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After Cheng Tian's press conference was over, An Zihao organized for Tangning to go to a meeting at Her Vision. In the evening, An Zihao drove Tangning home.

"Although you have 3 days should report to me before you go anywhere or do anything, so I can be prepared," An Zihao said as he turned to look at Tangning. "As for gossip, you've always s.h.i.+elded yourself well from it, so I won't say any more."

"I know what to do," Tangning nodded with her eyes closed. "Also, send Long Jie the flight number, I'll board the flight myself."

"Why?" An Zihao looked at Tangning questioningly before he appeared to have figured something out, "Do you want to bring someone else? No way, you are working. The probability of having photos taken is too high..."

Tangning opened her eyes to look at An Zihao without a word.

"Are you guys really that inseparable?"

"Yep, inseparable," Tangning replied with a slight smile.

"What exactly do you see in that man? If he really cares about you, how could he watch you get in trouble so many times and not help out?" An Zihao couldn't quite understand Tangning's persistence. To him, a man that relied on a woman was ridiculous. Especially in a glamorous industry that was so complex; if he truly understood Tangning, he wouldn't ride her coattail.

Tangning smiled as usual while Long Jie rolled her eyes in the backseat. She couldn't help but sneer inside, This is only because you don't know her husband is Mo Ting. Did you think a simple manager like yourself could see Big Boss as he pleases?

If you found out, you'd be terrified!

"We agreed not to interfere with my personal life."

An Zihao wanted to continue speaking, but Tangning's words were enough to shut him up as he nodded, "What else can I say?"

"What I'm doing, I'm clear, and the type of person I'm in love with, I am well aware." After speaking, Tangning was helped out of the van by Long Jie before she disappeared through the luxurious gates of Hyatt Regency.

Although Tangning explained things clearly, An Zihao still felt a man that depended on a woman was bad news.

However, Cheng Tian was now in a mess, so his main priority was to return to the office first to help Lan Xi clean things up...

"Tangning, are you really not planning to tell Manager An about Big Boss?" Long Jie asked with an expectant smile as she followed closely behind, "I really want to tell him."

Tangning opened the door to the villa and walked in. She smiled warmly as she breathed in the aromatic fragrance of dinner, "I don't completely trust him yet."

Long Jie also smelt the fragrance. Thinking of Big Boss' cooking, she began to salivate, "I want to eat too..."

"Then, let's eat together," Tangning didn't mind at all.

Although Long Jie didn't want to disturb the couple from having a moment to themselves, she couldn't resist the temptation of the alluring fragrance. 

The trio sat at the dinner table. But, at this moment, Long Jie noticed Tangning ate something completely different. Long Jie was surprised, before she understood, "When the two of you have dinner, do you prepare two separate meals?"

"What did you think?" Tangning smiled. "Did you think I could eat the same thing as you guys? Don't I want to maintain my figure?"

"Wow...Big Boss sure is great..." Long Jie sucked up to Mo Ting by flattering him. Meanwhile, Mo Ting continued to look at his doc.u.ments with a serious expression. 

Tangning looked at Mo Ting as she instinctively removed the doc.u.ments from his hands. It goes without saying, she was worried reading and eating would be bad for digestion.

Mo Ting turned his head to look at Tangning. He gently patted her head without insisting.

Long Jie observed their actions and gently put down her bowl and chopsticks. She then quietly got up to leave, "I think it's time for me to go..."

"'re not going to finish eating?"

"No, I'll never eat here again," Long Jie waved as she grabbed her handbag from the sofa and left Hyatt Regency. She felt like a commoner that had intruded into the palace of a n.o.ble king and queen; she was completely out of place.

After dinner, Tangning and Mo Ting leaned against each other as they enjoyed a film together. Disregarding their celebrity aura, the couple were just like any ordinary husband and wife. They were watching a doc.u.mentary about caring for stray dogs. Tangning was so touched she began to cry on Mo Ting's shoulder, while he helplessly handed her tissues.

"Is it really that touching?"

Tangning nodded. However, under the flashes of blue light coming from the screen, she stole a look at the side of Mo Ting's perfectly sculpted face. It wasn't because the film was so touching, it was because of the man watching with her.

The world's most attractive man was almighty at work. At the same time, he was a woman's most solid backing at home.

No matter how many riches one had, nothing compared to waking up to find a gla.s.s of warm water beside the bed.

"Ting...these 3 days, will you be working hard to clear up your schedule for Moscow?" Tangning asked gently. " myself...I can..."

"No you can't," Mo Ting reb.u.t.ted, "Moscow is a relatively unfriendly place, I don't want you to suffer."

Tangning did not say anything else. She simply pecked him on the chin...

Thinking about An Zihao's disdain towards Mo Ting, the smile on Tangning's face grew bigger.

Wait till you see him, you'll know whether he's a man that depends on his woman.

After a whole day of defeat, Yang Jing had nowhere to turn to. Now, all she wanted to do was grasp onto her opportunity to put Lan Yu to good use. However, she seemed to have forgotten, Lan Yu had never been one of her artists. Even though Lan Yu was currently frozen by Star Age, she was in no way related to Yang Jing.

Yang Jing frantically went to look for her; she searched in places Lan Yu normally frequented. However, Lan Yu didn't pick up her phone. It was not until late in the night that her number finally connected.

"h.e.l.lo? Lan Yu?"

"I am at Night Color Bar, come and join us!" Lan Yu responded before hanging up.

Yang Jing had a bad feeling, but she simply thought Lan Yu was letting off some steam by going out and singing a few songs at the bar. However, after rus.h.i.+ng over to the bar, she found Lan Yu wearing a hat and doing a dirty dance. Her exaggerated movements were completely inappropriate. 

Yang Jing ran straight over and grabbed onto Lan Yu's wrist. But, Lan Yu was not in a state of awareness. She pulled her hand from Yang Jing and yelled, "Who are you?"

Looking at Lan Yu's confused expression, the word 'drugs' popped up in Yang Jing's mind. But she's only 16-years-old!

"Come with me!"

"I don't want to go!" Lan Yu shoved Yang Jing away before grabbing a bottle and whacking it on Yang Jing's head, "What's wrong with you? I don't even know you. Why are you holding onto me?"

After hearing a loud "PANG", everyone around them stopped dancing and looked over.

Noticing Yang Jing unconscious on the floor, Lan Yu pulled down her hat and bolted out of the bar in fright.

Because of the dim lighting, no one got a good look at Yang Jing's face. They just surrounded her and asked in a concerned tone, "Are you ok?"

Yang Jing came to her senses and rubbed her head. At this time, someone asked, "The person that just hit you, was that Tangning? It looked like her."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 139

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