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Qin Yu thought, even if Tangning didn't get angry and lose her cool, she would at least feel uneasy. But...Tangning simply closed her eyes for a moment and replied, "There's no use trying to verbally attack me."

Apart from her own husband, she had never met another person with better self-control than herself.

So, there was no way she would fall into an enemy's trap over a bit of taunting.

Qin Yu let out a laugh. She realized she had underestimated Tangning.

"Oh Qin've just won another award: Miss Top Ten Most Beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s in the World."

Qin Yu received 3-4 awards throughout the night, however, none of them held any significance. All the big awards went to Huo Jingjing and others. As for the t.i.tle of top-ranked model, this went to Hai Rui's other national treasure; not only was she a supermodel, at a young age she had already established her own fas.h.i.+on label and was sitting at the pinnacle of the fas.h.i.+on industry. It was rare for her to appear at events like this.

Even Huo Jingjing barely saw her...

Coming in at number two was a model from Star King, followed by Huo Jingjing in third place.

This ranking highlighted the frighteningly high earning potential these models had; domestically, they were already amongst the wealthiest.

Tangning sat quietly as she watched Huo Jingjing walk on stage; she felt extremely happy for her. As for Huo Jingjing, as she gave her acceptance speech, she looked towards Tangning. Their eyes met and a simple exchange of smiles said everything. 

"As everyone may be aware, a couple days ago I was on the brink of falling apart. Luckily, during that time, one person yanked me out of the path of destruction. The person I am speaking of, is the person sitting below the stage right now, Tangning," as Huo Jingjing spoke, tears suddenly started rolling down her cheeks.

"I'm not sure if you have ever experienced the warmth of another person. But, before I met Tangning, I had never experienced such a thing. Over the course of these long and dark years, the word that popped up in my head the most - was death. Tangning was the one that brought me back to life. She told me to be persistent..."

"Because of my persistence, I was able to stand on this stage again."

"I feel she is a very courageous person. As long as she considers you a friend, she will disregard all consequences and stand up for you."

"I feel extremely lucky to have met her."

"While I'm here, I would also like to thank all my brothers and sisters at Hai Rui, and lastly, I would like to thank myself."

"From now on...I will lead an amazing life with more meaning. Because it is only now that I find I'm finally living my life like a human!"

After hearing Huo Jingjing's words, Tangning watched her kiss the trophy before she led the audience into a loud applause.

As long as a person had faith, no one and no thing could stop them from being reborn. 

"After hearing Jingjing's words, I feel a rush of emotions. Since Tangning is also present, how about we ask Tangning and Jingjing to perform something for us? Do you guys want to hear a song?" the host asked excitedly. 

In response, the host was met with a loud applause.

The host smiled. Seeing Huo Jingjing and Tangning both nod in agreement, she continued, "In that case, we will continue presenting the awards while they go prepare."

In reality, Tangning had actually been notified ahead of time about the possibility of performing with Huo Jingjing. Although singing wasn't one of her fortes, for the sake of celebrating Huo Jingjing's rebirth, she was happy to let go this once.

Huo Jingjing was the top choice for receiving awards and Tangning was the hottest topic in the modeling industry. With the two women playing the role of heartwarming sisters, they naturally attracted the majority of the attention. As a result, Star King received the cold shoulder, especially after hearing the two women were to sing together.

Qin Yu placed her dark gaze upon Tangning.

While Tangning and Huo Jingjing were preparing in the backstage, Qin Yu also disappeared from her seat. After quite some time, she finally returned.

Not long after, the awards ceremony reached its climax. Tangning and Huo Jingjing reappeared, each holding a microphone as they stood on two separate sides of the stage.

One was dressed in black and the other was dressed in silver as the spotlight shone on the two women. With the antic.i.p.ation of the crowd, soothing music started resounding through the hall as they sang a duet to the song, 'Lost'...

To everyone's surprise, Huo Jingjing's voice was beautifully raspy and melancholic, while Tangning's voice was clean and stable, yet full of power.

They were professional models, but they could also sing...

Lu Che was watching the live broadcast from the office. As soon as he heard Tangning sing, he excitedly ran over to Mo Ting's office and turned on the television for him...

On the screen, the two figures were dazzling and gorgeous. As for their singing, Mo Ting was shocked!

This was also Mo Ting's first time hearing Tangning sing. Who would of thought, a quiet person like Tangning would be able to sing so nicely.

"President, from now on, if madam doesn't want to do runway shows, she can always release her own alb.u.m," Lu Che suggested.

"No, she can't..." Mo Ting disagreed. "From now on, only I can hear her sing. I'll let these guys get away with it this time."

Lu Che: "..."

Mo Ting smiled as he closed up the doc.u.ments in his hands, "Notify Fang Yu that it's almost time to release the information."

"Yes," Lu Che nodded as he turned around to leave the room.

Mo Ting leaned one arm on his desk as he watched Tangning and Huo Jingjing singing on the screen. Tangning's mesmerizing emotion-filled voice was indeed moving. Mo Ting suddenly laughed to himself; after this song, would someone really consider producing an alb.u.m for his wife?

At the awards ceremony, the two women reached the end of their song. The entire hall was amazed as they erupted in an applause. Tangning and Huo Jingjing looked at each other happily. After the lights switched off, they planned to meet in the middle of the stage to thank the audience. However, at this moment, a man wearing a cap suddenly rushed onto the stage and pounced on Tangning.

Tangning was already close to the edge of the stage. So, with this pounce, she ended up falling off...

Everything happened too unexpectedly. The entire hall turned into chaos as everyone broke out in an uproar...

As for the man wearing the cap, he quickly jumped off the stage and ran off behind the crowd of fans. The security immediately chased after him.

Meanwhile, Huo Jingjing jumped off the stage to check on Tangning. However, all she found was Tangning lying motionless on the floor.


After a few seconds, Tangning woke up. And with the help of the crowd, she got up and sat in one of the guests' seats. 

"Are you OK?" Huo Jingjing asked anxiously.

Tangning shook her head. Deep down, she was more concerned about whether Mo Ting had seen what happened.

Huo Jingjing a.n.a.lyzed Tangning's expression as she held onto her knee; she, of course, did not believe her. She quickly stood up to call the ambulance but Tangning held her back, "Don't blow up the situation. Let's catch the culprit first. I'm honestly OK."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 235

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