Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 361

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It was a sunny morning at the Tang Family home.

On the extravagant living room stairs, wearing a black suit, Elder Tang stood upright with his walking stick as he swept his icy cold stare across the two rows of offspring in front of him.

The family scandal had been revealed, so Tang Xuan was punished to kneel. Father Tang and Mother Tang stood to the right side, whilst the Tang grandchildren stood to the left.

Apart from Tang Xuan, the second oldest Tang Yichen and the youngest Tang Jingxuan were also summoned by Elder Tang. Out of her siblings, Tangning was the third oldest.

"Today, I have made a difficult decision. I have decided to kick out my other granddaughter," Elder Tang said with a dull voice, "What are your thoughts?"

"Father..." Father Tang said in a shocked tone.

"You are the least qualified to say anything. Everything happened because of you," Elder Tang directly rejected Father Tang's attempt to share his opinion.

"Grandfather, I can't accept it!" Tang Xuan said as she stood up, "For the sake of Tangning, you're actually willing to kick your granddaughter out?"

"Tangning is also my granddaughter. Plus, even now, you still don't seem to understand what you've done wrong. Because of your pettiness, you've exposed the secret that the Tang Family have been trying to hide for decades. You've brought a mess upon the entire Tang Family. I can't possibly keep you around after what you've done," Elder Tang growled.

"How is she your granddaughter? Who's to say she wasn't born from some random man..."


Elder Tang barely resulted to violence, but this time, be couldn't hold back his slap.

His aged hands were still full of power as Tang Xuan's head flew to one side, "I, Tang Zhen, hereby confirm, with your att.i.tude and temper, you should not dream of ever staking claim on the Tang Family business."

Tang Xuan's eyes grew wide. She wasn't willing to accept her fate at all. However, at this time, the housekeeper entered the living room and said, "Chairman, the Third Miss has returned."

"How dare she return?" Tang Xuan yelled furiously.

"Let her in!" Elder Tang said as he tapped his walking stick on the floor.

Over the past 9 years...the number of times Tangning had stepped foot into the Tang Family home could be counted on one hand. Under these roofs, her memories were filled with suppression. But this time, she no longer bowed down to them.

She appeared in the living room dressed in a brown trenchcoat with her long hair hanging loosely.

Everyone felt there was something different about her...

Whether it was her presence or her expression, it was different to the Tangning that used to avoid everything.

Tangning walked over to the kneeling Tang Xuan with her high heeled shoes. She bowed to Elder Tang and greeted him, "Grandfather," before turning to Father Tang and Mother Tang and greeting them too...

No one knew why she had come...

Yet, no one stopped to think, this was her home to begin with.

"Xiao Ning, it's good to see you home," Father Tang said lovingly.

Tangning did not look at Father Tang. She simply sneered at Elder Tang and said, "Grandfather, I want to resolve some private matters with Tang Xuan. I hope you all stay out of it."

"Xiao are sisters..." Father Tang tried to hold her back.

"OK," Elder Tang cut in after giving Tangning a quick glance. He was curious, after 9 years on the outside, how much the world had shaped her.

So, he asked his a.s.sistant to help him sit down while Tangning turned to face Tang Xuan.

Before anyone expected a thing, another loud "PAK!" echoed through the room. Tangning had slapped Tang Xuan!

Tang Xuan was slapped!

Everyone was shocked. Meanwhile, Tang Xuan held onto her face, "You hit me?!"

"Yes, I hit you," Tangning said firmly with her chest held high, "This slap is for all the years of putting up with your c.r.a.p!"


"Do you know why grandfather looks highly on me and not you? Because I am better than you at everything! When we were young, your academic results never compared to me, you were never as likeable as me and when I left home after we became adults, you still couldn't compare to me. The existence of my name is like a splinter in your heart!"

"Since I am a splinter, I will continue hanging around like this. Being able to anger you and drive you crazy is exactly what I like to do."

"But Tang Xuan, you must remember..."

"..I will always be more capable than you - that is reality."

"As for all the years I've spent overseas and not stepped foot through the family doors, I think that already expresses my intentions clearly."

"Yet, you didn't act accordingly."

"I hate it when people leave me with no choice..."

"If you don't stop with your schemes, then I'm sorry, the day I've reached the limit of my tolerance is the day I will return to the Tang Family. I don't need permission from any of you."

"Today, I am only giving you a warning. If you continue to provoke me, then you might as well give up your position as the Tang Family heiress."

While Tangning spoke these words...

...her gaze was icy cold. So cold it actually made other's s.h.i.+ver in fear.

Even though her presence wasn't as intimidating as Mo Ting's... one doubted the words that were coming out of her mouth.

Her expression was enough to tell everyone how serious she was.

Seeing Tang Xuan in a daze, Tangning turned to face Elder Tang. After a quick bow, she said, "Grandfather don't worry, I will handle the scandal well. I'm sorry for intruding today."

After speaking, Tangning turned to leave, but Elder Tang held her back, "If you still consider yourself a part of the Tang Family, then don't you dare walk out of here."

"Grandfather, don't force me."

"I already expressed my thoughts clearly last night..."

"If you walk out of this home today, you will be just like Tang Xuan and no longer be a part of the Tang Family," Elder Tang scoffed as he gave a flick of his sleeves. "Tang Xuan was wrong, but the way that you expose yourself to the public is even worse..."

"I've never embarra.s.sed the Tang Family..."

"Have you forgotten about your scandals, gossips and world's most beautiful legs award?" Elder Tang squinted his eyes and scoffed. "In my eyes, that is all embarra.s.sing."

"Well, there's nothing I can do about that." After giving her response, Tangning continued walking out the door. But, Elder Tang, spoke up again, "Are you really going to give up on your parents and family? All because of your so-called pa.s.sion and dream?"

"Xiao Ning...don't leave. Father and mother both miss you dearly," Father Tang tried to convince her.

Tangning shook her head.

However, on her third attempt to leave, Mother Tang suddenly broke her silence as she said in a raspy voice, "I know all of this is because of me..."

Tangning did not look back.

"I know that in Tangning's heart, she would rather I not exist because I have caused her a lifetime of shame."

"Madam, don't make things more complicated," Father Tang immediately tried to comfort her.

"I know the best way to solve all the problems is for me to disappear, right?"

"Madam, what nonsense are you speaking?"

"That's enough. Tangning won't be going anywhere today. Stay here and I will get someone to handle all the gossip," Elder Tang cut in. "As for Tang Xuan, this will be the last time. If I discover you doing something like this again, don't blame me for being heartless."

"Sorry grandfather, I still have a shoot to go to.. "

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 361

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