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Fearles' commercial didn't require much work. The entire shoot only required half a days time. But, as Fearles looked down the barrel of the camera, she still felt it was a shame that Mo Ting wasn't using Tangning.

"Are you worried that Tangning doesn't have enough acting foundation and can't handle being an actress?" Fearles questioned Mo Ting.

"I simply don't want to force her into doing something she doesn't want to do," Mo Ting crossed his arms and replied to Fearles. "She has her own dreams to fulfill. I don't want her to give up on something within her grasp because of me. 'Stupid' will be filmed at the same time as Fas.h.i.+on Week. If she misses the Fas.h.i.+on Week in February, it will affect her ranking for the next season."

"You are really considerate towards her."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning from behind the camera and admired her confidence as he smiled, "She is my only treasure. Even if my dream is involved, I will happily step aside and make way for her."

"Fine then, it seems I have no way of convincing you," Fearles knew that was as far as she could go. "Regardless, I still feel extremely honored to have met you and a great model like Tangning. I am quite fascinated by the two of you. It seems, as long as you are together, nothing can stand in your way."

"I guess you're right," Mo Ting could not deny this point.

After the shoot was complete, they headed to dinner together. Director Coque also joined them to discuss the upcoming press release for 'Stupid'.

The four people interacted like good friends with no restraint.

However, just before he left, Coque secretly turned to Mo Ting and whispered, "I also felt your wife should have played the role of the female lead."

Mo Ting smiled without responding.

Tangning spotted the mysterious smiles between the two men and immediately questioned Mo Ting as soon as they returned to the hotel, "You, Fearles and Director Coque were all acting a little strange tonight..."

"How so?" Mo Ting asked as he hooked his arm around Tangning's slim waist.

"Don't tell me you didn't look at me with pa.s.sion in your eyes," Tangning pointed to her eyes as she spoke.

Mo Ting chuckled as he led Tangning to the bed and sat her down on the edge, "It's because they both felt you should have been the female lead of 'Stupid'."

Tangning was dumbfounded...

But, Mo Ting quickly relieved her anxiety, "I've already rejected them, don't worry."

In actual fact, Tangning knew this was also what Mo Ting wanted, but she wasn't confident about it. She was well aware that without any international awards to back her up, it wasn't right for her to suddenly become an actress. For her, becoming an actress would be like starting from zero all over again because it was a completely new experience. Most importantly, she was a little afraid; she was afraid that she would fall in love with acting...

If that was to happen, she'd have a difficult path ahead of her.

"What are you thinking about?" Mo Ting noticed Tangning was in a daze, so he pressed her against the bed and untied her robe.

Tangning immediately sensed Mo Ting's desirous request. So, she composed her thoughts and hooked her arm around Mo Ting's neck, "What time will we be flying back tomorrow?"


"Then..." Before Tangning could finish her sentence, Mo Ting's kiss had lowered onto her lips.

Tangning carefully counted Mo Ting's eyelashes, she suddenly had the urge to stare at him in detail from up close. However, Mo Ting abruptly sat up, grabbed onto her arms and placed them on his robe, "Help me take it off."

Tangning sat up as her robe slipped off her body.

She looked at Mo Ting seductively as she removed his robe and ran her slender fingers across the back of his neck.

The two perfectly fat-free bodies intertwined together like vines, not leaving even the tiniest gap between them. The possessive urge to swallow each other whole, drove the couple crazy.

Mo Ting never left marks on Tangning's body, but Tangning would leave gentle bite marks on Mo Ting's shoulder every now and then.

However, Mo Ting never felt any pain. Because he knew better than anyone, this was an exclusive marking that Tangning left for him.

After the couple finished their pleasurable activity, Mo Ting embraced Tangning in his arms; keeping their bodies entangled together. Tangning did not say a word, the corners of her lips simply curved upwards. When one loved another, they would understand the feeling of wanting to be treated this way...and wanting the deepest form of possession.

Late at night in Beijing, the cold winter breeze was exceptionally bone-piercing.

Yue Shanshan was in the middle of having a dinner with a rich heir.

As an A-lister actress, Yue Shanshan had already done the rounds of taking all the domestic awards home at least once. At 32-years-old, the Hollywood movie she starred in had already achieved 150 million dollars in results. So, her standing was definitely high in the international market as an Asian actress.

Of course, she was also the actress Mo Ting had already come to an agreement with.

However, the day before they were to finalize their contract, a man called J-King suddenly contacted her. As a result, this was the mixed-blood man that was currently sitting opposite her at dinner.

If Yue Shanshan's memory served her right, J-King's father was a shareholder of Hai Rui's. So, why was he meeting with her in private?

"Miss Yue is indeed...beautiful."

"J-King, if there's something you want to say, just say it," Yue Shanshan was well experienced with situations like this. So, she was curious whether J-King actually had the audacity to steal her from Mo Ting.

"Miss Yue is indeed a strong woman," J-King smiled, "But, don't misunderstand. My intention is simple...I just want to pursue you."

"Pursue me?" Yue Shanshan laughed. "Why didn't you pursue me earlier or later and just so happened to pick this time and place to pursue me?"

"I suppose Miss Yue's daughter is already at the age where she can call you mother, right?"

"Did you send someone to investigate me?" Yue Shanshan's expression changed as her eyes appeared angry and ruthless.

"In this industry, do secrets even exist?" J-King shrugged his shoulders. "Would you believe it if I told you Hai Rui knows even more secrets about you than you do? For example, they know the names of all the female celebrities your ex-lover has slept with. Mo Ting is simply too much of a gentleman to use this information to his advantage. However, I am different. I like being ruthless."

Yue Shanshan took a deep breath, "Tell me, what do you want from me? Do you want me to reject filming 'Stupid'? If that's what you want, then I agree."

"No need to reject it. Go ahead and accept it. On the final day of filming, we will create a little incident," J-King explained. "For such a big project to reach it's completion only to find they have to start all over again, I wonder what the shareholders will say."

"President Mo can't take the blame for this..."

"I will have a way to make him take the blame..."

Yue Shanshan scoffed, "It seems your wild ambition isn't merely focused on stealing me from Mo Ting; you also want to steal Hai Rui!"

"Don't worry, I will make sure you escape unscathed. You will remain as the beloved national treasure actress."

Yue Shanshan tried her best to hold back her anger, but it was an extremely hard thing to do. However, for the sake of her daughter and career, she had no choice but to temporarily compromise with him, "Even if you use every tactic you have to challenge Mo Ting, you may not win against him. J-King you are wrong about Mo Ting, he has never been a mere gentleman. When he comes across a jackal, he will become the devil."

"You seem to know him well..."

"We were once cla.s.smates."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 309

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