Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: Same Stage!

When it came to other things, Zhen Manni may not have felt confident. But, when it came to her body, she was extremely proud.

For the World's Most Beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s Ranking, she was in the top 3.

For the World's Most Beautiful Bottom Ranking, she was in the top 3.

On the runway, these were the features she was most confident about; she had never lost before. She refused to believe that Tangning had any chance of winning against her; even if Tangning had Mo Ting backing her.

Zhen Manni seemed consumed in Mo Ting's suggestion and hadn't fully grasped the seriousness of being frozen. All she was focused on was winning against Tangning - she just wanted to win!

Meanwhile, the other artists present were waiting to witness a good show. Hai Rui had never experienced an internal battle like this before and seeing brothers and sisters of the same agency tear each other apart was a rare sight. They were surprisingly antic.i.p.ating it.

For Hai Rui, Zhen Manni was a first; she actually dared to challenge Mo Ting in front of everyone. So, her fate was no surprise...

She was going to be frozen...

Yet, she remained calm and collected. She had no idea how dire of a situation she was being thrown into. It seemed, she a.s.sumed, even without Hai Rui, she still had Star King.

Star King could still provide her with a dazzling alternative.

While waiting for Tangning, Mo Ting stood up and returned to discuss an upcoming movie with one of Hai Rui's producers; a hit song with a music producer; scripts with a few actors. He didn't seem worried at all that Tangning would embarra.s.s the agency and slap him in the face...

However, there were a few actors that were a little worried. After all, Zhen Manni was the first person to lay everything on the table with Hai Rui over the years and she was quite charismatic. 

"President Mo, will Zhen Manni expose Hai Rui's information to the outside world?"

Hearing this query, Mo Ting smiled and replied, "If she plans to do that, she will need to prepare two hundred million dollars. One hundred million to compensate Hai Rui and one hundred million to compensate anyone affected by her claims. We will simply do a little bit of PR and the damage shouldn't be too much."

In other words, Zhen Manni would have to be crazy to throw away money like that...

Two hundred million dollars...

With that money, she could live the rest of her life comfortably even if she was no longer a model. This was the reason why Hai Rui had never experienced an internal betrayal over the years - the compensation was too high!

At this moment, Zhen Manni stood amongst the crowd all on her own; no one wanted to talk to her...

Zhen Manni sneered. It was indeed human nature to seek advantages and avoid losses...

"Just wait and see. When Tangning reappears, I will slap you all in the face."

At the same time, the public were also paying attention to the two women. As Hai Rui did not invite any media to the dinner, even if the public were interested in Tangning and Zhen Manni's battle, they didn't receive any updates. Some paparazzi even disguised as waiters and hid pinhole cameras on their body, but were kicked out by the strict security...

This was Hai Rui. Unlike other places, no matter how good their disguise was, they would not be able to get past the eyes of the professional security!

The internet was in an uproar.

Tangning had more fans than Zhen Manni because she was currently very popular. However, she didn't have a strong fighting power.

On the other hand, although Zhen Manni didn't have as many fans, she was well-experienced in the modeling industry. So, she could easily deal with three enemies at once, let alone one.

There wasn't much expectation for the final outcome. Everyone expected both parties to suffer a loss...

"I think Zhen Manni has a dominating stage presence. Tangning i

s a little lacking in comparison."

"The previous commenter must be crazy. If stage presence is determined by dominance, what about performance ability?"

"No matter what, Tangning won't win. Look at all the famous forums, Tangning's already being defamed like crazy, yet you are still trying to argue with me? Get ready to kneel down in defeat!"

"No matter if Tangning wins or not, it won't change the fact that the CEO of Hai Rui is her manager. Of course, if Zhen Manni ends up losing this time, it will be quite embarra.s.sing."

"I support Zhen Manni!"

"I support Tangning!"

The public's discussions started to heat up a bit. Meanwhile, inside the hall at Hai Rui's celebration dinner, everyone was straining their necks as they waited in antic.i.p.ation. 

Zhen Manni looked at the empty doorway as her lips slowly curved upwards. Could it be that Tangning had run away in fear?

However, just as everyone was discussing why Tangning had not yet reappeared...

...someone suddenly screamed in excitement. At that moment, Tangning stepped onto the red carpet wearing the slightly transparent starry sky ball gown.

Her ink-black hair was tied up and her makeup was delicate but simple; completely contrasting Zhen Manni's thick makeup. She only had a little bit of lipstick on.

However, the gown on her body...

...was magnificent... a night sky...

No nightscape could compare to the scene on the red carpet. Tangning walked down the red carpet as the hem of her gown dragged behind her. The diamonds on the gown sparkled like little stars. It was such an eye-opening sight that the people witnessing the scene gasped in surprise...

With the appearance of Tangning, Zhen Manni looked cheap in comparison.

In fact, she looked disgustingly cheap... a hooker standing on the side of the street trying to attract business.

Most importantly, underneath the layers of transparent tulle, Tangning's b.r.e.a.s.t.s looked voluptuous and extremely attractive.

When looking back at Zhen Manni again, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s looked saggy in comparison.

Noone ever noticed that Tangning also had nice b.r.e.a.s.t.s, because they had always focused on her long legs!

b.r.e.a.s.t.s could be enlarged and a curvy bottom could be shaped with training. However, long legs was something one had to be born was on a whole different level. This was the conclusion that everyone present came to.

"Oh G.o.d...Tangning's body is amazing!"

"Look at Zhen Manni, her expression is completely stiff. Plus, I can confidently affirm that Tangning will become even more successful than Zhen Manni. Look at this ball gown for example, if Zhen Manni was to wear it, how would it have turned out?" 

"I can already tell she doesn't have long enough legs to support the gown."

"Can you imagine how Tangning would look if she wore Zhen Manni's dress? She would have an unexplainable cool about her."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Even Zhen Manni felt a little inferior when faced with the current Tangning. As a model, she could interpret the look in people's eyes. If only one person's eyes looked a certain way, it would probably represent a biased opinion. But, when everyone looked the same, then what they were thinking was the truth!

Everyone's eyes were upon Tangning; they were shocked by her appearance.

Not long after, Tangning made her way over to Mo Ting and asked, "What do you think?"

"G.o.d! I've finally realized the brand of clothing Tangning is wearing. It's from Catherine Walker's Premium Collection. The price 8 figures and is the brand used by the British royal family!"

"It looks so beautiful on her. If she was on the runway right now, I probably wouldn't be able to resist even though I might not be able to afford it."

"Tangning is really good at influencing people to like a piece of clothing as well as the person wearing it! She is nothing like Zhen Manni. Whenever I see Zhen Manni on the stage, I forget she's even wearing any clothes. All she knows how to do is show off herself and has no idea how to exhibit a piece of clothing."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 264

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