Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 164

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"Don’t get angry too soon. From what I’ve heard from people within the industry, because of this incident, Cheng Tian has seized the opportunity to place an internal ban Tangning. I also heard that the jobs Tangning previously signed have all been given to others. She no longer has the ability to challenge you," Ling Feng’s manager sat down beside him and shared all the details he had learned.

"Is this true?" Ling Feng lifted his head and took another sip of wine as he leaned back on the sofa, "Have you confirmed this information?"

"It’s pretty much confirmed."

Ling Feng put down his wine and burst out laughing, "Let’s see how that b*tch challenges me now…But, I have a question: Cheng Tian only just signed on Tangning, how did their disagreement already get to this point?"

"It’s Cheng Tian’s internal battle, as outsiders, how can we understand?" A moment later, Ling Feng’s manager patted him on the shoulder, "Don’t waste your time on fighting with Tangning, right now, she is as unpopular as a sewer rat."

Ling Feng was ecstatic. Disregarding his manager’s words, he immediately pulled out his phone and posted a message online, "Hahaha, I heard Tangning’s been banned by Cheng Tian!"

Tangning banned!?

Does Ling Feng hate Tangning so much that he’s gone crazy?

The media expressed their confusion. They didn’t understand why Cheng Tian had originally signed Tangning so proudly, yet now they were slapping themselves in the face so quickly.

However, as the information came from Ling Feng’s mouth, the media felt they had to follow up the issue and find out the truth. So, they directly made a phone call to Cheng Tian’s CEO’s office.

Originally, Lan Xi wanted to quietly deal with Tangning and not blow up the situation, but she never expected Ling Feng would expose everything just like that.

She wanted to ban Tangning!

But, she didn’t want the public to know she was suppressing Tangning just because she was no longer of value. Above all, she especially didn’t want them to know, after using Tangning, she was now trying to discard of her. It seemed, in her heart, she too was aware that what she was doing was shameless and embarra.s.sing. After all, simply using the incident with Ling Feng as a reason, was too weak and far-fetched. 

However, what she expected even less, was that Tangning would actually fight back...

Even if Lan Xi was the opponent...Tangning did not give in.

"Right now, everyone is spreading the word that Cheng Tian Entertainment has banned you. They've also found proof that Li Danni has taken over a few of your jobs. The public are a.s.suming you are out of luck and as a 26-year-old model, being able to get to Cheng Tian Entertainment has already been a good enough achievement for you," An Zihao sneered as he looked at the comments online. 

"However, I must say, the idiot Ling Feng, has really done us a huge favor this time."

An Zihao had originally intended to expose this news himself, hoping public opinion would be able to keep Lan Xi in check. But, if he did that, they would both suffer a loss. Now that Ling Feng had presented them with this huge gift, how could they reject his token of goodwill?

Tangning sat in the van flipping through a magazine as she maintained a smile on her face, "He probably thinks of it as a joke, but he has no idea Lan Xi will be too afraid to admit to it. At the end, Lan Xi will choose to keep her pride."

"Why must you go see Lan Xi?" An Zihao felt Tangning did not have the need to see Lan Xi anymore.

"It's not that I want to see her, she is the one that wants to see me," Tangning corrected.

"What I mean is, you could have rejected her."

"It doesn't hurt to see her. Who knows, maybe she is feeling regret. Even if she doesn't regret today, she will eventually feel it," Tangning said with a deeper meaning.

An Zihao closed his laptop and fell into silence. After quite some time, he finally asked, "Honestly, has President Mo not invited you to join Hai Rui? Tell me the truth Tangning..."

"Of course he has. But, I am not worthy yet!" Tangning replied straightforwardly.

An Zihao shook his finger at Tangning; he felt regret on her behalf. How could she let go of such a great opportunity?

Half an hour later, the trio finally arrived at Cheng Tian Entertainment's headquarters. Reporter's quickly swamped around them, but An Zihao and Long Jie quickly s.h.i.+elded Tangning and cleared a path for her to get into the building. 

Lan Xi's secretary was already waiting at the entrance. Upon seeing Tangning, she immediately directed her into the meeting room.

Tangning scrunched up her eyebrows as she headed for the meeting room with An Zihao and Long Jie. However, upon entering the room, she not only saw Lan Xi, she also saw Li Danni and Cheng Tian's other international model, Hua Yuan. The woman seemed to have noticed her as she gazed at her deeply; it seemed she wanted to say something, but with Lan Xi around she couldn't.

Tangning could sense she had good intentions.

So she looked at her and nodded her head.

She was a woman of foreign descent with a pure short hairstyle that framed her face. Although her features weren't amazing, it was well defined and extremely unique. It was no surprise that she frequented the international runways.

"Tangning, sit," Lan Xi gestured coldly. "I invited you here today so that you, Danni and Hua Yuan can get to know each other."

"I can resume your jobs, but you must control your att.i.tude."

"What part of my att.i.tude is President Lan unhappy with?" Tangning questioned.

"If you were at least half as obedient as these two, you would not attract the mess that you have now," Lan Xi replied coldly. "In other words, as a model of Cheng Tian's, your future is in my hands. I just hope for you to be a little more obedient and cooperative. Am I wrong to ask for that?"

"So this includes having dinner with male actors?"

"That was for the purpose of creating hype," Lan Xi couldn't take it anymore; she felt Tangning was way too arrogant. "Fine, I'm not going to argue with you. I just have one question: do you still want to become an international supermodel?"

"President Lan, you must have known I will not compromise. The only reason you invited these two here today, was so you could force me to quit, with them serving as witnesses," Tangning unmasked Lan Xi's true intention. 

After hearing these words, Lan Xi felt she no longer had to care too much as she directly said, "Hua Yuan and Danni have already taken your jobs, what are you going to do about it?"

"In fact, you guessed right, I indeed want to force you to quit!"

Lan Xi wanted to keep her she had no choice but to force Tangning to be a deserter!

"You will definitely come beg me not to leave," Tangning responded after a moment of silence. "Lan Xi, you will pay the price for what you have done today."

Hearing this, Li Danni was dumbfounded. Of course, so was Hua Yuan...

No one had ever spoken to Lan Xi this way - Tangning was the first!

She was the first model to tell Lan Xi she'd regret in such a confident and crazy way.

Li Danni even mouthed the words: Is Tangning Crazy?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 164

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