Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Seeing Feng XingYing’s hesitation, Mei Mei quickly respectfully asked, "Master Baili, may I ask if you have identified this pill yet? Do you need more time?" 

    "Identified, washed marrow, absolutely marrow wash, top grade”, the man replied holding the pill and examining its shape and colour. 

    "Really? Your Shendan Valley disciple said that this was impossible and that this “definitely” can not be a marrow was.h.i.+ng dan." Mei Mei replied, emphasizing the word definitely. 

    "Ignorant child!" Another middle-aged woman from Shendan Valley barked︰ "Knowing a little and making improper comments about a master alchemist’s dan, really a disgrace to our Shendan Valley ‘s face!" 

Master Baili remained calm but had an almost fanatical respect for Feng Xingying after examining the dan. He did not even hesitate for a second to take a look at Feng Xingying and reply. "The master of ninth princess Nangong yulian was not strict enough, this is our Shendan Valley’s fault, I apologize to you on behalf of  Shendan Valley. " 

   After hearing such comments, ninth princess Nangong yulian ‘s eyes turned red, tears started leaking out from the corners, she looked extremely delicate, charming and fragile. 

   The princess’s palace girl Bi Rui is even angrier, and can't help but rebut. " The marrow was.h.i.+ng Dan should be pure colour. How can this pill be considered one?"

 "Ignorance!" The middle-aged woman ‘s eyes sent daggers towards Bi Rui. How can you be so stupid? Let me hear you another word of nonsense and I can’t guarantee you will still have your tongue." 

    Bi Rui panicked and dared not talk anymore. She shamefully hides behind the ninth princess. Hiding herself from the middle-aged woman’s glare. 

    The middle-aged woman gave the ninth princess a warning look before she began to explain. 

    "Nantong Yulian had indeed said before, the refining of the marrow needs more than ten hours, and after the Dan is usually pure cyan. There is indeed a record of such a book in our Shendan Valley, howev,er there are exceptions. The record only showed what was “usually” the case. Nantong Yulian had only recorded the ordinary results of alchemy, the normal effects of refining below the metlevel. Above the metlevel, not only can one greatly shorten the alchemy time, but also give life to the medicinal herbs. These star points inside the dan are not impurities, but extremely precious signs of a high rank dan, only the top-grade medicinal herbs have a very low probability of producing such points. "

After a professional Shendan Valley alchemist had provided such deep insight into the uniqueness and rarity of such pills, thunderous applause broke out once again from within the crowd. 

After the applause, people's eyes were concentrated on the washed marrow dan. 

Everyone was wondering the same thing. What was the market price of this exclusive one of a kind marrow was.h.i.+ng dan? 

    Prince Nangong Chu reacted extremely fast and smiled. "This Dan I am interested in it, and I am willing to give out two gold. I don't know if this miss would be willing to sell it to me?" 

   Two gold, this price... 

    Mei Mei’s brows slightly wrinkled, if someone else said this price, her Jubao Pavilion would naturally refuse. 

    Although the two gold was enough to buy a common wash marrow Dan, and can be considered a high price. But this grain, if it is to let their Jubao Pavilion to sell, under  their powerful propaganda and auction ability, its value would be far higher then two gold. 

    In this Jia Country, His Majesty has already retired. In the past two years, he has continued to support the Prince Nangong Chu. Although he has not yet reached 30 years of age, he has already has enormous amounts of power and is not a person who one can easily offend. 

    This loss, it seems that I can only eat it? It’s just the girl’s side. 

    "Do not sell!" Feng Xingying’s voice was crisp and rang throughout the crowd. 

Prince Nangong Chu looks at the girl not the least bit anger. In fact, he looked slightly amused by her refusal. 

He smiled and said, "The miss is not too small? I am willing to offer again. How about this one-horned horse for the pill and be this princes imperial concubine?" 

    G.o.d! Prince Nangong Chu is exchanging his mount for the pill and a random girl as a concubine? Is he crazy? 

    The mount is not only pure white, but also very beautiful. It is similar to an unicorn. However, more spiritual then such. It has even reached the category of a beast. It is known as being extremely valuable in the city. This thing can not be bought without tens of thousands of gold. 

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 15

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