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Early the next morning, Long Jie secretly took all the information she had on Li Yu to meet the reporter's cousin at a remote cafe. Among the two cousins, one had the surname Lu and the other had the surname Han. The one with the surname Lu was the one that tried to blackmail Long Jie last time and was also the older cousin of the man currently sitting before her.

This man was Han Zhou. Dressed in a black-patterned t-s.h.i.+rt and a pair of ripped jeans; hair slicked back neatly; he seemed to be the type of person that was used to luxury. Upon seeing Long Jie, he removed his and raised his eyebrows, "What have you called me out here for?"

Long Jie wasn't aware that this man was about to release a scandal about Tangning. She just simply said, "If I have a money-making offer for you, will you take it behind your cousins back?"

"How much money are we talking about?"

"Both you and your cousin should know that our Tangning is very stubborn. No matter how badly she is being defamed, she will still refuse to spend money on clearing her name. Originally, with the information I have in my hands, I could just directly expose it since Tangning has left it in my hands. However, when I think about the person behind the bed-climbing scandal, I feel bad for Tangning, so I've decided to work with you. I'll give all the information to you for free, not only because it will prove Tangning's innocence but also because I have one simple request: tell everyone that you got this information from Cheng Tian Entertainment's Yang Jing."

After hearing her words, Han Zhou realized Tangning already knew everything. After a moment of hesitation, he finally took the information out of Long Jie's hands. To his surprise, the information about Li Yu was more extensive than what he already had; it had the names of all the female celebrities involved as well photos.

The photos he and his cousin had previously taken weren't always clear, but the evidence in front of him was definitive proof.

Since Long Jie was so sincere, Han Zhou decided to lay his cards on the table, "To tell you the truth, Yang Jing is currently preparing to release a scandal about Tangning. She is planning to use a photoshopped photo to claim that it is a photo of Tangning and Li Yu in bed. If not for your phone call last night, Tangning would already be the hottest topic again."

Hearing this, Long Jie's heart skipped a beat. Lucky...

"That's why you're stupid. If you put that fake photo up, someone will expose it as being fake sooner or later; how much is Yang Jing paying you and your cousin to do that? and how much of it is your share? On the other hand, Tangning definitely won't be giving you money, but look at this information. All you have to do is release it but hide the names of all the celebrities involved. When they see it, they will be so paranoid of being exposed, they will contact you and offer you money as well as other benefits to keep quiet."

"As for Yang Jing, you won't be losing out. You just need to contact Cheng Tian and tell them you have information to expose about members of the Yang family in the entertainment industry and Yang Jing will definitely try to make negotiations with you."

Hearing all this, Han Zhou agreed with her words.

On top of everything, he had been suppressed by his cousin for too long. With the information from Long Jie in his hands, he was now in possession of more definitive evidence than his cousin. This meant he no longer had to be under his cousin's control.

"Of course, I need to remind you, if these female celebrities are willing to give you money, you shouldn't be too greedy. Otherwise, going against you is as easy as stepping on an ant. If you're left with nothing, it wouldn't be very beneficial for you."

"This I understand." Fortunately, Han Zhou was less of a risk-taker than his cousin.

"Yang Jing shouldn't blame me for being too ruthless. Both you and I know how much she's done in order to defame Tangning; I am merely giving her an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Can I trust you to handle this? I've already placed a huge stack of cash in your hands, if you mess this up, then you can only be suppressed by your cousin for the rest of your life. Plus, don't forget, if you can't do it, my alternative choice is to give this information to your cousin."

"Of course I want to handle this personally, but Tangning's scandal will be released at noon..."

"Then it's up to you to figure something out..."

Han Zhou was silent for half a second before turning his head in response, "I have a plan!"

Long Jie squinted her eyes slightly as she nodded her head, "In case you're lying to me, I'll send you the high-resolution photos after I see the news. After all, you don't need definitive evidence just yet."

"That's fine."

Han Zhou's plan was actually quite simple. Before the release of Tangning's news, he would prepare another article. After his brother approves Tangning's news, he would swap it out with the information Long Jie gave him. Like this, his cousin wouldn't be able to stop him - instead, he would have to beg him.

Long Jie watched as Han Zhou appeared to be deep in thought; she felt a sense of irony. Anyone that had previously hurt Tangning would not be able to escape unscathed.

Of course, this method of deflecting the danger on someone else, was thought up by Tangning and Mo Ting. Their aim was for all the models involved with Li Yu to despise Yang Jing.

After their conversation was over, Long Jie left the remote location. She chose this place because there were no surveillance cameras anywhere to be seen.

Did Yang Jing really think, by being in a big company and being a capable employee for Lan Xi, she could do whatever she wanted?

By involving herself with Tangning...and Mo Ting - who loved his wife - there was no way they would allow this.

An hour later, Long Jie returned to Hyatt Regency. She reported all the details of her meeting with Han Zhou to Tangning. She found out Yang Jing was about to make a move. Hearing this, she thought of the anonymous email she received; did this mean it was someone from Cheng Tian that had sent it?

She couldn't figure out what Yang Jing's intention could be.

"Did you leave behind anything for them to hold against you later?"

"Hehe...Big Boss is so amazing he already told Lu Che to teach me how to take precautions, there's no need to worry," Long Jie waved her hand rea.s.suringly as she smiled; Tangning was being too anxious.

"Then I'll just wait to watch the show at noon..."

"Yes, sit back and enjoy."

Noon. Cheng Tian Entertainment, CEO's office.

Lan Xi was sitting at her desk dressed in a professional-looking white suit as she smiled at Luo Hao, "How'd you go? I asked you to contact Tangning, what was the result?"

"I contacted her, seems Tangning will be signing on with Creative Century. Although Creative Century is a smaller company, her voice can be heard there and she can give her opinions," Luo Hao answered with caution and care.

"That makes sense. Tangning is a model with ambition; she doesn't like people to intervene too much," Lan Xi responded. "Since this is the case, then let it be."

"Yes...President," Luo Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

He was the one that had sent a warning to Tangning.

By preventing Tangning from joining Cheng Tian, he felt he owed her. So, knowing Tangning might suffer innocently, he couldn't bear to watch it happen. Now that he had given her the warning, what she was to do was her choice and not his problem anymore.

"Oh yeah, in 2 days time, there is a charity event. I don't have a partner yet, you can come with me," Lan Xi suddenly ordered.

"Haven't you always hated events like this?"

"I have no choice, Mo Ting will be there. You know how I can't resist the temptation of a capable man," Lan Xi brushed her hand through her hair elegantly, looking extremely stylish.

"But I heard Mo Ting is already married..."

"If he's married there's no way he wouldn't announce it. Since he didn't announce it, it must be a cover; have you ever seen a wedding ring on his hand? So there's no reason we shouldn't go; I have nothing to lose..."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 104

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