Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: She Had Known a Long Time Ago That Lu Che's EQ

Because of everything that happened, Lan Xi realized the potential value Tangning possessed. So, she wanted to find a secret of Tangning's to hold onto, hoping that someday it may help her control her. 

The day before their trip to London, Long Jie was a bit distressed as she told Tangning, "I've realized recently, someone's been stalking me..."

Tangning tensed her eyebrows. She had a feeling she knew why Long Jie was being stalked. Lan Xi must have suspected that Long Jie and Lu Che's relations.h.i.+p was fake! 

"So many days have pa.s.sed since the incident. Have you not seen Lu Che even once?" Tangning asked.

"Well, that day...the day that I brought grandfather home, Lu Che was waiting in the cold outside my house out of kindness; he simply wanted to see if we were safe. But, grandfather believed the words of Lan Xi and that jerk. They said I was Lu Che's mistress. Now my grandfather refuses to leave Beijing and insists on keeping me under observation."

"Long Jie, the only reason we got Lu Che to announce he was your fiancee, was not only to cover for Mo Ting and I, but also to protect you. If you feel bothered by it..."

"No, I'm not bothered at all. In fact, I feel like Lu Che has suffered a loss from this entire situation," Long Jie waved her hand quickly.

"Then...what if we pretend that you two are living together?"


"It's just pretend..." In reality, Tangning had already sensed that Long Jie had a tiny inkling of interest in Lu Che. So, she wanted to take advantage of the situation to create an opportunity for them.

"I...I'm afraid this isn't such a good idea," Long Jie's cheeks flushed red.

"You are an engaged couple. It's official."

After hearing this, Long Jie was stunned as she waved her hands vigorously, "Tangning, don't do this. Otherwise, things will be even more awkward between Lu Che and I. I truly think of Lu Che as a friend. If you want me to play along with your act, I am happy to coordinate, but, if you want me to pretend to cohabit with Lu Che, that's gone a little overboard." 

Tangning was in the middle of packing her luggage. After hearing Long Jie's explanation, she nodded her head, "Don't blame me for not giving you a chance."

"What are you talking about? Lu Che is younger than I am," Long Jie acted like she heard something ridiculous. But in reality, the more fl.u.s.tered she was, the more obvious it was that she had the slightest hope something would happen. It was just that she felt she didn't compare to him... 

So she was feeling a little inferior.

"When I come back, I'll ask Lu Che what type of girl he is interested in."

"Eh, isn't Big Boss accompanying you?" in order to make things less awkward, Long Jie quickly changed the topic. Tangning thought about all the invitations and appointments sitting on Mo Ting's desk and shook her head.

"It's almost the end of the year and events are popping up rapidly. I don't want him to be tired. Plus, to prevent him from following me, I've brought my flight forward a little. Don't forget."

"Don't worry, I've already packed everything," Long Jie felt like she could finally relax now that Tangning no longer lingered around the topic of her and Lu Che.

Not only was she almost 30, not highly educated and without achievements; most importantly, she enjoyed eating too much. She felt it was impossible for an elite like Lu Che to be interested in her.

Sometimes, she felt the impulse to chase after something amazing. But, she felt she was already past the age where she would throw herself into a situation even though she knew she stood no chance...

Not long after Long Jie left Hyatt Regency, Lu Che appeared with a plate of fresh sas.h.i.+mi that was air freighted straight from j.a.pan. Seeing Tangning all alone in the living room, his expression was dull, "Wasn't Long Jie here just a moment ago? How come she's gone?" 

Tangning looked at the

sas.h.i.+mi. It was obvious, with her nutritious diet plan, there was no way she would eat this. So she smiled at Lu Che, "She just left for home. How about you chase after her?" 

"Oh, forget about it then," Lu Che replied.

"Lu Che, can you be honest with me? Towards Long Jie..."

"Oh that..." before Tangning could finish, Lu Che awkwardly cut in. He looked down at his well-polished leather shoes and replied, "After seeing her being bullied, I was just feeling a bit of sympathy towards her."

"Just sympathy?"

"What else could there be?"

Tangning lowered her head helplessly. She had known a long time ago that Lu Che's EQ wasn't very high, but...

...this was way too low!

"It's nothing. I can't eat any of this. Go and give them to Long Jie."

"What if her grandfather misunderstands? I don't think I should." After speaking, Lu Che turned around and left Hyatt Regency. Tangning was left staring blankly at the plate of fresh sas.h.i.+mi.

At this time, Mo Ting came out of the study room after finis.h.i.+ng off his work. Seeing Tangning looking a little helpless, he couldn't help but hug her from behind, "What's wrong?" 

"You don't like to eat this either, right?" Tangning replied as she pulled out her phone and called Long Jie.

"Lu Che delivered a whole plate of fresh sas.h.i.+mi, do you want to take it home and savor it?"

Long Jie had just arrived home. She found herself not focusing on the sas.h.i.+mi, but Lu Che. She realized she felt a little restless when she thought of him. But after holding back her feelings for a moment, she still felt things weren't right as she rejected Tangning, "I'll have to give it a miss, I'm already home."

"I can't eat it and Mo Ting doesn't like it. If you don't take it, I'll have to throw it out."

", don't throw it out. I'll come right away," Long Jie quickly changed her clothes and returned to Hyatt Regency. She quickly packed all the sas.h.i.+mi from Lu Che and took them home. But, she did not eat any of it. Instead, she cheris.h.i.+ngly placed the sas.h.i.+mi into the freezer.

When someone has feelings for another person, even if they were to give them something as simple as a tissue to wipe away their sweat, they would cherish it and hold onto it. They would let it dry and keep it as a memory, right?

After bathing herself, Tangning lay on the bed and thought about the situation between Long Jie and Lu Che. Suddenly, she felt a chill sweep past her chest; it turned out, Mo Ting had removed her robe without her even noticing. His warm hands ran down her body before pulling her into his embrace.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting. His eyes looked a little hazy and a little agitated. Of course, it also contained a trace of antic.i.p.ation. 

"Since you have to go away for so long, shouldn't you make up for it in advance?" 

In reality, Mo Ting didn't need to ask her; Tangning's desire for him was equally strong. When two people truly loved each other, even a simple glance would be enough to stir up a tsunami of emotions. 

In an instant, two robes were strewn across the pure white bed. Amongst the darkness, the firmly pressed bodies, the mingling sweat and the intertwined fingers, made this exchange of love appear extra intense and pa.s.sionate; making one's face blush and heart race. 

The couple did not like to talk, so Mo Ting was more accustomed to Tangning's soft moans and pants. Especially when she hit her climax, she would uncontrollably bite his shoulder, making Mo Ting love her from head to toe all over again. He wanted to be like this with her until the end of time... 

As for Tangning, the thing that moved her the most was that no matter what Mo Ting desired, after coming down from their climax, no matter how vulnerable they both felt, he would still pull her sweaty body into his embrace...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 182

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