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Just the thought of Tangning's reaction when he had a flu or migraine made Mo Ting nod his head obediently. "Regarding Quan Ye, don't worry about calling the police."

Lu Che looked at the dazed Quan Ye who was sitting on the floor and had no intention to step on him any further. Instead, he hurried ahead of Mo Ting to look for a doctor.

Luckily, it was just a light external injury. All it needed was a bandage and it was fine. However, Tangning was terrified. She immediately rushed to the hospital, ran out of the car without even putting on a disguise and questioned the reception desk about Mo Ting's whereabouts.

Luckily, Mo Ting knew her well enough. He was already waiting on the first floor as he asked Lu Che to bring her over.

"Was that...Tangning?"

"I think so. And the person talking to her appears to be President Mo."

The nurses noticed the couple and secretly pulled out their phones to take photos.

Tangning didn't have time to care about them. She simply ran up to Mo Ting and asked, "Where are you hurt?"

"My clothes are thick. I only lost a layer of skin," Mo Ting replied.

"I still want to see it."

In order not to be surrounded by onlookers, Mo Ting led Tangning into a quiet hospital room, sat down on the bed and removed his jacket. He then pulled up his business s.h.i.+rt, "It's really just a small injury."

Mo Ting's left waist was covered in bandages. Although a little bit of blood had seeped through, it was indeed just a small injury. Tangning breathed a sigh of relief before leaning over and helping Mo Ting put his clothes back on, "Did you know, you scared the h.e.l.l out of me?"

"Everything's fine now," Mo Ting reached out his hand and pulled Tanging into his embrace as he comforted her.

"What exactly happened?"

Mo Ting sat up straight. Just as he was about to explain the complicated situation that had happened earlier, Lu Che suddenly came knocking on the door, "President, Chairman Quan has just pa.s.sed away."

Mo Ting immediately stood up, pulled open the door and looked at Lu Che.

Lu Che explained, "It turns out, he not only had gastric cancer, but also a stroke."

"He is, after all, an old friend of second uncle's. Tangning, let's go up and have a look," Mo Ting turned around and said to Tangning. No matter how many grudges they held against each other, nothing was more important than respecting the dead. 

Tangning nodded her head as she hurried to Mo Ting's side. The couple returned to Old Man Quan's hospital room together. As they entered, the atmosphere was filled with grief.

At this moment, Quan Ye still wanted to run up and grab onto Mo Ting's collar. But, the bodyguards quickly held him back, "Mo Ting, are you satisfied? My father is dead! Aren't you happy?"

Tangning looked at Quan Ye's fierce expression. She opened her eyes wide and asked, "What is there for us to be happy about? Aren't you the one that wanted him dead?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Did you know that your father had gastric cancer?" Tangning questioned. "If you didn't want him dead then why did you muck around all day, flirting with girls and not doing any serious work? You obviously knew he had no one to a.s.sist him, yet you never withheld your responsibility as a son and instead went around causing trouble, stimulating his emotions. If your actions weren't done because you want him dead, then why did you do them?"

"Why do you think your father handed Star King to Mo Ting? It's because he knew his son wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility of managing Star King. He didn't want all his hard work to be completely destroyed."

"You just wait and see. Without your father, who would take a second glance at you?"

Tanging's tone was strong, but all she said was the truth. Her words felt like silver needles, stabbing one at a time into his heart.

Of course, there was another reason for her angered reaction: Mo Ting was injured out of nowhere. If he didn't have such a swift reaction, there may have been another body lying in a hospital bed at the moment.

Quan Ye had no way of refuting against Tangning. He simply leaned against the hospital bed and took a few last glances at his father. Aferwards, he walked solemnly towards Mo Ting and declared, "I will definitely retrieve Star King from your hands and I will do it legitimately in front of everyone."

"I'll wait for you." After speaking, Mo Ting gave a slight bow towards Father Quan's body and turned to leave with Tangning.

On the way home, Mo Ting looked at the woman beside him and couldn't help but rub her shoulders, "Originally, I was supposed to give you a pleasant surprise today, instead, I ended up giving you a fright."

"Did you really buy Star King?"

"I acquired the Quan Family's shares, so I am now the biggest shareholder," Mo Ting did not deny. "You own 15% as shared a.s.sets."

"You know I don't understand this stuff," Tangning didn't care.

"But, from what I remember, Star King once banned you."

This was one of the main reasons Mo Ting decided to acquire the shares. As long as he could wipe away one of Tangning's unhappy memories, it was money well spent.

Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's body, tryng hard not to use too much force. Even though his injury was small, she was still careful.

Late at night. Inside the suburbs stood a quiet house and inside the damp living room sat a few computers. The staff sitting in front of the computers had an expression of concern.

"After all the energy we wasted to collect information, Mo Ting ended up being one step ahead of us by announcing his relations.h.i.+p with Tangning. With the addition of Quan Ye's incident, the public is currently siding with Tangning. We are not in a position to release bad news about her. Even if we release something, Hai Rui will immediately cover it up."

"Editor Lin, what should we do? We already missed our timing..."

"Just because he announced they are in a relations.h.i.+p, doesn't mean they are married!" Editor Lin waved his hand, stopping the others from saying another word, "Who do you think Mo Ting is? He is the CEO of Hai Rui. How long can he focus his interests on the one person?"

"Have a look at the male celebrities that change women every few of days. Don't tell me Mo Ting is any different from that..."

"But, how does that relate to us?"

"He's simply playing with her for a few days. After he gets bored, he will get rid of her. We just have to wait patiently. Who told us to miss our timing?" Lin Chong sighed. "Take advantage of this time to follow another story."

As the company had been endlessly spending money with no income, it was currently operating under a loss.

Following another story?

What other story at the moment could beat the story of Mo Ting announcing his relations.h.i.+p with Tangning? While everyone was worried about Tangning's story, a secret guest came to visit Lin Chong.

He didn't know how the man managed to find him. All he knew was, inside the dark car, the man handed him a cheque, "I know you are the reporters Fang Yu was previously turning the entire Beijing inside out to find. I've come to ask for a favor."

Lin Chong saw the numbers on the cheque under the dim lighting and asked, "What favor?"

"I want to take over Hai Rui. So, I hope you can a.s.sist me. The reason is simple, your trailing skills are indeed impressive and I know you won't betray me because of Mo Ting."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 299

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