Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 302

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After having a shower, Long Jie anxiously lay in bed as she tried to do research on how to own a dog. Lying next to her was Lu Che; his hair was still dripping wet as he worked away on his laptop.

Long Jie shuffled closer to have a look. Lu Che was filling out forms regarding Star King.

Lu Che turned and looked at her, "Do you understand it?"

Long Jie shook her head, "After Boss takes over, will he change the way Star King operates?"

"Star King will not become a subsidiary of Hai Rui, because the President used his own a.s.sets to purchase the shares. Plus, Star King's internal departments didn't get a chance to start working under the President before Chairman Quan pa.s.sed away. So, at present, there isn't much to change."

"Does this mean Boss will be even more tired from now on?"

"I guess so," Lu Che nodded. After speaking, he closed his laptop and grabbed a towel to dry his hair.

Long Jie's heart suddenly began to race. Lu Che had finished his work so, in a moment, were they going to pull over the blankets and purely chat the night away? Wouldn't that be too innocent? It seemed like a wasted opportunity...

But, she wasn't willing to sleep with a man so casually...

After drying his hair, Lu Che returned to the bedroom. As soon as he saw Long Jie's anxious expression, he directly turned off the bedside lamp.

Long Jie let out a sigh of relief before Lu Che started laughing at her, "When you had a crush on me, didn't you hold onto every opportunity to get close to me? Am I no longer attractive to you?" 

Long Jie closed her laptop and shyly glanced at Lu Che's body before she covered her eyes, "Weren't you the same when you had a crush on me...?"

"That's why I took the opportunity to kiss and hug you..." Lu Che threw aside the bolster between them and was about to lie down, when he noticed the huge gap between Long Jie's fingers as she 'covered' her eyes. He couldn't help but tease, "If you want to look, then look! After Star King's take over is officially under way, I may need to sleep at the office. When that time comes, you won't be able to look even if you want to..." 

Hearing this, Long Jie suddenly threw her body on top of Lu Che's, "Then I should take advantage to hug you a bit more."

"Don't hug me too tightly, I might lose control..." Lu Che's voice deepened.

"You should forget about it when facing a figure like mine."

Lu Che's eyes swept over with a sense of desire before he flipped over and pressed Long Jie under his body.

"Hey...we agreed..."

"But, I really have no self-control around you." After speaking, Lu Che's kiss lowered itself onto Long Jie's lips. In between his kisses he asked, "You are already 30-years-old, do you want to leave your first time for when you turn 31?"

"No I don't," Long Jie shook her head. Lu Che's kiss had flipped her world upside down; she was in such a daze, she practically forgot her own name.

"In that case, if I decide to have you tonight, what are you going to do about it?"

Long Jie's eyes grew wide in surprise. She discovered, when it came to intimacy, the Lu Che who was on the level of a primary school kid just a couple days ago, had suddenly become a college graduate!


"Don't be nervous. If you want, we can go register our marriage tomorrow."

"Aren't you afraid you'll regret?" Long Jie suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. Even though she felt quite self conscious, Lu Che truly didn't mind. "We haven't been together for long and haven't experienced much together. If some day, you come across someone better, what would you do?"

"You are already the best."

"But...what if your parents don't like me, what would you do?" this was the thing Long Jie was most worried about.

Lu Che couldn't understand her worries, "I'm the one spending a lifetime with you...not my parents."

As soon as Long Jie heard this, her face turned red, "In that gentle..."

"I am also new at this..." Lu Che laughed.

"Then, what should we do?"

Lu Che gently removed Long Jie's robe and said in a serious tone, "Tomorrow, let's go get registered. I can't wait anymore. I want to be with you officially and I want to be able to do whatever I want with you." 

Luckily for them, they weren't under public scrutiny and weren't affected by their work in the industry. Even if they were to get married, they didn't need to care about the media and reporters.

Lu Che kissed Long Jie so hard, she almost lost her breath. He held her hands above her head and intertwined his fingers with hers. However, though they were already fully exposed in front of each other, he did not take things to the final step, "After we get registered, I definitely won't let you go."

Long Jie's face turned red as she buried herself in Lu Che's embrace. She suddenly felt that Lu Che was the manliest man she knew. After all, in a situation like this, not every man could stop themselves...

Of course, she had no idea, Mo Ting was also one of these men.

In the middle of the night, the big fluffy Golden Retriever they had brought home suddenly began to bark. Long Jie was afraid Lu Che would be woken up, so she quickly got out of bed to accompany it, feeding it some dog food from the fridge.

" quiet. Don't wake him up."

In actual fact, Lu Che had already woken up. He stood behind her as he crossed his arms and smiled.

What a silly woman.

Early in the morning, Hua Rong Studio.

Because he had spent too much money over the past few days, Lin Chong was currently stressing over his finances. He could continue to push on, but what about his staff? Charlene and the other people he had made promises to, weren't looking pleased.

"Editor Lin, from the time I started working until now, you have not paid me a single cent. My child is about to be born. I need this money."

"Editor Lin, although I don't have a child, I am struggling to put food on the table."

Editor Lin looked at his reporters and sighed, "Give me some time, I will definitely pay you what you deserve."

"OK, I'll wait a little longer..."

The small-time reporters lowered their heads sadly as they left Editor Lin's office. Afterwards, Editor Lin contemplated for a while, before finally deciding to pull out the contact details of the mysterious man he had met. He then gave him a call, "I agree to help you..."

The man laughed, "You should have been this quick and decisive to begin with."

"Let's meet up and continue our chat."


Lin Chong decided to sell the information he had. Since his decision was made, he no longer needed to hide anything. He simply pulled out every piece of evidence he had collected and waited to hand it over to the man. He couldn't wait to see if the man had any use for it.

It was worth mentioning, Tangning was indeed lucky.

However, Lin Chong refused to believe she would always be so lucky.

Meanwhile, Tangning had no idea Long Jie and Lu Che had plans to register their marriage, she was simply focused on preparing for Chanel's Perfume Launch.

Mo Ting had been much too busy over the past two days, so she briefly mentioned the event to him once but did not bother him about it again in case it caused him to be distracted.

Actually, she had long considered appointing someone else as her manager, but Mo Ting turned down her suggestion, "There is no way I will feel a.s.sured to have someone else manage you."

Tangning helplessly accepted his decision, "In that case, I will attend Chanel's event on my own tonight."

"If there is an unexpected situation, give me a call at any time."

According to her current status, who else dared to cause her trouble? (at least, that's what Tangning thought). However, when time came around for the event...things did not pan out the way she imagined.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 302

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