Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 41

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After hearing Han Ruoxue's response, Lin Wei who was standing behind Tangning, was completely impressed by her.

Because at this moment, Tangning had turned the tables and was now treading on top of Han Ruoxue - she was indeed no ordinary artist. She didn't just throw her temper around, instead, she directly approached Han Ruoxue and demanded for her rights!

From now on, Tianyi no longer had the right to interfere with her jobs. In other words, she was partially independent from her contract.

Because Tangning understood these despicable people too well, she definitely had to make sure she had the right to make her own decisions - she couldn't let what happened with Secret happen again.

What she did was better than simply humiliating them.

Tangning's mind was clear.

Lin Wei sincerely believed, even if Tangning didn't have her as a manager and didn't have an a.s.sistant, she could still get far on her own. On that note, which artist had the capability to lead their manager instead? However, even though she knew this, Lin Wei was still not willing to leave Tangning. By following Tangning, there was so much for her to learn.

Especially when Tangning said she was only recovering the fairness she deserved, it struck a chord with Lin Wei. In this industry, she didn't believe fairness existed, but, Tangning was different...she wasn't worried at all about sharing a stage with Mo Yurou. With Tangning's abilities, disposing of Mo Yurou was way too easy.

All along, in Tangning's heart, she had been hoping for a chance to challenge Mo Yurou in a fair fight. Since she had previously been a subst.i.tute for Mo Yurou, she needed to use this opportunity to prove to the public, by subst.i.tuting Mo Yurou, it didn't mean she wasn't capable. For her, winning against Mo Yurou was like playing a simple game.

Ultimately, now that the two parties had come to an agreement, Tianyi could no longer casually plan out Tangning's jobs. From now on, Tangning's jobs would have to pa.s.s through a vote by the company's higher-ups. With their supervision, Han Yufan would no longer be able to hide the truth from the From now on, the jobs that Tangning was to propose would have the potential to make so much money...there was no way they would reject them.

Meanwhile, Tangning agreed to allow Mo Yurou to partic.i.p.ate in the Secret photo shoot with her. The two of them would work together to influence the Oriental Trend...

After hearing Tangning's decision, Mina was surprised by her willingness to accept Mo Yurou. Towards Tangning, she couldn't help but gain a sense of respect. How strong-willed was she to tolerate her enemy's attacks of humiliation, even when they almost destroyed her?

"Tangning, you really surprise me. I am looking forward to seeing you on the front cover. Regarding the multiples times that I have misjudged you, I feel extremely apologetic."

"It's OK," Tangning showed that it didn't bother her. Tangning understood these business people well, and because of this understanding, she was aware, it was more advantageous to convince them than to offend them.

"I wish our cooperation goes well."

Before leaving, Han Ruoxue and the others glared at Tangning - there was a chilling look in their eyes. From now on the Han family and Tangning were completely at odds with each other. But, it didn't matter. If she was afraid, she would not have spoken out at the meeting today.

As she was exiting Secret, Han Ruoxue gave Tangning a word of warning, "I don't know if you are too smart or too stupid. Tangning, even though you have been famous before, that is all in the past. How dare you go against the company for the sake of gaining such a small benefit, especially when you don't have a strong backing. Although you will get to enjoy a few days of happiness, it won't last for long."

"You don't need to worry about this," Tangning replied calmly.

Long Jie sneered from behind. Tangning had Mo Ting; even if Tangning wasn't anything, she was still the wife of Hai Rui Entertainment's CEO. Wait til' the day the truth comes out, you idiots will be shocked beyond belief.

"Tangning, originally I still remembered all the good times we had together, but after today, all I have for you is disgust," Han Yufan said towards her while Mo Yurou was wrapped in his embrace. The look in his eyes was icy cold and filled with hatred.

Mo Yurou was pleased, this was the first time Han Yufan seriously expressed his hatred towards Tangning. This also meant, from now on, no matter what Tangning did, there would be no chance they would get back together...

To Tangning, this was the ultimate blow...

Of course, this was all in Mo Yurou's mind, because at this moment, Tangning who had heard these words as she was leaving, simply laughed, "I thought you would have sensed the disgust I have towards you ages ago."

Tangning's calm response made Long Jie and Lin Wei burst out in laughter. Afterwards, the three of them boarded their car and drove out of sight, not glancing back even once.

"Ahhh...." Long Jie shouted in satisfaction, "Today was so refres.h.i.+ng, haha. Tonight I must drink some champagne to celebrate. Just the thought of Han Ruoxue's screwed up face makes me want to take a photo of it and show it to her so she can see how ugly she is."

Lin Wei turned around to look at Tangning from the front pa.s.senger seat. There were things she wanted to know, "It was all part of your plan to make them allow you to voice your opinion right?"

"If I didn't do this, up until Mo Yurou gets pulled down from her perch, they will continue to use me to boost themselves. So, I had to get the right to voice my opinion." Tangning looked down at the supplementary contract written by Han Yufan and carefully a.n.a.lyzed if there were any flaws. She realized she didn't understand a lot of the legal terms; Mo Ting would need to handle this.

"Does that are going to bring down Mo Yurou?" Lin Wei was not aware that Mo Yurou was pregnant yet.

"The time is not yet right..."

Lin Wei looked into Tangning's eyes and stopped asking. If Tangning was to tell her something, she would say it sooner or later. Right now, the only thing Lin Wei could do was convince Tangning to trust her more. This was the only way for their bond to become unbreakable.

"Haha! Mo Yurou actually wants to compete with you. Tangning, make her into your backdrop!"

Of course, there was no point thinking too far ahead. Secret's photo shoot was the most important thing in front of them and all the fans were waiting to see who was better.

After returning to the manor, Mo Ting wasn't home yet. The three women sat on the rug in the living room casually drinking some red wine, "Tangning, can you cook for us? I'm so sick of the American fast food."

"But, I don't want to do anything..." Tangning leaned against the sofa lazily.

"Dear G.o.d, we still have to eat a whole week of steak, chips and hamburgers..."

"Ask my husband to cook..." Tangning smiled, "However, I don't think he'll cook enough for you two."

"Are you saying Big Boss can cook?" Long Jie looked like she had just made a huge discovery as she grabbed onto Tangning's arms and asked.

"His cooking isn't too bad either."

"Tangning...Tangning, please give our mouths the honor to experience his cooking..." Long Jie joined her hands together full of sincerity - she wanted to know if Big Boss was really as great as Tangning made him out to be, "Just a small bite, a small bite is enough."

"That's not difficult to do," at this time Mo Ting's voice resounded from behind them. Tangning looked at Mo Ting - under the sun, his handsome face was irresistible. "To celebrate Tangning retrieving what originally belonged to her, I will cook. However, from now on, if anyone asks Tangning to go into the kitchen again, I won't be nice to them."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 41

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