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Fang Yu did not explain himself to anyone, because he himself did not know, after being single for so many years, why he would suddenly feel moved by the Huo Jingjing that stuck up for Tangning.

Above all, the Artists Director that never cared about the rumors created by the media, immediately made a move this time after he was rumored to have an indecent relations.h.i.+p with Zhen Manni. He quickly exposed a scandal about an artist from another agency and diverted the media's attention; shutting their mouths up.

Upon returning to Hai Rui, Charlene felt as unwanted as a sewer rat. She thought she had been quite discreet about returning, but as soon as she stepped through the front door, she was discovered by Fang Yu and Lu Che. According to the meticulous way these two men handled their work, there was no way they wouldn't suspect Charlene's motives. Especially since Fang Yu knew Charlene had emptied out Zhen Manni's home.

Charlene originally wanted to find a fellow manager who she was relatively close to, but before she entered the man's sight, Fang Yu had already ordered security to tail her.

Charlene noticed this and felt herself erupt with anger. She was, after all, a staff member of Hai Rui and had her own pride, yet, here she was being treated like a thief!

Charlene was so angry, she stormed directly over to Fang Yu's office and pointed to him as she yelled, "What is the meaning of this?"

Fang Yu closed up his doc.u.ments and looked up at Charlene, "I'm afraid something might go missing at Hai Rui."

"Fang Yu, don't go too far."

"I'm sure you know better than anyone what happened at Zhen Manni's home," Fang Yu replied in a cold tone.

Charlene was suddenly in a panic as her face lost all color. But, she couldn't conceal her cunning nature, "What should I know? All I know is, Hai Rui got someone to beat up Zhen Manni."

Fang Yu lifted his head and glared at Charlene. So, it turned out there was a reason why Zhen Manni turned out the way she did.

But, how did Charlene join the agency in the first place?

She wasn't dumb. When it came to business, she was extremely tricky.

As for what she said, she was obviously blaming Fang Yu for not having any evidence and was showing that she too could go around saying whatever she liked.

"I will send you a contract termination from the lawyers soon."

Charlene's expression changed; she had not yet achieved her motive. However, since this was the decision of Hai Rui's higher-ups, no matter how she was to struggle, there was no way she'd be able to change Mo Ting's mind. So, she said without reservations, "You will regret it."

Afterwards, Charlene left Fang Yu's office. However, she did not leave Hai Rui straight away. Instead, she headed over to one of Hai Rui's waiting rooms. As expected, all the makeup artists and artists had the habit of leaving their phones lying around on the dressing tables.

Charlene found the right moment; she pretended to slip and fell onto one of the tables.

"Be careful."

Charlene held onto her waist, pretending to be in pain, as she slipped one of the phones into her pocket.

"Wasn't that Zhen Manni's manager? Is there something wrong with her?"

"Who knows? From the looks of it, she's probably going insane."

No one noticed what Charlene had done. Nor did anyone notice their phone had gone missing. After all, losing a phone in the waiting room was a common occurrence.

But, even though Charlene managed to steal a phone, there was no way she could unlock it. All she could do was take it back to Hua Rong and hand it over to Editor Lin, "Inside here, there is definitely a photo of Mo Ting and Tangning."

Editor Lin looked at her with a dark expression as he nodded his head, "Are you sure? I'll get my IT guys to unlock it."

"I'm pretty sure. After all, they are an artist of Hai Rui's."

"Then, I'll wait to see a good show!"

During this time, while other agencies were busy debuting capable newcomers, Tian Yi Entertainment had been taken over by someone new. As a result, their main focus had changed and were now investing in creating low budget films. As for Creative Century and Cheng Tian, after a brief adjustment period, they were once again relaunched. For Cheng Tian, although Lan Xi had lost a few important people, they also received an influx of new blood.

Meanwhile, Star King and Hai Rui both received a setback. On the other hand, even though Hai Rui had dealt with Zhen Manni themselves, Mo Ting wasn't affected too much. After all, Tangning was steadily advancing.

During this time, Star King's heir was studying in the US. After hearing about the multiple clashes between the two companies, he immediately returned home to stand guard.

But, no matter what happened; no matter how many newcomers they produced and how they used Tangning to create hype, they couldn't surpa.s.s Tangning's tolerance and professionalism. Meanwhile, under Mo Ting's protection, Tangning slowly became more mysterious.

She deliberately avoided contact with Mo Ting in front of the media, making it harder and harder for them to dig up information. This made the 'couple fans' more and more desperate.

At this time, Star King's heir, Quan Ye, released a pair of twin models into the world. Within a few short days, they were all over the biggest headlines. According to rumors, these two models were trained to suppress Tangning and aimed to become the second Zhen Manni.

No matter if it was in terms of mysteriousness or attractiveness, Quan Ye was a worthy rival for Mo Ting. He was young, carefree and more approachable than Mo Ting. 

His appearance was bound to cause a certain degree of impact on Hai Rui. 

Late at night, Tangning sat on the bed reading through the day's entertainment news. Amongst the articles was an unprofessional comparison between Mo Ting and Quan Ye. After seeing this, Tangning subconsciously started laughing, especially when she saw the part that compared their bodies.

Quan Ye was the type of man that liked exposing his body, but Mo Ting never showed off his attractive physique. Others may not have known about his body, but Tangning was well aware. Although she couldn't deny that Quan Ye's body was beyond average, when compared to Mo Ting, he was still miles apart.

"What are you laughing about?" After exercising, Mo Ting returned to the bedroom covered in sweat. Upon seeing Tangning laughing crazily, he couldn't help but question her.

Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting's perfect body which almost met Western standards. She shook her head.

Mo Ting approached her curiously and grabbed the entertainment magazine from her hands. After seeing the comparison article, he handed it back to Tangning, "Tell me, which part of me do you like the most?"

Both men were handsome, rich and capable with great physiques. Most women were attracted to money, but Tangning wasn't like most women. So, Mo Ting was curious.

"I like that you are capable," Tangning lowered her head and replied in a soft voice, hinting there was a double meaning.

After hearing this, Mo Ting lifted Tangning onto his lap and asked, "In what way? Huh?"

Tangning gasped in surprise as she hooked her arms around his neck, "You scared me. Hurry, go have a shower. You are covered in sweat."

"Answer me first."

"In every way," Tangning's cheeks burned red.

"I want more detail!"

"President Mo, you're not normally this silly..." Tangning's heart raced uncontrollably. How could a woman answer a question like this?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 270

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