Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 1

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On the wedding day, her fiance and his lover had a love affair and eloped. Her eyes were dim, she seized the man in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”To sum it up, your bride is not here, my groom ran off, wouldn’t it be better if we… fight together?”. Before marriage, she said, “Even on the bed, between me and you, there will not be anything!” After the marriage, he said, “Do not try, how do you know?”

Chapter 1: A Flash Marriage, and a New Wife

It was nine o’clock and the evening was sultry.

Tang Ning had drunk too much at her bachelor party, so her fiance brought her back to her apartment, but when she opened her eyes in spite of her headache, she could see a pair of man and woman exchanging a pa.s.sionate kiss.

Tang Ning, like a lightning strike, when she sluggishly looked at the two people kissing by her bed, her heart erupted in anger.

“Yu Rou, do not be so reckless, Tang Ning just fell asleep!” The man holding the woman’s waist said.

“Why? Are you afraid of your fiancee waking up?” Mo Yu Rou softly complained, “Tomorrow you will be married, so this night, you must give it to me!”

“Baobe1, let’s not make trouble, and instead go to another room!” The man coaxed.

“Don’t! I’ll be here! I’ll be in front of her!” Mo Yu Rou quickly unb.u.t.toned the man’s s.h.i.+rt, the two kissing again for a while.

Tang Ning’s tears fell, how could she expect that the fiance she would register tomorrow with, would have an affair on her bed?

“Be good, let’s go to the bathroom, don’t you like it when we use the bathtub?”

“You go ahead into the water!” Mo Yu Rou gently pushed the man’s chest, waiting until the man left, before she stepped in front of Tang Ning, sneering, “Tangning, tomorrow, I will not let Yu Fan have the opportunity to register and marry you, because I am pregnant, and he is mine!”

Tang Ning’s hands clenched into fists, but she did not fight back and make a sound, until soft moans could be heard from the bathroom, did Tang Ning feel herself break.

Three years ago, she was Beijing’s first supermodel, but for this man, she gave up everything, her position was given to Mo Yu Rou, it turns out that she was just giving someone else a wedding dress. No, she was just dreaming, she just had to wake up and it would be alright.

Tang Ning kept on lying to herself, but until midnight, Mo Yu Rou’s body were wrapped with Han Yu Fan’s body, and they left the hotel, Han Yu had so neatly abandoned her away!

But they were going to be married tomorrow, ah!

With a bitter smile, the next morning, Tang Ning, according to the original plan, drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and after getting off called Han Yu Fan, but he gave her a cold answer, “Mo Yu Rou had a stage injury, I have to first deal with important things, let’s register another day.”

Another day! Tang Ning reminded herself in her heart.

Tang Ning turned around to leave, putting on her, before she was surprised to see a tall figure come towards her, a dark blue retro suit wrapped around a strong body, *chest pocket with a wine red scarf, looking down the legs were straight and slender, a pair of s.h.i.+ny brown shoes.

This man… gives a sense of oppresion that is too strong, just like a medieval n.o.ble emperor!

Especially after he approached, even though he was wearing… *his face looked as if it was carved with a knife, especially his thin lips which could drive a person crazy.

Tang Ning recognized the man, he was the Hai Rui entertainment president Mo Ting, back when she was famous, *he once attended a party she was also in.

He was also going to get married today?

“President… Miss Chi did not arrive on time… she has been late for ten minutes!” Behind him, an a.s.sistant respectfully said.

“Call my family, *those who are late even for marriage, will always be late,” the man said coldly.

“But the chairman said that today you must marry, that even if you marry a demon he wouldn’t object,” the a.s.sistant said timidly.

“Then randomly pick a lady, I will only give half an hour….” The man spoke, seeming a bit unreasonable.

At first, she thought they were in the same boat… but it is different, Mo Ting had it easier, as someone who who was already rich, he did not need love, he only had to cope with the elders asking him to marry.

Suddenly, Tang Ning had an idea. She removed her, walked to in front of the man, and whispered, “*Mo Ting, your bride is not here, and my groom has ran off, wouldn’t it be better if… we fight together?”

Behind Mo Ting, the a.s.sistant was stunned, a woman could actually be so bold…

But Tang Ning’s back were straight, as she had all of her courage.

Mo Ting took off his, revealing eyes as dark as ink, his pupils like diamonds, emitting a sharp light, but after a moment, he turned to ask his a.s.sistant, “Give me her information!”

The a.s.sistant, of course, knew the ident.i.ty of Tang Ning, directly searched on his phone her name, and then respectfully offered it. Two minutes later, the man’s lips thinned slightly, only to spit a word at her, “Okay!

Tang Ning felt that it was her luck that allowed her to meet Mo Ting, because he did not need a woman, did not need her so-called love, furthermore did not need anyone else in his bed!

Also, she would make Han Yu Fan regret it!

Two marriage certificates were quickly processed and half an hour later, Tang Ning received a marriage certificate, and from then on, she became a married woman.

“Mo Ting, don’t know if you have some time, can you listen to a few words of mine?”

“In the car!” Mo Ting put on his, and began to leave the registration hall.

Tang Ning followed behind Mo Ting, and inside the Rolls-Royce, sent a nervous look towards Mo Ting Dao.”Thank you for getting married to me, whatever you need me to do, I will be unconditional, but there are two things I hope you can promise me.”

“Speak!” Mo Ting said.

“First, please do not interfere with my private affairs, since we are married, you can rest a.s.sured that I will not have too much contact with other men.”

Mo Ting heard Tang Ning’s words, his lips slightly raised.

“I promise you… however, I will give you time to clean up your messes from your past, we will try being married, six months later… I will fully open the news of our marriage.”

“Thank you!” Tang Ning nodded.

“And also… I do not agree with couples living separately! I will give you three days to move to the designated location, my a.s.sistant will contact you afterwards!”

Tang Ning did not object, since they were husband and wife, this request was very reasonable, so she nodded submissively, “I promise you!”


After the two’s agreement, Tang Ning left the car, and the a.s.sistant sitting on the driver’s seat looked at Mo Ting, “President, are we going to go back to the company? Or are we returning to your house to tell the chairman?”

“You drive to Tang Ning, tell me her whereabouts!” Mo Ting told the a.s.sistant, and then he got off.

Suddenly he was married, *nothing can not happen!

As he was the president of a multinational entertainment company, he had not heard of Tang Ning’s name, who had been famous in the modeling industry, but three years ago, Tangning suddenly refused the first-cla.s.s model company Xinghuang’s offer, *it was a comprehensive ban, after that, she was announced signing with Arts Entertainment, and their boss Han Yu Fan *played fervently.


Translator’s Notes:

h.e.l.lo there, nice to meet’cha! This is just a bare translation of this novel that I somewhat read on a chinese novel website (somewhat because, well…). I used Google Translate to turn it into english, Hopefully I haven’t done that bad of a job in translating it, but I wanted to try translating a novel… I apologize if it seems difficult to understand. There asterisk marks there are where I got stumped on understanding what the phrases meant.

To be honest though, as it stands, I’m not even that sure if what I posted as t.i.tle was the correct translation, and if I continue this there might be times when you’’ notice some words/phrases have been changed… still, until someone wants to translate this novel, please bear with me!

Baobei - babe, term of endearment. ↩

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 1

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