Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 102

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"During the Annual Model Awards, when they knew Mo Yurou would receive an award, they used every method they could to avoid having any relations with us. Now that the bed-climbing incident has pa.s.sed, this agency has once again changed their mind; how could they be so fickle," Long Jie looked at the invite in front of her as she held back the urge to vomit from disgust.

Tangning smiled without saying a word. She simply leaned her head on Mo Ting's shoulder.

Seeing she had no interest in Creative Century, Long Jie quickly changed the topic, "Tangning, how bad do you think Mo Yurou's fate will be?"

"The boss of Creative Century started off his career by opening bars; he has connections in both the normal and triad worlds and he still has plenty of bars," Lu Che explained Creative Century's background to Long Jie like a data storage device, "So, I'm make her pay back, they will get her to..."

" an escort. That job suits Mo Yurou well..."

"Do you want to hear something even more amusing?" Lu Che turned his head towards Long Jie and asked cheekily.

"What is it?"

"Mo Yurou isn't actually her real name; her father's surname is Liu. A fortune teller told her father that if he wanted his daughter to have fame and fortune she should find a G.o.dbrother with the surname Mo. I mean, stuff like this is pretty common in the entertainment industry, it's not abnormal for a celebrity to have a stage name." Lu Che revealed an amused look in his eyes, "Do you want to know Mo Yurou's real name?"

"Quick! Tell me!" Long Jie had been long annoyed that Mo Yurou had the same surname as Big Boss.

"Liu! Tian! Xiang!"

"Pfft...Ha Ha..." as soon as she heard the name, Long Jie spat the water that was in her mouth into Lu Che's face; she was filled with joy.

Lu Che quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped his face as he glared at Long Jie, "So dirty!"

"This information is enough to make me laugh for an entire year..."

Tangning listened as the two people in front of her chatted. She found herself moving deeper into Mo Ting's embrace. Mo Yurou's model career had come to an end, but hers, had just started...

"Ting...we've been married for quite some time now, should we go see your family?"

"We agreed. The trial marriage will last 6 months. Even though a trial is no longer necessary...I still want to give you some time to complete what you want to do. In regards to my family, you don't need to worry. When the time is right, I will organize for you to meet them," Mo Ting replied as he hugged Tangning.

"What about your family?"

Tangning was stunned for a moment as her body froze. She revealed an embarra.s.sed smile, "You should be aware, with their background, the Tang family has no regard for people in the entertainment industry. Whether an actor or a model, they would think of them as selling their body and treat them like a bunch of clowns. Yet, I not only entered the industry, I even dated Han Yufan. I am an outcast in the family. Plus, when I left the family, I was too reckless...I even broke the heart of the one person that loved me, my grandfather..."

After hearing her speak, Mo Ting tightened his embrace on Tangning, "It's OK, you have me. We will take things as they come."

Long Jie listened intently to the couple's conversation. She felt Tangning had indeed given up too much for Han Yufan...Luckily, she had married Mo Ting. From now on her life would be much better.

After finalizing the cancellation of her contract with Tianyi, news about the ambiguous relations.h.i.+p between her and various agencies started to spread. However, Tangning was on a break and did not attend any events. She was currently training herself physically in preparation for joining Cheng Tian. In order to maintain her physique, she was going through a strict weight loss routine.

At the same time, TQ's newest magazine had just been released in Beijing. The front cover was of Tangning walking the runway in France.

Originally, according to TQ's position in the market, Lin Weisen wasn't expecting the addition of Tangning to make much difference to the magazine sales. Even so - looking at the front cover - he still couldn't help but have a bit of wishful thinking...

Initially, the magazine did not have any obvious reactions. Because of cost, many newsstands did not choose to stock TQ. However, any newsagent where the magazine appeared, with one glance, people would sweep it up.

The boss of one of the newsstands was surprised. He stepped out of his little stall and pretended to be a pa.s.serby...

After careful observation, he realized, the cover with Tangning was extremely eye-catching amongst all the other magazines. No wonder people were interested in it...In response to this observation, he quickly picked up his phone and called the publishers; he wanted to place some orders...

Of course, this proved Mo Ting's decision-making was quick, accurate and effective. His intention all along had been to introduce Tangning to successful people with resources and, as intended, this cover had opened the doors for Tangning to a whole world of resources.


...the attention of Cheng Tian Entertainment's CEO, Lan Xi.

This model-turned-CEO had already met Tangning at the Annual Model Awards Ceremony. She called her most trusted subordinate, Luo Hao, into the office and placed the latest issue of TQ in front of him, "I want to find an opportunity to sign Tangning, what are your thoughts?"

The man named Luo Hao was in his early thirties and had experience in creating a few international supermodels. He did things cautiously and was Lan Xi's right-hand man.

"President Lan, I think Tangning does indeed have skills, but...look at her age. She is already 26 years old - no longer young - how can she compete with all the younger models?"

"You need to understand, Tangning does not need us to worry about her; she has already experienced all the highs and lows of the industry. All we need to do is provide a platform for her and she will return to the position of top model in no time. When this happens, it will be a mutual benefit," Lan Xi replied overbearingly.

"So, President Lan, are you trying to say want me to manage Tangning? But, I still have a lot at hand...I also need to search for new models..."

"Manage them all together. With a few people under your management, they can balance each other out. You don't want to lose to Yang Jing, do you?"

Hearing Yang Jing's name, Luo Hao was silent for a moment before nodding his head, "Since this is our decision, I'll go contact Tangning."

"I'll wait to hear from you."

Luo Hao took the magazine and left Lan Xi's office. However, upon returning to his room he ran into Yang Jing.

As soon as she saw the magazine in Luo Hao's hand, Yang Jing's expression changed, "Is President Lan interested in Tangning?"

"What has that got to do with you?" Luo Hao asked as he placed the magazine on his desk.

"Luo Hao, you obviously know that Tangning is competing with one of my models. I've already done so much to scheme against her. If you sign her, have you considered what position you will put me in?" Yang Jing adjusted her, she had a sense of urgency, "Can you do me a favor? Considering I have aborted a child because of you, can you prevent Tangning from joining Cheng Tian?"

Luo Hao remained calm for a few seconds. In the end, he nodded his head, "Fine."

This is a very lame and old-fas.h.i.+oned name.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 102

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