Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 419

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Because of her appearance in 'Stupid' and 'W.H.', Tangning's ident.i.ty as an actress gradually formed a foundation in the public's minds. And just like she did when she was still a model, her every step as an actress was fought with all her might. As a result, people felt convinced by her.

The public's trust towards Tangning once again increased as they directly placed her into the same category as top-notch actors like Lin Sheng and Bei Chendong. Even though she was still far from the same level as them, she at least strived to become a better actress. Unlike others, who would appear on multiple variety shows as soon as they become acknowledged, just to feed off their fame.

The audition time for 'The Lost Relative' was set. But, apart from Tangning and Gu Heng, there were also actresses from many other agencies vying for the role of female lead, including a famous actress from South Korea.

The director this time was the three-time international award-winning, Wei An. The reason why so many actresses were fighting for a main role in his film was because being in his films always stood a high chance at winning an award.

What actor didn't want to win an award?

This was one of the main reasons why Mo Ting agreed to let Tangning audition for the film. He hoped​ his wife's every sacrifice would be rewarded.

In fact...

...she deserved to be rewarded with the best.

12pm. Inside a random hotel.

An old man dressed in a blue traditional s.h.i.+rt waved his fan as he walked into Director Wei An's room accompanied by his bodyguard. As soon as the two men met, the director reached out his hand warmly, "Elder Mo, I haven't seen you in years. You still look as good as ever."

Elder Mo laughed and sat down on the sofa, "How could I compare to the endless glory you've achieved..."

"Elder Mo, you are a senior artist. I dare not compare."

"I've come today regarding two things. I wonder if Director Wei can do me a favor?" Elder Mo asked leisurely as he waved his fan.

"Elder Mo, you are a respected senior and important personality in the entertainment industry. Please tell me how I can help," Wei An smiled as he held onto a cup of tea.

"Firstly, I want to make a guest appearance in your film. I will do it for free, but you need to keep my ident.i.ty a secret and not let anyone know," Elder Mo squinted his eyes.

The director was slightly surprised...

"It's my honor to have you make a guest appearance. But, your body..."

"You don't need to worry about it," Elder Mo waved his hand.

"What about your second request?"

"The second thing I want you to do, is to make things difficult for Tangning at tomorrow's audition," Elder Mo said straightforwardly.

"Isn't Tangning your granddaughter-in-law?"

"I haven't acknowledged her yet," Elder Mo scoffed. "I still need to see if she has enough courage and intelligence to be with my grandson. So tomorrow, you simply need to tell her the auditions have been postponed..."

"Are you deliberately making her late?" Wei An laughed at Elder Mo's request. Actually, his actions were quite reasonable. Elder Mo's biggest pa.s.sion in life was acting; since his granddaughter-in-law wanted to change from a model to an actress, he of course needed to test her out.

"This is nothing. I'm sure you're well aware of how this industry works. No matter how good of an actor one is, they should always be wary of being replaced, dismissed or even schemed against. If she can't even handle this..."

"...then my grandson's eyes..."

"...must be worse than mine."

The director thought about the request for a moment. In reality, he had watched Tangning's acting before and did not find any flaws to point out. In fact, she was a very serious actor. However, she had no experience with action scenes.

So, he was slightly leaning towards picking Gu Heng, who was professionally trained in martial arts.

He was a perfectionist. So, he hoped that the actress he eventually went with, would be skilled in all aspects.

Since Elder Mo made this request, he decided to go along with it and use it as an excuse to eliminate Tangning. Perhaps using Gu Heng would be the safer bet anyway.

"OK, no problems. Since it's a request from Elder Mo, I will do my best to satisfy it," Wei An agreed swiftly.

"Be serious, don't worry about Mo Ting. You have me backing you..."

"I don't think President Mo will hold me accountable over something so little," Wei An laughed leisurely.

Elder Mo had a deep look in his eyes but he did not say another word.

This man obviously did not know his grandson well enough...Towards the entertainment industry, Mo Ting was ruthless and resolute, but when it came to love...he inherited the Mo Family genetics: he completely doted his wife.

Would he really not hold him accountable?

Did he not see how Mo Ting released the trailer of 'W.H.' as soon as someone made a few complaints about his wife? From what Elder Tang concluded, Mo Ting's every move was for the sake of Tangning and to help his wife lay out a path...

"Rascal! You're certainly skilled at using business for personal gain. Let's see how your wife handles the drama tomorrow," Elder Mo scoffed as he waved his fan.

Humming an old Opera tune, he turned around and left Wei An's room.

1pm. Song Yanshu received a phone call from the production crew of 'The Lost Relative' notifying them that the auditions had been moved to 3pm the next day; one hour after the original scheduled time.

"Did you find out why they moved it one hour back?" Tangning questioned.

"Apparently the director has something on at that time..."

Tangning looked down at her script and nodded, "Pick me up at 2pm tomorrow then."

"OK. In that case, I'm going to go home now Ning Jie," Song Yanshu bowed slightly as she closed up Tangning's schedule.

Although Tangning nodded her head, her cautious att.i.tude, especially after the mistake with her watch endors.e.m.e.nt, told her this was a sign that the people-in-charge had changed their minds about something.

So, she immediately gave Long Jie a phone call and asked her to check with her sources. After all, there were a few dozen candidates for the auditions tomorrow.

"Don't worry, I'll give you a response early tomorrow. Tangning, you've become more and more cautious," Long Jie couldn't help but point out.

"Because I've been tricked too many times," Tangning replied.

Long Jie nodded her head in understanding. 'The Lost Relative' was an open resource, so it wasn't​ surprising for her to come across scheming from compet.i.tors. But, Tangning would never allow herself to be defeated before even making an appearance. She was never going to scheme against others, but there was no way she wouldn't be cautious about it.

"Understood. As soon as I get information, I'll notify you," Long Jie said before hanging up the phone.

Tangning put down her phone and looked at the script beside her. Since Mo Ting had chosen it for her, she was definitely going to get the role...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 419

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