Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 10

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Chapter Ten: The Determined Rebirth

Mo Ting did not speak again, his line of sight returned to the front. Tang Ning stared at his right ear lobe, like a piece of artwork, adding to his devilish charm.

“With how you’re looking at me, are you inviting me to kiss you? Hold you? Or…”

Tang Ning nervously but firmly drew back, before she reached out to hold Mo Ting’s arm. This way, she also avoided the awkward situation.

“Before we go to our new home, can you accompany me somewhere else?”

“After we do, tonight, will we finish last night’s matter? En?” Mo Ting asked. His tone was quite frivolous as he poked at her. Tang Ning was unable to bury her nervousness, because she knew that she would not be able to gather up the courage she had the night before. Mo Ting did not speak anymore and let her hold his arm, but the way his mouth curled in the dim lighting reminded Tang Ning of yesternight’s events.

They did not go to Mo Ting’s home yet because of Tang Ning’s request, and instead went to Beijing’s famous cherry woods. She and Han Yu Fan had often gone there in the past on their dates, but today, she had thoroughly kicked Han Yu fan away from her heart. Finally, she answered her phone, her voice low, “I’m at the cherry forest, the one we agreed to meet at in the past so if you want to talk to me, at that old place…I’ll see you there.”

“Alright, I’ll be there,” Han Yu Fan immediately agreed. Although he and Mo Yu Rou were already together, he never had any intentions of abandoning Tang Ning. How he could he find anyone better than her to cheat on? Frankly before, he already had his mind set on becoming a couple with her, as she could help him financially.

Tang Ning hung up the phone, and glancing over to Mo Ting, she said sincerely, “this is the last time. I’m calling him now because of personal reasons, but in the future…”

Mo Ting raised his eyebrows, but he did not speak. He pat the seat next to him before motioning to Tang Ning who was by his side, showing his possessiveness of her.

Tang Ning obediently leaned on him as they drove, eventually arriving at the restaurant. Through the transparent gla.s.s from the second floor they could see an anxious figure appearing by the cherry blossom tree.

Han Yu Fan came!

Once, how many times had she been so dim-witted, standing in the place where Han Yu Fan was, waiting for him for even a whole day, before realizing  in the end that she was stood up?

Now that she was really thinking about it, she gave him her whole heart, and still he did as he pleased with her, therefore… standing her up, toying with her, betraying her…! She dared Han Yu Fan to try that again.

“It’s like this that you can dissolve the hatred and regret in your heart?” Mo Ting asked Tang Ning.

“Of course not, for me, no matter how big or severe, it still wouldn’t be enough!” Mo Ting’s finger slid across her cheek to her jaw, holding her chin high. He looked at her in the eyes. So when this delicate woman was emotionally hurt, she pursued the matter of revenge quickly and neatly. Putting on false airs with her would be a grave mistake.

“I just ordered foie gra.s.s. The waiter said it was flown from France, so I a.s.sume it must be good,” Mo Ting said, letting go of Tang Ning’s jaw as he revealed a hint of a surprised smile.

“How do you know what I prefer to eat?”

“To know my husband’s preferences, what’s so difficult about that?” Tang Ning reminded the waiter to serve the dishes soon so they could eat while talking.

Mo Ting looked at her with hunger in his eyes, revealing a trace of danger before he said, “however, I do not want to merely chat with you, I just want to kiss you!”

Who said he was the number one toxic in the entertainment industry? Obviously in front of this woman, whose toxicity was high as well, it really made people get addicted of her presence.

Downstairs Han Yu Fan waited patiently, while upstairs Mo Ting and Tang Ning dined together. As they did, Tang Ning avoided mentioning her career, and Mo Ting understood her intentions. But from her coping abilities, this little woman was really not weak at all.

Still though… even if she was not weak, she was his, Mo Ting’s wife, and as long as she was his then Tang Ning could never be bullied by someone else.

Soon, an hour pa.s.sed. Han Yu Fan who was waiting downstairs felt impatient, but he still did not dare to take even one step to leave. During this period, he kept on calling Tang Ning, however she already turned off her notifications. What he didn’t know was that in the eyes of Tang Ning and Mo Ting, he was the equivalent of a janitor for them.

Finally, the couple finished eating. Mo Ting looked at Han Yu Fan who was still downstairs and asked Tang Ning, “are you going to continue watching him?”

She shook her head. “No, but can you please help me go home now?”

Mo Ting nodded before checking out the bill, and with Tang Ning by his side the two left. Upon reaching Tang Ning’s apartment, she asked him to wait for five minutes before coming in. Coming in, Mo Ting saw that there was no pictures of Han Yu Fan and Tang Ning.

“Mo Ting, please wait for me here, I just need to clean something up.”

Mo Ting looked around Tang Ning’s apartment, stopping on a picture in her living room, where she was a holding a trophy with the t.i.tle ‘first’. If she hadn’t retreated that year… she would have long been famous in the world as a model.

Five minutes later, Tang Ning came out of her bathroom, holding a teddy bear.

“This is all of my belongings.”

“This is everything?”

“I won’t take anything that makes me reminiscent, they can just stay in here,” Tang Ning shook her head firmly, but then suddenly Mo Ting hugged her, before pressing his lips to her. At first, Tang Ning was surprised, but then she closed her eyes and relaxed into the kiss, before stopping when Mo Ting’s hand brushed against her skirt.

“You can do at home anything else you need to do, but at this moment, my kiss is a new memory made here, is that better?” Tang Ning leaned into his chest, feeling his calm breaths. She decided that after this, she wouldn’t let people hurt her anymore, everything that belonged to her, she would grasp firmly with her own hands.

Han Yu Fan, on the other hand was still waiting for Tang Ning after four hours by the cherry tree. At first he intended to wait until she came, but… he finally received a call from Mo Yu Rou, “Yu Fan, where are you? I’m here in your home, but I can’t find you… I feel uncomfortable… Yu Fan, the scandal with that photo, why hasn’t it been suppressed yet? I felt scared that I might be ruined because of that.”

With that, Han Yu Fan instantly sobered up. He immediately drove home. Upon seeing Mo Yu Rou standing miserably by his door, one foot stepped inside, he immediately embraced her.

“I won’t let you be destroyed, and I won’t let Day Arts be destroyed either.”

“Yu Fan, I only have you, as well as our children…”

Han Yu Fan soothed Mo Yu Rou, gently patting her back. He ordered the public relations team to improve the situation overnight, to tell others that the truth was that Mo Yu Rou’s right leg was injured and Han Yu Fan was only helping her. It wasn’t like the photography made it look to be, that they were… kissing.

What was most important of this though, was that Han Yu Fan continued to sacrifice Tang Ning, alluding that she was the one behind this situation, and that the public shouldn’t be easily mislead.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 10

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