ying along just to form good relations with the Invincible Sect. He did not think he would need Shen Ying's help, or that Shen Ying would agree to come along.

He did not have much knowledge about Sect Master Shen. All he knew was that the Family Master of the Xuan Yuan Family was extremely respectful toward her. After the compet.i.tion among the sects, even the Master of the Yin Family began to hold this Sect Master Shen in high esteem. Although not sure of what was going on, Yi Feng guessed that Shen Ying is no ordinary cultivator. What's more, she is Supremacy Yi Qing's master.

He finally saw how good Shen Ying was with spirit beasts the day before. Yi Feng now felt confident about having her on the trip.

The Mirage Sea is dangerous, and it is not convenient for people to travel in large groups. This time, Yi Feng would only bring Sect Master Shen along. Supremacy Lonemoon had no intention of joining them since he still had matters to attend. Supremacy Lonemoon pulled Yi Feng aside before they set off and left some strange instructions.

"If Shen Ying asks if you know how to roast meat, you have to tell her you don't."

"Huh?" What does he mean?

Lonemoon patted his shoulder with a knowing look. "Just listen to me. You will understand in future."

"…" Yi Feng's expression stiffened…

Are Invincible Sect's members all so… mysterious?

My Master Disconnected Yet Again 94 A White Ball Of Fur

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