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Mo Yurou had just stepped up a level from being a mistress and was still basking in the glory of things going her way, so Tangning thought she’d let her be happy for a few more days. After all, Tanging had yet to play the best card in her hand. However, Tangning didn’t only want to make it impossible for Mo Yurou to be a model anymore, she also wanted Mo Yurou to be too embarra.s.sed to be alive.

Because her jobs were being frozen, after filming the commercial for hf, she once again had nothing to do. But, she wasn’t impatient or angry. Even though fans were scolding her for endorsing an unreliable product, she didn’t respond with a single word – sucking up the insults.

Lin Wei had studied Tangning and studied the way she handled things previously. She realized she was a lot more tolerant than most people and could endure loneliness well.

The entertainment headlines were still focused on Han Yufan and Mo Yurou’s video. The public put Mo Yurou through all kinds of pain and abuse. Whereas, Tangning’s reactions from the public consisted of 2 extremes. Some were extremely sympathetic as they a.s.sumed Tangning was being forced, leading to her having no choice in which company she was to endorse. Whereas younger fans questioned why, under these circ.u.mstances, she hadn’t left Tianyi.

It was amongst this complex debate…

…that an alb.u.m of photos from Tangning’s recent shoot was leaked by a pa.s.serby. In an instant, the hottest person online had changed as everyone praised how stunning Tangning’s beauty and long legs were.

On top of everything, there were multiple magazines that pointed out, how even when posing randomly, every move that she made was more natural than any pose pulled by a professional model.

So, while the three were enveloped in scandals, Mo Yurou and Han Yufan’s responses were all negative, whereas, Tangning, on the basis of one alb.u.m of photos…made everyone forget she had been a subst.i.tute for Mo Yurou and that she had apologized after admitting to creating hype. The only image in their minds of Tangning, were her gracefulness as she looked back at the camera with tears in her eyes.

While all this was going on, within the same day, Lin Wei received invites from no less than 5 magazines, requesting Tangning to appear on the front cover of their next season’s issue.

Compared to pitiful Mo Yurou who was getting one contract canceled after another, Lin Wei was suddenly impressed by Tangning. It was like she had some kind of magical ability that would always turn things around.

Because Tangning’s path to a comeback, could no longer be blocked by Han Yufan, when faced with all the invites from the magazines, he started to question himself – should he really be freezing Tangning?

Lin Wei reported to Han Yufan with the invites from the magazines and a.n.a.lyzed which path Tangning should take. But, she was stopped by Mo Yurou who was sitting in Han Yufan’s office chair, "Didn’t we already agree that we would not be accepting any jobs for her? Are you ignoring my words?"

Her relations.h.i.+p with Han Yufan is still young, yet here she is, already acting like she is the president’s wife…

Lin Wei sneered on the inside.

"Let’s choose E-Style," Han Yufan selected one of the most influential magazines as he spoke directly to Lin Wei.

"Yufan, what did you promise me?"

"Babe, everything I do is for you. Think about it…the incident with the video has received enough criticism. All we need is for Tangning to make an appearance and clarify that we broke up a long time ago. Then the relations.h.i.+p between you and I would not be adulterous at all – just a normal couple. The netizens will realize they’ve been wrong and will feel guilty towards you – everything you do from then on would be more acceptable. I am laying a path for you," Han Yufan explained to Mo Yurou in a serious tone, "There’s not much time left until the Top Ten Model Awards. This is the fastest way to wipe your slate clean. By the time you make a comeback, do you think Tangning would still have a place to stand?"

After hearing this, Mo Yurou’s anger immediately dissipated, "Only you could think of something that covers all bases like this."

Han Yufan had no idea Lin Wei was already on Tangning's side - the scheming between the two, quickly reached Tangning’s ears.

"Those two want to use you to wipe their slates clean, what are you planning to do?" Lin Wei was curious how Tangning was going to stop herself from being used by Han Yufan.

"Help me reject the job. If Han Yufan asks, just say I’m not feeling well," Tangning replied.

Picking one out of five magazines and then having to immediately reject four, was already not quite right.

But, Lin Wei understood what had to be done. So far she had been impressed by Tangning's ability to skillfully deflect whatever was thrown at her. Effortlessly, she had pa.s.sed the hot potato back. When Mo Yurou heard of this, she nearly went crazy. She slammed her hands on the table as she spoke to Lin Wei, "She obviously did it on purpose!

"Then, Miss Mo, how accommodating did you think a model that's had her fiancee stolen and is getting all her jobs frozen, should be?"

After hearing everything, Han Yufan patted Mo Yurou on the back to comfort her. She turned to Lin Wei and ordered, "Tell Tangning to come see me."

"I'm afraid she can't, she isn't feeling well," Lin Wei replied.

"Then tell me where she is, I will go look for her!"

"Let me first ask Tangning for her opinion." After speaking, Lin Wei turned around and phoned Tangning. However, at this time, Mo Ting had just returned home and was hugging Tangning in the garden as they watered the plants. Lin Wei clearly expressed her thoughts, and because Mo Ting's ears were against Tangning's he overheard their conversation.

At that moment, his ink-like eyes suddenly twinkled under the sun as he gave an amused smile. Leaning in close to Tangning's left ear, he suggested, "Give our Hyatt Regency address to your manager..."

Tangning looked at him with uncertainty.

"Firstly, tell him that you've moved houses and because you are the daughter of the Tang family, living in Hyatt Regency is more suited to your status. You are no longer at a level where he can reach."

"Secondly, the security in Hyatt Regency is tight, did you think 'anyone' can come in? huh?"

Tangning gently laughed as she realized Mo Ting's att.i.tude towards outsiders was definitely different to the kindness he showed at home.

But, haha, she liked it! So, she followed Mo Ting's suggestion and gave their address to Lin Wei. Upon hearing the address, Lin Wei was shocked for a moment before she pa.s.sed it on to Han Yufan.

"Tangning said she already moved houses. If you want to see her then you can go to Hyatt Regency, she's moved there..."

Hyatt Regency!

But, that is Beijing's most famous and well-known estate...

That's not a place that a small celebrity could live in.

Mo Yurou was envious, "She? Moved to Hyatt Regency? How is that possible?"

"Miss Mo, have you forgotten she is an heir to the Tang empire? Her living in Hyatt Regency is merely a choice to live in an environment that is suited to her status."

In other words, when Han Yufan and Tangning were still together, she had been forced to suffer by downgrading herself. Since Han Yufan didn't know how to cherish her, she of course, returned to where she belonged without any cares.

This was a level that Mo Yurou would never be able to reach because it was already determined at birth.

Inside, Han Yufan wasn't feeling good. Thinking back on when he and Tangning were still together, she was never willing to give anything. However, as soon as they broke up, she actually moved into Hyatt Regency!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 24

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