Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 225

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However, Mo Ting was more sensitive than Qin Yu's manager. As soon as he knew Tangning had signed her contract, he got his PR department to release an article congratulating Tangning on becoming Excalibur Q's new spokesperson.

So, Qin Yu lost!

Star King's Artists Director contacted Qin Yu straight away, asking her what had happened. The company had spent so much money and provided her with so much backing, yet the endors.e.m.e.nt was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Tangning.

Qin Yu was speechless. As for her manager, she was filled with anger. Hai Rui's actions were so fast that she didn't even get a chance to investigate Tangning's manager yet!

The entire industry already knew that Tangning had defeated Qin Yu. If she was to retaliate at this time, Star King would draw too much attention and be attacked. So, not only was there nothing she could do, she even had to wish Tangning all the best. 

Who was Tangning's manager? He had actually managed to cleanly prevent Tangning from any incidences without giving them the tiniest of chance.

Qin Yu understood there was no chance of reversing the outcome of Excalibur Q's spokesperson, so she told her manager, "Let's immediately go home."

Her manager was unwilling to admit defeat, but at this moment, she was more occupied with being curious.

When did Hai Rui's managers become so difficult to deal with?

Not long after, Tangning also saw the news. She suddenly had an inkling of who her manager might be. Not being able to make an appearance, yet still being able to deal with the situation so smoothly; who else could it be? Actually, Tangning should have guessed a long time ago; Mo Ting had already mentioned it in the past, but Tangning did not take it to heart at that time. However, now that she thought about it, that man had it all planned out.

"Director Fang, who is Tangning's manager? He's done so much behind-the-scenes, yet he hasn't once made an appearance. Are we playing hide and seek?" Long Jie lost her patience as she looked at the news. She couldn't deny that he was capable, but not making an appearance even though he was her manager, was he trying to play games with them?

Fang Yu neatened his suit jacket and glanced at Tangning. He realized she wasn't curious about this answer at all. He then smiled at Long Jie and said, "He should be on his way...he was absent before because he still had other work to do. But, Excalibur Q's contract has already been signed. So, he is on his way to help Tangning plan out her next step."

After speaking, Fang Yu remained silent for a few seconds before continuing, "Therefore, my work here is done. I have already booked an afternoon flight back to Beijing."

"That quick?"

"I still have a whole heap of PR news to release," Fang Yu quickly replied. However, Tangning didn't sense any urgency in his voice at all.

"Fine then..." Long Jie did not say anything else because her flu was. .h.i.tting her pretty badly.

Fang Yu glanced at Long Jie and said, "Xiao Longlong, you really need to find a man to take care of you."

"Screw you..."

Long Jie threw a pillow at Fang Yu.

Actually, after spending some time with Fang Yu, one would quickly realize he was quite a charismatic person. Not only was he eloquent in his speech and known as the face of Hai Rui's PR, he also had a great sense of humor and appeared carefree. He was like that one student in cla.s.s who would always fall asleep but still come out first. He did things with his own methods, got along with everyone and was extremely likable. 

Fang Yu smiled at the two women. After returning to his room, he grabbed his luggage and left the premises. As he left, he didn't even say goodbye.

Long Jie watched Fang Yu leave from the window and turned to ask Tangning, "Do you have any idea who your manager is?"

"I can roughly guess," Tangning stood up from the sofa and retrieved some medicine from her suitcase for Long Jie.

"Who is it?"

"What type of manager do you think Mo Ting would arrange for me?" Tangning asked Long Jie, who was getting uncomfortably close. Tangning pushed Long Jie's germ-filled face away so she could stop breathing on her.

Long Jie sat down on the bed and started a.n.a.lyzing, "He's definitely a capable person. That's why he managed to deal with this recent incident perfectly."

"He is someone that knows how to take care of you. In fact, he must be more thoughtful than Fang Yu."

"He needs to be extremely professional and needs to have a special understanding towards you. Most importantly, he needs to have the ability to plan out your future."

Long Jie listed all the requirements.

"In that case, who do you think is capable of satisfying all this?"

Long Jie ran through all the names of Hai Rui's managers in her head and their faces. Although they were all completely meet Tangning's requirements, there could only be one person.


Tangning looked at Long Jie like she had finally been enlightened. This was also the only answer she could think of.

At first, Long Jie had no reaction. But after remaining stunned for a few seconds, she suddenly jumped off the bed and started shaking Tangning's shoulders excitedly, "Is this real? Boss will personally be your manager? It's not a joke right?"

Tangning pressed firmly on her excited hands and nodded, "He mentioned it in the past, but I never expected he would actually do it."

In reality, it wasn't hard to see that Tangning had a lot of worries and fears towards Mo Ting being her manager. Firstly, Mo Ting's work was too busy, he couldn't possibly have enough time to run around with her. 

Plus, she didn't want him to be so tired.

"Then it must be real!" Long Jie remained excited. How many people in this world would be able to have Mo Ting as a manager?

Only Tangning!

He wanted to manage his own wife.

"This isn't what I hoped for..."

Long Jie understood what Tangning was worried about, so she quietened down and smiled, "Don't worry, since Boss made this decision, he can definitely coordinate it with his own work. After all, he doesn't want you to worry. Plus, haven't you heard of this saying before? 'When a couple works together, work is no longer tiring'."

"Tangning, think about are born to be a model. As long as you are given the chance, you will definitely be able to create a miracle. All you are missing is a manager that can protect you, and Boss possesses the ultimate power. If the two of you combine, wouldn't you be invincible?" Long Jie winked at Tangning with an unconcealable excitement.

"Look at the incident with Excalibur Q, isn't this the best proof? Just a few simple words from Boss was enough to make them reconsider their criteria. Isn't this enough to prove his capability? He is simply amazing!"

"Above all, he is busy, but he can also put down some of his power. Rather than letting him get tired in a place where you can't see him, why not keep him by your side? At least you can make sure he gets some rest, what's so bad about that? If you really feel that he is overworked and tired, you can always help him out...between a husband and wife, what aren't you capable of?" Long Jie asked. 

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 225

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