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Mo Ting gently stroked Tangning's hair and drew her into his embrace affectionately. After hearing her words, he was tempted to retrieve all the best things in the world - even his heart - and place it into the palm of her hands.

"Although we are going to the US, the Oriental Trend is still extremely popular. If you stay by my side like this, you will attract a lot of attention."

"So, what do you suggest?" a disappointed look crossed Tangning's face.

"I don't mind having a female interpreter by my side..." Mo Ting chuckled. His voice was deep and s.e.xy, "I guess allowing you to experience Hollywood in advance isn't a bad thing. Negotiating on the foreign stage isn't easy."

"Aren't you afraid I will come in contact with issues that are confidential to Hai Rui?" Tangning asked after relaxing a little.

"I already belong to you, so Hai Rui is no different," Mo Ting replied. "If you want to be the breadwinner, I am happy to retreat to behind the scenes, hand everything over to you and stay at home to prepare soup."

"You are dreaming President hard to make money! Don't even think about slacking off."

Mo Ting laughed. He suddenly felt, the boring trip he was supposed to take, had suddenly become so much more exciting with Tangning around.

Tangning was an ambitious person, but it never affected her life at home; she was clear about her ident.i.ty.

Beijing's entertainment gossip was still centered around Lan Yu's incident. With EH's slap to the face and her a.s.sistant's revelation, Lan Yu could no longer withstand all the public scolding. So, she filmed an apology.

A 16-year-old child appeared in front of the camera in a mess. She bawled her eyes out begging the public for forgiveness. She even invited a few people from the navy to help her wipe her slate clean; it appeared, she really wanted to redeem herself.

Lan Xi spoke to An Zihao in private. She wanted to know his plans for the aftermath and his thoughts on Tangning.

An Zihao had his laptop in his lap; he looked much tidier than when he first returned to the country. He finally looked like a top manager again.

"I can't let Lan Yu off so easily..." - An Zihao looked down at his laptop as he spoke - "...or else in the future, we might come across 'Big-Tangning', 'Mid-Tangning', 'Tangningning', 'Little Tangning' will be neverending."

"So what you're saying is, you're planning to be Tangning's manager?" Lan Xi exclaimed excitedly.

An Zihao lifted his head as he twirled the pen his hand, "As long as she's willing."

"I admit, at the beginning, I did look at her arrogantly. But, I can't deny, she is indeed interesting."

"I trust in your abilities," Lan Xi nodded. "However, Tangning is like a wild horse, she isn't easy to tame. In a way, she is similar to you. That's why I feel you guys match each other well."

"I will speak to her."

"Oh yeah. The position of Artists Director, when will you take it back?" Lan Xi asked as she raised an eyebrow. Out of Yang Jing, Luo Hao and An Zihao, she felt in the end, she still trusted An Zihao the most. Especially since both Luo Hao and Yang Jing had disregarded her to some degree. She was hopeful An Zihao would take back his role.

"I have no interest in that. I just want to focus on being Tangning's manager. Of course, if someone goes against me, I won't go easy on them," An Zihao turned off his laptop with a cold look in his eyes.

"Did you know, today at the weekly meeting, Yang Jing suggested I sign Lan Yu with us?" Lan Xi laughed as she shook her head.

"President Lan, it's time to draw your sword."

"The Official Contract Signing Ceremony will take place in 3 days. Quickly resolve the Lan Yu incident and confirm a time with Tangning. Of course, if you can't convince Tangning to come back in time, I will use the ceremony to announce your return instead and delay Tangning's ceremony until later."

An Zihao nodded; Lan Xi had always done things with careful consideration.

Afterwards, An Zihao left Lan Xi's office. On his way out, he ran into Yang Jing; their eyes met as Yang Jing spoke, "Back then, I didn't mean to expose your secret to the media."

An Zihao lifted his head with a cold expression, "Yang Jing...I am back and I will not allow anyone to hurt me again. Nor will I let them hurt my artists."

Yang Jing's expression changed as she tightened her grip on the artist's information in her hands, "We were once really good friends."

"Shhh...I don't want to hear it, you disgusting person."

After speaking, An Zihao left the building. Yang Jing was left standing on her own as she clenched her fist; you just wait and see.


An Zihao, with your current resources, how long do you think it would take you to train a newcomer into someone famous? Yang Jing sneered inside.

But, she had no idea, her arrogant mask was about to be torn to shreds.

Meanwhile, Tangning had just arrived in the US. Not long after arriving at the hotel, Mo Ting delivered a disguise to her. She immediately put on the wig and; looking proper and professional. At a glance, her model aura had completely disappeared and in her place stood a female interpreter.

The couple had no time to rest as they rushed to the hospital where Hai Rui's actors were staying. With Mo Ting and Lu Che's cover, Tangning's ident.i.ty was not revealed.

The actors consisted of one male and one female; the female was a top-cla.s.s actress. Because of the explosion, both of them had different degrees of injury all over their body and required a long time to recover. However, the production team did not admit it was their fault, instead, they threw the blame onto the actors and demanded for compensation.

The only reason Mo Ting had to make an appearance was because of a friend that was stuck in the middle of the incident. Otherwise, as usual, Mo Ting would have directly sued them. Hai Rui's legal team had never lost a legal battle.

"President, I've already gotten in contact with the film studio. They have agreed to meet tomorrow morning," Lu Che said as they walked.

"Then let's play along with them," Mo Ting replied calmly.

"Apart from that, Mr. Asa has already booked a table at the restaurant and is waiting for us."

"Then, let's get going," Mo Ting responded as he secretly held onto Tanging's right hand.

Tangning was surprised. She thought this man was so busy that he had forgotten her presence. But, it turned out, not even for a moment did he take his eyes off her.

The couple were about to go meet Mo Ting's American friend. He was a man of mixed descent and was the same age as Mo Ting. His att.i.tude was carefree and treated life like a game. Of course, he was quite successful, hence his production company was quite famous.

However, he was easily tempted by beautiful girls, especially someone with long slender legs like Tangning...

As soon as he saw Tangning enter, he was immediately filled with excitement. Disregarding business, he directly asked Mo Ting, "Is this your secretary?"

Seeing the look in his eyes, Mo Ting's expression turned dark, "You better place your eyes elsewhere."

"What? Is she your bed buddy?"

Mo Ting did not get a chance to reply before Tangning b.u.t.ted in, "Yes, I'm his bed buddy and I will be for a lifetime."


Mo Ting stopped him from guessing any further as he declared his owners.h.i.+p, "Wife!"

"So, turn your sleazy gaze away from her."

"What type of wife? Did you get married for the sake of connections? Don't tell me you want to argue with me over her?"

Mo Ting was stunned for a moment before shaking his head, "No need for that. However, I am willing to put my life on the line."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 127

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