Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Hidden Marriage Relations.h.i.+p

The public media was surprised, Mo Ting would say so, was interested in signing with Tang Ning? Mo Ting just said a joke, right?

But no matter how, the media and jewelry designers did not dare to give Tang Ning trouble, can only shout criticism at Day Arts Entertainment now.

This time, Day Arts Entertainment and Han Yu Fan’s big problem, Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant was directly bombarding Tang Ning, “You could not even do this trivial matter well, what are you going to do, this time see how Han will sort you out!”

Tang Ning disagreed, and her face was not truly calm, she departed from the show after switching her clothes, but by the side found Mo Ting’s sports car.

“Get in.”

Tang Ning obediently sat inside, for Mo Ting’s move today, she was full of grat.i.tude, “Today, thank you.”

Mo Ting’s eyes stirred, his mouth showing a trace of a chuckle, “Do you think I can tolerate others bullying my new wife in public?”

“Actually, I am not worthy of your help, because I deliberately let people recognize me,” Tang Ning apologetically said.

Mo Ting looked at her, and then averted his line of sight, “I know.”

“But, in the event that you cannot deal with the other person, can you tell me, that if a thousand enemies hurt eight hundred, it would not seem stupid?”

Tang Ning: “…”

“Where are you taking me?”

“Your house, are we not married?” Tang Ning had to ask, because she has made a decision, she would not allow herself to regret it.

“You want to know that we are not only married, tonight… is our wedding night!”

Tang Ning blushed, but still nodded firmly, “I am ready, thank you for concealing our relations.h.i.+p, but I still hope you can stand by, because I want to rely on my own strength, and take back what belongs to me.”

Mo Ting grudgingly agreed, rarely was there a woman that did not want to rely on his position, he wanted to see what Tang Ning would do in the end.

The two set off, Tang Ning quickly receiving a call from Sister Long’s phone, “Tang Ning, I have evidence of Mo Yu Rou’s pregnancy, how are you going to use it? And the jewelry show affair, it has already been spread on the internet, you are now infamous on the internet, they’re scolding you, what do you plan to do about it?”

“Sister Long, are you willing to follow me?”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Sister Long crooned, “you want me to yield to that cheating couple?”

“Then release my prepared statement, however, you and Day Arts Entertainment would have a falling out!”

“Afraid of what!” Sister Long was very excited, “It’s time to fight back, I have to do this, the evidence is ready, I have to take advantage of Han Yu Fan not saying anything yet.”

Tang Ning hung up the phone, the car’s atmosphere once again becoming calm, Tang Ning actually became nervous, not knowing how Mo Ting now saw her as.


“Your conversation, I heard, but are you so honest to anyone?” Mo Ting took advantage of the red light, pinching Tang Ning’s jaw, watching her with sharp hawk-like eyes.

“I am only honest in front of you, and will continue to be,” Tang Ning revealed her loyalty, “ *because I am afraid you might have other bad thoughts concerning me.”

Mo Ting was shocked. “If it was me, then I will only be more ruthless!”

Mo Ting guessed correctly about her, Mo Yu Rou’s and Han Yu Fan’s relations.h.i.+p, and because of what he said, Tang Ning on her newly married husband, had a very good impression, anyway, she would remember today, all of her commitment and promises to Mo Ting.


On the other hand, Han Yu Fan also received the news that Tang Ning was on the catwalk and was recognized, not only that, HF also called, accusing Day Arts Entertainment, suddenly, Day Arts Entertainment was not just facing a breach of contract, on the internet there were many black material.

Mo Yu Rou watching Tang Ning on the video, said to Han Yu Fan, “You see, Tang Ning deliberately let others know, she knew that what differed between us was our legs, she did it on purpose!”

“Yu Rou, Tang Ning is not such a person, this is not the first time she modeled for you on the runway,” Han Yu Fan subconsciously still believed in Tang Ning.

“So, you believe in that Tang Ning? Yu Fan, don’t be silly, this incident, someone has to take responsibility, don’t tell me that you want to violate the agreement? Or do you want to tell everyone, that you are getting Tang Ning to go for me? Then we’re all over!”

“What do you mean?”

“Anyways, you and Tang Ning have to get married, she is not in the circle to stay, for the sake of Day Arts Entertainment, you have to immediately announce, that you did not know of this, we did not know, that Tang Ning wanted hype for herself, therefore she hid this from us, disguised herself, and subst.i.tuted for me,” Mo Yu Rou said, wanting to pour all the dirty water on Tang Ning.

“At present, it can only be this way,” Han Yu agreed, nodding his head, but also in his contacts with the company’s public relations at the same time,  his a.s.sistant called his phone.

“Chief Han, quickly look at the entertainment headlines, Tang Ning’s agent, broke the news on the internet.”

Han Yu Fan immediately searched the headlines, surprised to see Tang Ning’s agent,quickly indicate that he instructed Tang Ning to stand in for Mo Yu Rou, a large amount of black material came out, she also made a large number of comparison chart, claiming that the small workshops would bully people, that Tang Ning was bullied for many years.

Han Yu went crazy, and immediately contacted Tang Ning’s agent.

“Sister Long, are you crazy?”

A laugh erupted from the other end where Sister Long’s voice came from, her voice was steady, “Your tiny rubbish company, I would not want to stay in it.”

“Yu Fan, this is certainly what Tang Ning wanted, you quickly press the news, Tang Ning’s hype news was put up.”

Han Yu Fan did not hesitate to immediately use their own contacts, Sister Long immediately broke the news, Tang Ning being suspected of hype was put up on the news.

All of a sudden, Tang Ning and Day Arts Entertainment, have climbed high as popular searches, and mixed.

No one knew about the relations.h.i.+p between Tang Ning and Mo Ting, so compared to Tang Ning and Day Arts Entertainment, they were more reluctant to offend Han Yu Fan.

Tang Ning was certainly at a disadvantage, on the network plenty were cursing her.

Can it be, all the people think that the situation is reversed, Tang Ning wanted to go and subst.i.tute, suddenly, there was a rush of clicks, clicking into the content, all published by Sister Long, saying that Tang Ning was the wronged party…

Sister Long was the first to say that friends would naturally be prejudiced, plus Tang Ning had modeled for Mo Yu Rou so many times without any thought of any hype, has been suffering from Day Arts Entertainment, was still overwhelmingly first, everyone almost one-sidedly believe that Tang Ning was the victim.

Han Yu Fan called public relations, wanting to give money to Tang Ning to suppress her mouth.

At the same time, Mo Ting’s a.s.sistant was directly talking to the media, “In the event that Tang Ning’s subst.i.tution news was taken down because of the heat in the internet, then you are to ‘close down a business and put the best face on.”


…. chapter four was kind of hard to translate, I’m sure you guys can see some parts where confusing… but uh, I tried to translate it as best as I could, if it helps. The very last sentence, to ‘close down a business and put the best face on’, I tried to search many times for its meaning, but… I didn’t find anything. i wonder if someone knows what it means…

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 4

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