Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 20

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With one quick thrust, Mo Ting grabbed onto Tangning's waist and pulled her close to his chest as he whispered into her ear with a dangerous tone, "Then, will you marry him?"

"I admit I was once blind, but...I am certain I am heading in the right direction now..." Tangning murmured, "You are my direction..."

Mo Ting flipped over, positioning himself on top of Tangning. He looked at her seriously with his ink-like eyes, "I can barely control myself's not enough. Even though we have already registered...I'm still hoping for you to get to know me properly and to be certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with me. When the time comes that we are both certain we want to be together - that's when we can truly belong to each other."

"In this industry, my options are endless, I can have whatever I want. The only thing I can't a pure heart."

"Then...let's try hard and work towards the same goal - let's walk the same path and live the same life," Tangning replied seriously. "I really never thought, President Mo - who is sitting high up above everyone else in the entertainment industry - isn't after a fun and carefree lifestyle. I thought you would be a player with a mult.i.tude of women; have you never wanted that?"

"When a woman asks a question like this, there is no need to answer...all a man needs to respond with a pa.s.sionate kiss." After speaking, Mo Ting laid down a kiss, and just like he predicted, a pa.s.sionate kiss indeed makes a lover forget all their worries. That night, embraced by Mo Ting's hug, Tangning slept extremely sweetly.

Compared to Tangning's happiness, Han Yufan's day was definitely not going well. He was in a predicament due to Tangning's request for Mo Yurou to leave Tianyi Entertainment. Mo Yurou not only had his child in her stomach, in her hands she also had evidence of his bad deeds - he couldn't offend either woman.

Full of uncertainty, Han Yufan drove back to his home. Upon seeing Mo Yurou sitting sadly on the sofa, his heart sank.

"Yufan..." Mo Yurou cried as she flew into his arms, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist. "What should I do? Does this mean I can't be a model anymore?"

" about you go overseas temporarily to take care of your pregnancy? After our baby is born, you can return. When that time comes, I promise, I will do what I have done before - I'll make you famous again."

After hearing his words, Mo Yurou froze in realization, "You're asking me to go overseas? Han Yufan, are you planning to sacrifice me? Let me tell you, I'm not as stupid as Tangning to believe your words, I definitely will not go. Plus...Han Yufan, don't forget, my stomach still contains your child. I've already been your lover for so many years, do you really think you can just kick me aside like this?"

"That..that's not what I meant..."

"Han Yufan, think carefully, who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Do you love Tangning?"

"Of course I love you, only you!" Han Yufan responded painfully, "But, Tangning set out conditions: if you don't leave Tianyi, she won't marry me."

"Even if you marry her, you aren't guaranteed everything the Tang family owns!" Mo Yurou reasoned. "The Tang family doesn't care about Tangning. Even if she was to return to the household, how much would she be able to inherit? Yufan, do you really want to put all your eggs in the one basket, to find in the end you've gained nothing? Stay with me, at least you have me and our child...the three of us can build a future together, isn't that what you want?"

"Yufan, think about it you want me, or do you want Tangning? All I need is one word from you and I can go directly to the hospital to organize an abortion. I'll leave Tianyi and never appear in front of you again."

Han Yufan didn't respond as he stood blankly in place.

Seeing no response, Mo Yurou immediately picked up her phone to ring her a.s.sistant, "Help me make an appointment at the hospital, I want to have an abortion..."

"What are you doing?" Han Yufan swiped the phone out of her hand, "Don't be so impulsive, did I say I wouldn't be choosing you?"

Upon hearing his words, Mo Yurou's face lit up, "Does that mean, you choose me?"

"I love you the most and yet you want to have an abortion, how could I allow you to do such a thing? All these years, I've been protecting you, have you not realized?" Han Yufan ended up settling on a decision - he decided to end things with Tangning. He just felt it was a pity to give up on the Tang family. But just like Mo Yurou reasoned, there was no guarantee for the future; he couldn't give up on Mo Yurou and his child over an illusion.

"I knew it, you've always treated me the best." Mo Yurou broke into tears of joy as she gave Han Yufan a big hug. "I will definitely give birth to your child and make your sisters and mother happy."

"As long as you don't stir up any more trouble, I will be very thankful. Don't go online too much and don't listen to the insults online. News like this, will pa.s.s. Although this scandal will definitely affect the judges image of you for the Top Ten Model Awards...this award, is more focused on a model's professionalism, so we shouldn't give up on our goals."

"I will listen to you, however, there is one thing you must listen to me!" Mo Yurou pulled Han Yufan onto the sofa next to her. "Continue to freeze Tangning's jobs. Look at how arrogant she is right now. All because she secured a deal, she thinks she's all that and even tried to go against the company."


"Tianyi can live without Tangning. If we want to find a model, it's not hard," Mo Yurou stated. "However, we also can't let her go. If she's given the chance, she will definitely seek revenge on us. We will hold on to her and freeze her, after three years is up, she will be so old she won't be able to make a comeback."

" present, Tangning has a lot of people cheering for her and her feedback is really good."

"Doesn't that make things easier? Let's wait till she returns from Liusen...find her a corporate client, a brand that's low-end and disgusting, so her image declines."

Han Yufan looked at Mo Yurou, he knew what she suggested was a bit extreme, but...Han Yufan couldn't refuse - he just simply nodded, "I'll do as you say..."

"Plus, all companies that want to work with Tangning, we will reply to them saying Tangning doesn't want to work with them."

Han Yufan hugged Mo Yurou as he planted a kiss on her forehead. This time his decision came from his heart, he would end things with Tangning. After they end their relations.h.i.+p, Tangning would simply be a contracted model of Tianyi's with a term of 3 years remaining. Just like Mo Yurou had said, he had to prevent Tangning from becoming famous and finding a chance to revenge against them. So...from now on he could only continue to step all over her.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 20

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