I'm Really a Superstar Chapter 1428 Zhang Ye's Underhanded Tactics!

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The next day.


The charity a.s.sociation's car arrived at the hotel to pick him up.

Zhang Ye packed his luggage and headed to the venue of the awards ceremony.

It was an internal awards ceremony, so there wasn't even anyone from the media present. After that, an appreciation event was held, followed by a luncheon.

About two hours later, the events finished up.

The business done, Zhang Ye returned to where he came from.

In the afternoon.

The Asakusa Hotel.

Zhang Ye had just returned when Ha Qiqi's call arrived.

"Director Zhang."


"Is the event over?"

"It's done."

"Did it go well?"

"Haha, of course it went well."

"Did you see the news from back home?"

"I've seen it."

"Everyone knows that you're staying at the Asakusa Hotel, so what do we do now?"

"There's nothing we need to do about that. By the way, Old Ha, have you completed the certification that I requested?"

"It's already done. The certification has been pa.s.sed."


"What are you using it for?"

"Hur hur, I have grand plans for it."

After hanging up, Zhang Ye looked around the hotel room. When he walked back into the bedroom, the sheets were folded and that magazine had reappeared at its original position. They still did not remove it. Zhang Ye smiled and was not surprised. After a glance, he continued to the bathroom where he filled the bathtub up before taking off his clothes and getting in. He closed his eyes and luxuriously soaked in the warm bath while humming a little ditty.


Upstairs in the hotel.

Several executives were holding a meeting.

"Did he really say that, President?"

"This Chinese celebrity is too arrogant!"

"Haha, how can we be afraid of him?"

"I would like to see just what kinds of consequences he's talking about!"

"A day's time is almost up? But he still hasn't acted!"

"Hur hur, what could he possibly do? Does he think that he can tear down our hotel? What is he bragging about! If he even dares to try, the police will take him away immediately!"

"The Asian entertainment circle's people are always saying this and that about him, about how amazing he is. It looks like they've deified him too much and made him sound more impressive than he really is. He's only an artist, and he's even in j.a.pan, which is our territory, so how does he plan on taking us on? Isn't that just a fantasy! If this were China, he might be able to gather the people to surround our hotel or boycott us with just a shout. That I believe. I believe he does have that influence. I would apologize immediately if that were the case! But this is j.a.pan! He can try all he wants to gather forces! I don't believe that anyone will respond to him! Haha! If even ten people respond to him, I'll be convinced!"

"Not even ten, even five will impress me!"

"Hahahaha, just three is enough for me!"

"What three or five people are you two talking about? I'd consider him capable if even one person shows up!"

The hotel's top bra.s.s started laughing as they discussed the matter.

But at this moment.

In the room downstairs, Zhang Ye had finished bathing. He went over to the sofa to sit down and took out his laptop. Crossing his legs, he started doing something that was unimaginable to anyone else. He did not tear down the hotel, nor did he not haggle with the hotel staff. All he did was log on to a website with his verified account and inject himself into j.a.pan's own social network that wasn't unlike China's Weibo. A lot of celebrities and government officials would also post their updates on this platform.

On it, a lot of j.a.panese people were still scolding him.

This kind of denunciation had been going on for many days.

"I heard that he came to j.a.pan!"

"Yeah, he even won a prize!"

"It makes me so angry!"

"Who allowed a notorious artist like him to come to our sh.o.r.es? And he was even awarded a prize?"

"Don't let me find out where he stays! Otherwise, I'll definitely avenge Kimura Kazuysensei!"

"Right, we won't take it lying down!"

"This man is as good as a tumor in the Asian entertainment industry!"

"It's just too bad that we can't locate him. Otherwise, everyone could spit on him and drown him!"

Over here, Zhang Ye was basically the most wanted man alive. There was scolding all around as the j.a.panese people remained immersed in a wave of deep anger over Zhang Ye. His "popularity" over here was very high.

Zhang Ye started typing.

Yamas.h.i.+ta Takenao.

An list celebrity in j.a.pan.

At this moment, he posted the promotional activities for a new movie he was starring in. The people were eagerly waiting and wis.h.i.+ng for him to have a box office sellout for his new film. There was a very celebratory atmosphere around.

Then, an extremely dissonant voice appeared.

Zhang Ye commented: "Are you insane?"

—Sent from the Asakusa Hotel, Tokyo.

"What the h.e.l.l!"

"Who's he calling insane?"

"Who is this person?"

"Ah, Zhang Ye?"

"Is that a fake account?"

"Look at the verification! It's Zhang Ye himself!"

"f.u.c.k, it really is him!"

"Motherf.u.c.ker! What does he mean by that!"

Yamas.h.i.+ta Takenao was hopping mad!

Koizumi Masumi.

A j.a.panese S-list superstar.

Her new song had just been released, and she was currently chatting happily with the netizens.

That "voice" appeared again.

Zhang Ye commented: "Are you insane?"

—Sent from the Asakusa Hotel, Tokyo.

"Holy s.h.i.+t!"

"Zhang Ye!"

"It's Zhang Ye!"

"You're the insane one!"

"Your whole family is insane!"

"f.u.c.k, this fellow is too arrogant!"

Koizumi Masumi was also exasperated!

Komatsu Ryuu.

A j.a.panese list star.

The latest j.a.panese drama that he starred in had won a major domestic award. Komatsu Ryuu had just posted a message of thanks online, but it was met with that "voice" yet again.

Zhang Ye: "Are you insane?"

—Sent from the Asakusa Hotel, Tokyo.

"Zhang Ye!"

"It's him again!"

"This is p.i.s.sing me off!"


"How can there be such a shameless person!"

"Why is he taking the fight here?"

"What is he trying to do!"

When Komatsu Ryuu saw this, he nearly fainted from anger!




More than 30 j.a.panese celebrities were greeted by this message of Zhang Ye's. Of these people, all were actively involved in the denouncement of Zhang Ye in recent days. They had their fair share of scolding him online and expressing their stance in public. But in the end, Zhang Ye came looking for them one by one. This stunned a lot of people who were watching!

No one expected Zhang Ye to be so bold!

This is j.a.pan!

You're in j.a.pan now!

But you came here looking for trouble with them?

Do you have a f.u.c.king death wis.h.!.+

At this moment, the j.a.panese entertainment industry was enraged!

At this moment, the j.a.panese media turned furious!

At this moment, the j.a.panese people blew their tops!

"How infuriating!"

"I can't take this anymore!"

"Brothers, get him!"

"f.u.c.k, kill him!"

"Look! He didn't turn off his location reporting!"

"That dumba.s.s exposed his address!"

"Where is he?"

"He's in Tokyo! The Asakusa Hotel!"

"Let's get him! We found him! He won't be able to get away this time!"

"Everyone, let's go together! Make him get out of j.a.pan! Let him have a taste of our anger!"

"Who's coming?"

"Count me in!"

"And me too!"

"d.a.m.n! I'm going as well!"

"Everyone, calm down. He's the Asian philanthropic amba.s.sador and is protected by the authorities as well as the charities!"

"f.u.c.king philanthropic amba.s.sador, my a.s.s! Have you seen anyone with an att.i.tude like his become a philanthropic amba.s.sador before?"

"He's gone mad! Everyone, let's get him!"

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