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Hai Rui's people swiftly sent Li Danni to the hospital. Afterwards, Long Jie grabbed onto Tangning's arm and asked, "Why did you come? You obviously knew this was Lan Xi's trap; she didn't want you to go on Feng Cai. Why did you do something so silly?"

Tangning looked at Long Jie and hugged her tightly as she gently patted her back, "You are the one that's silly. Do I need you to endure so much for me? Do I need you to protect me? You were threatened, yet you didn't tell me. If something happened to you and your grandfather, how do you think I would feel?"

"But, look what happened now..."

Tangning freed her from her embrace and patted her arm comfortingly, "You don't need to worry about anything. Let Lu Che accompany you to the hospital. While you're there, enjoy seeing Li Danni at her worst!"


"Did you think I would let Lan Xi get what she wants?" Tangning's words contained a double meaning. "I am protected by Mo Ting and you are protected by me. So, I will help you locate your grandfather. I guarantee he won't be damaged at all!"

"Let's go," Lu Che led Long Jie out.

"But today's incident has been blown up too much. The fact that Tangning has. .h.i.t someone, shouldn't we do a bit of PR? Will her image be affected?" Long Jie was still worried.

"Take care of yourself first," Lu Che helped her into the car and took her to the pharmacy to buy some anti-swelling medicine and an ice pack. "The madam is smarter than you think. She definitely won't be at a loss. Right now, you should take care of yourself, that's the best way you can help her. Don't make her worried; she needs to focus on going up against Lan Xi."

Long Jie held onto the ice pack; she looked completely exhausted but she was still worried about Tangning and her grandfather.

Seeing her in a daze, Lu Che grabbed the ice pack from her hands, grabbed her head and pressed the ice pack against her cheek.

Long Jie jolted in pain, but Lu Che continued to press the ice pack on her as he said, "Don't move, this will help your swelling."

Long Jie thought about the scene that played out earlier and how Lu Che called her his fiancee. Although she felt warm inside, she knew he was merely following Tangning and Mo Ting's orders. So, she reminded herself to remain clear-headed...she was older than Lu Che and neglected her looks, especially...her figure...

...someone like Lu Che couldn't possibly be attracted to her.

"The thing about me being your fiancee...thank you for that. I know it's fake, so don't feel bothered by it. If you have a girlfriend, I can go explain for you."

Lu Che looked at the injury on Long Jie's face and pressed harder, "I don't have a girlfriend."

But there's no way you would be interested in the chubby type like myself...Long Jie thought to herself. However, she had just freed herself from danger, how could she be thinking about this at a time like this?

Tangning and her grandfather were still in danger...

Meanwhile, at Cheng Tian Entertainment, Luo Hao entered Lan Xi's office with a complex expression. After placing some doc.u.ments on her desk, he shoved his hands in his pockets and said, "Tangning did not disappoint, she indeed turned up at Hai Yi Center. Feng Cai's interview is at 8pm, it doesn't look like she will make it."

"That's perfect," Lan Xi said in a cold tone. As expected, her plan worked.

"But...Li Danni has been destroyed by her..." Luo Hao responded in a disappointed tone.

"What do you mean by that?" Lan Xi lifted her head with a complicated look.

"Can you guess what ident.i.ty Long Jie has?" Luo hao asked as he leaned on Lan Xi's desk.

"Just tell me."

"She is the fiancee of the a.s.sistant to Hai Rui's CEO. Tangning contacted Hai Rui in front of everyone and Lu Che arrived within half an hour. In order to stick up for his fiancee, he forced Danni out of the entertainment industry and everyone in the industry has already found out about it."

"With this battle, Tangning has effectively cut off your 'right arm'!"

Now all she had left was him, her 'left hand'.

After hearing Luo Hao's words, Lan Xi immediately went online to search for related articles. But because of Hai Rui's coordination, she was better off asking around. By tomorrow, Hai Rui would definitely release an article explaining the entire situation and they had always been good at protecting their own people.

"This can't be right...if Long Jie is really Lu Che's fiancee, why didn't she mention him when she first got threatened?"

"But if she isn't, then why would Hai Rui bother to stick up for a simple a.s.sistant? It's a bit unbelievable."

"This incident will take some time to handle. It's not easy to train another international model, are we going to just let Danni get destroyed?"

Lan Xi stood up from her seat; she was starting to feel a little scared, "Li Danni isn't our main priority right now. Our main priority is Long Jie's grandfather!"

This was the thing Lan Xi was most worried about. Hai Rui was a sleeping lion that Lan Xi didn't dare to provoke.

After careful thought, Lan Xi a.s.sured, "Regarding this incident, we should maintain our innocence. I still feel that Long Jie and Lu Che's relations.h.i.+p is a bit strange, or else why didn't they do anything earlier? Although I don't know how Tangning is related to Hai Rui, we shouldn't get fl.u.s.tered."

"I feel that our main priority should be to deal with Tangning. If we allow her relations.h.i.+p to become closer with Hai Rui, everything will be too late!" Luo Hao tried to convince Lan Xi.

Lan Xi glanced at Luo Hao and felt a little on edge.

It was all because of a momentary bad decision that she signed Tangning to Cheng Tian, causing this mess and resulting in Danni's demise. 

"How about we let Long Jie's grandfather go first? After all, he had no idea we were holding him hostage this entire time."

"NO!" Luo Hao stopped Lan Xi, "We still have use for him."

"But, this old man has heart disease," Lan Xi had noticed that Long Jie's grandfather took medicine regularly.

"If you let him go you might not be able to find something else to control Tangning. If that's the case will you still let him go?"

Lan Xi was silent for a moment before replying, "Of course not. Serious business always requires a bit of sacrifice."

"Lucky we managed to prevent Tangning from going on Feng Cai. Or else...according to her temper, with what happened today, there's no way she would let it go." Lan Xi was suddenly angry, "That's because we haven't been harsh enough towards her. Luo Hao, we need to plan our next step!"

However, while the two were discussing their next move, Luo Hao's a.s.sistant suddenly started knocking on the office door.

"Director, President, something big has happened..."

"Come in."

The young a.s.sistant didn't say anything, he simply turned on the TV in Lan Xi's office and changed the channel to Feng Cai's live broadcast.

At this moment, they watched as Tangning took careful steps towards the host and sat down in the studio.

Lan Xi looked at the time and looked back at Tangning; she was in disbelief, "What is this? How did she manage to go on the interview? Hurry, get someone to take this show off air and replace it. Drag Tangning out of there!"

How was this possible? Didn't Tangning go to Hai Yi Center? Did she know how to teleport?

"This is an official program, we can't do anything about it," Luo Hao replied calmly. "After what we did to her a.s.sistant today...I wonder how she will reap revenge on Cheng Tian and you."

"She wouldn't dare!" Lan Xi stubbornly stuck her chest forward.

What else wouldn't Tangning dare to do?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 176

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