Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 203

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Luo Hao glanced at Yuan Yuan and back at Han Xiner. He suddenly felt his confidence disappear. He had never seen Han Xiner before, all he knew was that she was sick. Everything else about her, he had not looked into. He simply a.s.sumed he wouldn't need to waste any energy on someone that was about to die.

So, the Han Xiner in front of him, he had no idea what the anger in her eyes meant...

Was it because he made up Tangning's words?

No matter what, he had already gone too far to turn around. All he could do was maintain his composure as he nodded his head, "Of course...I am her director, why would I slander her?"

Han Xiner a.n.a.lyzed Luo Hao as she looked him up and down. She then gave a slight smile before projecting two words strongly from her chest, "You lied!" 

"Mr. Luo, don't a.s.sume that just because Yuan Yuan is naive, your lies will work on everyone. Everything Cheng Tian Entertainment has done to Tangning; every step of suppression, just because Yuan Yuan doesn't like to go online, doesn't mean everyone else is blind to it. Cheng Tian's slanderous recording has been at the top of headline rankings for so long, did you think we are stupid?"

Luo Hao was suddenly dumbfounded by Han Xiner's words...

He had no way of refuting. Han Xiner's appearance had caught him by surprise.

"Above all, how long have Tangning and I known each other? Whether she would say such words, don't you think I would know? As if I would need to hear it from you. It's obvious you never spoke to Tangning," Han Xiner's body was extremely weak. Because of years of illness, her body wasn't in the best condition, but...

...this girl in her early 20's, insisted on protecting the person she trusted and looked up to, even though she was sick.

"Mr. Luo, go back and tell your president, to stop dreaming about using me to attack Tangning. There is no way she will succeed."

"Also, please keep your distance from my friend. She is innocent and naive, she can't handle being hurt by all your sinister scheming."

"Please leave..."

In the end, Han Xiner asked Luo Hao to leave without allowing him to say a word. She had made her position clear.

She obviously wanted to live a healthy life, but she never wanted to hurt people in exchange.

In reality, before Tangning and her brother broke up, she had already noticed something odd about her brother. At that time, she wanted to warn Tangning and tell her not to be so silly. Luckily...Tangning discovered what was happening and stood back up strongly. This newly reborn Tangning was what gave her the courage to continue living. 

She gained strength from watching Tangning. She even dreamed of copying her idols att.i.tude towards life. Because of this admiration, she studied every single one of Tangning's runway shows and photo shoots. In her heart, there was no one that compared to Tangning, because Tangning's faith gave her the courage to pull through all difficulties.

Luo Hao did not say a word as he felt his face burn up in pain. A girl in her early 20's had just given him a huge face-slapping.

He straightened himself up and left the Yuan family home. As he was leaving, it wasn't clear what thoughts were running through his mind.

After Luo Hao left, Han Xiner finally let go as she took a few steps back. Yuan Yuan immediately stretched out her hand to support her, "Don't get too upset..."

"If I didn't show my anger, you probably would have been sold off without any idea of what happened 1 ," Han Xiner poked Yuan Yuan in the head, "Silly. From now on can you stop thinking with your b.u.t.t? If I wasn't around, what would you do?"

Yuan Yuan was a little choked up as she hugged her best friend tightly, not wanting to let go. But, because Han Xiner had used up all her energy, she ended up fainting in Yuan Yuan's arms. Yuan Yuan was so shocked, she immediately drove her back to the hospital.

This was an issue that couldn't be solved with money. Did they have to do something illegal to take away someone else's health?

If Tangning wasn't willing to be a donor, then who could save Xiner? No one in the Han family could be depended upon and now that Han Xiner had been sent to ICU, even Yuan Yuan had to stick to specific visiting times to see her.

However, even at this time, the first thing Han Xiner was worried about as she awoke was whether Tangning was being threatened by Cheng Tian because of the promise she had made.

She didn't care if she died, this was an unavoidable fate. But, Tangning still had a long road ahead...

So, during Yuan Yuan's visit, Han Xiner had one simple request, "Yuan Yuan, help me find my brother. I want to see him."

"Isn't your brother working as a valet at the hotel?"

"I need to see him."

She wanted Han Yufan to promise her, if one day, Tangning got implicated by this incidence, he would step out and clear her name.

Upon seeing his sister, Han Yufan's heart broke. After hearing her request, he gave a bitter smile, "Don't worry about Tangning...Her husband is the CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting."

Han Xiner was stunned. She remained silent for a while. However, this news did not affect her respect towards Tangning.

Because Tangning was still the same Tangning...

"Do you regret it? Tangning once treated you wholeheartedly, yet you insisted on cheating with that woman."

Han Yufan's pride was long gone. Right now, he didn't wish for much, he simply wanted to make some money and start afresh.

After Han Yufan and Yuan Yuan left, Han Xiner rested in bed. But, for some reason, she felt like she heard the sound of a camera shutter.

So, she pretended to sleep. As she heard the footsteps get closer, she slightly peeked through her eyelashes. She discovered a medical staff not only taking photos of her condition but also of her medical history. 

Han Xiner had a feeling Luo Hao would use this information to suppress Tangning. Or even worse...

...destroy her completely...

Han Xiner wondered if she could get in touch with Tangning. If she couldn't, then who could she possibly contact?

Night was approaching and the sky was glowing red. Cheng Tian Entertainment was currently hanging up a poster of Tangning in the most visible location. Lan Xi had thought long and hard, she decided, while Cheng Tian was slowly making a comeback, it didn't make sense for her to go against money and benefits.

As Luo Hao entered the building, he glanced over briefly before heading for his office. However, Lan Xi quickly called out, "Tangning will return in a few days. Help her organize a celebration dinner."

"She's almost returning?" Luo Hao thought for a moment. It seemed he would need to see Han Xiner off ahead of time. If an artist got implicated with a person's life, they would have no choice but to fall from up high and crumble into a million pieces.

In the meantime, Han Xiner was well aware that she was a ticking time bomb, but...

...who could she seek help from?

Mo Ting?

Would she be able to find him?

A way of saying someone is naive.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 203

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