Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 221

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...after understanding this industry and getting accustomed to all types of love, no matter how loving a relations.h.i.+p was, they still had the chance of ending up as a tragedy.

However, that was because he didn't understand what type of woman Tangning was. To the outside world, dignity was her bottom line and her everything. But, when it came to love, Tangning's thoughts weren't customary. Even if she was to quarrel with Mo Ting over whatever reason, there would be no way she'd give up on Mo Ting.

Like this, Tangning's first day in Milan ended in illness. One thing worth mentioning though, was when Long Jie escorted Tangning back to the hotel, they ended up running into Qin Yu in the lift. 

Qin Yu was dressed in a white fur coat and a stylish pair of red-tinted After taking a glance at the weak Tangning, she turned her head and smirked at her a.s.sistant.

Her a.s.sistant understood what she was thinking and burst out laughing, "Already falling down before the battle has even begun. Is it because you're afraid?"

At this moment, Tangning didn't have the energy to even look at them as she leaned on Long Jie's arms. As for Long Jie, she didn't childishly argue back like she used to. She simply glared at them with a ridiculing smile, until their eyes got fired up...

Qin Yu wasn't an extremely beautiful woman, but her features were very distinct, especially the black mole at the tip of her cheekbone. Atop the runway, she always left a lasting impression.

Tangning didn't doubt Qin Yu's abilities. Being able to get into Star King was already proof that she possessed something she should be proud of.

So, she never felt there was anything wrong with pride.

Of course, Fang Yu didn't say anything either because he knew, not only was Qin Yu capable, but she also had a strong backing. If Qin Yu was to compete with Tangning for Excalibur Q, it was quite possible that Tangning would lose!

Even though she was married to Mo Ting, Fang Yu knew Tangning didn't like to show off her relations.h.i.+p with Mo Ting.

Not long after, Qin Yu stepped out of the lift.

Taking with her, her unique style and pride.

Long Jie glared at the two as they left, she was a little angered, "Just because she's from Star King, does she think she's all that? It's obvious she wants to ridicule you with the fact that you were previously blacklisted by her agency..."

"Her momentum is indeed powerful," Fang Yu said straightforwardly. "In the model rankings last quarter, she was ranked number 7. At present, she definitely has the ability to look down on us." 

Long Jie wasn't pleased. She didn't say a word. At a time like this, she felt Fang Yu was nowhere near as lovable as Lu Che. Of course, Tangning also comforted her, "Fang Yu is right. There are so many great models in Star King and every single one of them has true capabilities. There's nothing to be upset about."

"However, I also have high hopes for you!" Fang Yu smiled, "You don't lose to them in any aspect. All you are lacking is an opportunity..."

"I've never felt there is anything bad about me," Tangning was confident.

"You are indeed the king's woman..." Fang Yu mumbled.

But, because of Tangning's words, Fang Yu also felt a sense of confidence.

So, whether tomorrow's interview would be a success, they would need to give it a try to find out...

After returning to her room, Tangning immediately closed her eyes to rest. Thanks to her ability to quickly calm her emotions, her body also quickly recovered.

3pm the next day, Excalibur Q officially held their interviews. As a model from the Asian category, Tangning, of course, had to appear on the stage with Qin Yu.

However, she only had one chance and they were to only choose one model... 

Whether he was to pick the Qin Yu with distinguis.h.i.+ng features or the Tangning with a domineering presence on the runway, this was a decision that definitely made the person in charge of interviews at Excalibur Q's head hurt.

From a comprehensive point of view, Tangning won in professionalism. But when it came to other aspects, she was definitely a bit off from Qin Yu.

So, in the end, Excalibur Q's preferred choice was Qin Yu and Tangning was the subst.i.tute.

Certain that Qin Yu secured the opportunity, Excalibur Q's people quickly gave Qin Yu's a.s.sistant a heads up. As soon as the a.s.sistant found out Qin Yu had been picked, she immediately looked at Tangning with a victorious arrogance.

Seeing the situation wasn't heading in their favor, Fang Yu promptly contacted Mo Ting who was in faraway Beijing.

"President Mo, the endors.e.m.e.nt might be s.n.a.t.c.hed away!"

Hearing this, Mo Ting thought about how Tangning was still putting up a fight even though she wasn't feeling well and felt his heart ache. Although he was worried about Tangning, he still said to Fang Yu, "I will speak to them."

Fang Yu, of course, did not doubt Mo Ting's capabilities. He was just curious how he was to convince them.

When would he be able to witness Mo Ting being a manager? This relaying of messages over the phone was no fun.

Afterwards, Fang Yu hung up the phone and returned to Tangning's side. A little while later, Excalibur Q announced they would be revealing the results over the phone; the officials had not yet come to an agreement.

The expression on Qin Yu's a.s.sistant's face changed. Just a moment ago, this wasn't what the people at Excalibur Q had told her. They had told her it was pretty much finalized, what were they still disagreeing about?

What did Tangning do to Excalibur Q?

In reality, this was all because of a simple phone call from Mo Ting.

"Mr. Stenson, how are you? I am Tangning's manager from Hai Rui Entertainment, you can call me Mr. Mo. In regards to Excalibur Q's spokesperson, I wonder if you have already decided on choosing Qin Yu from Star King?"

"That?" the man was a little surprised by Mo Ting's straightforward question.

"If you want a top-notch model, Hai Rui has plenty. But, do you know why Hai Rui decided to send out Tangning?"

The man was speechless but felt the people from Hai Rui were quite interesting.

"I can't deny that Qin Yu is also a great model, but please sit down and compare both their works. I am sure you will discover what you are looking for!"

Mo Ting did not say much, in fact, he was quite brief. But, he successfully sparked the man's interest and curiosity.

So, after hanging up the phone, Stenson immediately instructed his staff to delay the announcement of the results. He then gathered the work of both models and discovered, Tangning was indeed an interesting model.

Qin Yu's modeling career followed the standard path; going from a compet.i.tion to gaining recognition from working with Star King. Although her status wasn't low, she did not stand out from the crowd.

This kind of model was duplicated all over the place.

On the other hand, Tangning was different. She had a story!

Excalibur Q was a boutique brand with hundreds of years of history. Over the years they had experienced their ups and downs and had developed their own character. Moreover, every time they overcame a difficulty, they would come back to life...just like Tangning. 

So, Tangning's multiple reversals made her the favorite.

The Oriental Trend, TQ, LM; the amazing results from these companies were all miracles that Tangning created.

This was truly the qualities a spokesperson should possess.

But, Qin Yu's background still made them a little hesitant...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 221

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