Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Return in Low Spirits

Mo Yurou would have never imagined the fate ahead of her. From her position in front of Tangning, there was no way she could see Tangning's expression, plus, she was overly confident (she thought she was comparable to Huo Jing Jing) so...upon hearing the photographer and his staff clapping and cheering, she actually thought it was for her. After all, Tangning was behind her and she was blocking her...

"OK, let's shoot the next set!"

Because of their clothes, Tangning mostly ended up standing behind Mo Yurou. Even when they stood side by side, Mo Yurou always led.

This made Mo Yurou quite proud...

After the final set of photos were done, the photographers once again couldn't help but applaud Tangning's amazing performance. Mo Yurou acted like a supermodel as she stood in front of Tangning accepting all the cheers for herself. Eventually, Mo Yurou left the studio first, giving the photographer a chance to approach Tangning, "That model is so annoying, however...I won't point it out. Once the magazines front cover is released and everyone sees the comparison between you two, she will experience a big slap to her face. There will be plenty of people helping you to teach her a lesson."

The photographer was indeed a senior in the industry, stuff like this was not unusual to him.

"Thank you," Tangning smiled.

"No need. You were really the most skilled model I have ever worked with. I can't deny, you are on the same level as Western models." The photographer raised his thumb at her, "The weekly publication will be released next Wednesday. Look forward to will definitely ignite the Oriental Trend."

"That's not something I can decide, all I did was give my best," Tangning felt that the industry was not short of hardworking people; there were so many artists with talent and skills, but many only got halfway to fame - apart from hard work, luck was an important factor.

When she returned to the waiting room, Mo Yurou jumped right into Han Yufan's embrace as she recounted how she had received an applaud. After listening to her, Han Yufan wrapped his arm around her waist - he knew she would succeed. However, he had no idea, the applauds had nothing to do with Mo Yurou.

At this time, Tangning also entered the room. Upon seeing her, the staff that was tidying the studio raised his thumb at her, "You are really the best model I've ever seen."

Mo Yurou didn't understand what he was saying - after all her English was limited - but...

Han Yufan understood he was praising Tangning.

Most importantly, the staff knew Mo Yurou didn't understand English. So a.s.suming Han Yufan also did not understand, he looked at Mo Yurou in extreme disgust and said, "I really can't believe that woman is your colleague. She can't possibly be called a model, she has no professional skills at all and views herself too highly. It's bad enough that she doesn't understand English, she even thought we were all praising her. There's something wrong with her."

After speaking, the staff left. Tangning turned to look at Han Yufan's expression as the corners of her lips slightly curved up.

"Yurou, are you sure the photographer praised you?"

"Yufan, don't you believe me?" Mo Yurou nodded her head in certainty, "What I said was all real. If you don't believe then go ask the photographer. Yufan, have trust in me, this time, I am definitely going to revive Secret..."

Han Yufan stared at Tangning's back; his mind couldn't stop thinking about what he just heard the staff say. His heart felt uneasy, but the front cover had already been shot. Even if Mo Yurou didn't stand out, at least she still appeared in an international magazine - this would still be beneficial towards the Top Ten Model Awards.

Originally, the discussion about the shoot had already ended, but Long Jie entered the room ecstatically and said excitedly to Tangning, "Tangning, do you know what I just hea

rd? The photographer said in the solo shoot, Mo Yurou looked like a...temptress."

Upon hearing her, Mo Yurou wiggled out of Han Yufan's embrace and walked over to Long Jie. She raised her hand with the intention to hit her, luckily, Tangning's reaction was quick as she pulled Long Jie out of the way and grabbed onto Mo Yurou's wrist, "What do you think you're doing?"

"If you have the guts, tell her to repeat what she just said," Mo Yurou said threateningly as she shook her hand loose from Tangning's grip and pointed at Long Jie with a sneer, "Tangning, don't be a sore loser. I know you aren't satisfied with having to stand in the background today, but you were wearing black, so there was no choice."

"Wasn't it because you s.n.a.t.c.hed the clothes?" Long Jie once again swapped positions with Tangning, stepping in front to protect her. "Mo Yurou, I'm not going to waste my time with you anymore. Whether the photography team was impressed or disappointed by you, you will find out next Wednesday."

"Fine, when that day comes, you will see whose side the public are on!" After speaking, Mo Yurou threw her hands across the makeup table and swiped everything onto the ground. Gla.s.s shattered across the floor. A few small pieces flew past Tangning and left small cuts on her legs.

Upon seeing this, Long Jie erupted, "Mo Yurou, what are you doing? You've injured Tangning's legs, do you know how much they are worth? You better apologize!"

"Apologize?" Mo Yurou looked at Long Jie like she had said something ridiculous, "You're dreaming."


"Long Jie..." Tangning held her back, "Give a phone call to my insurance company and ask them to come collect the evidence. There's no need to apologize, I am covered by insurance, however...the insurance company won't let this matter off so easily. I'm sure they will sue the person that injured me."

Upon hearing Tangning's words, Han Yufan's face turned pale, "What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean legs are covered by an extremely expensive insurance policy. If Mo Yurou does not apologize, then I'll just have to let the insurance company handle it..."

"Tangning, I never thought you could be this malicious," Han Yufan said to Tangning, "It was only an accident..."

Hearing him call it an accident, Tangning turned around, grabbed the bottle of makeup remover on the table and smashed it in front of Mo Yurou. Similarly...Mo Yurou's legs now had small cuts on it, "This was also an accident, my hands were slippery..."


Seeing Han Yufan's enraged expression, Tangning remained calm as usual, "Are you going to be upset about my unintended mistake? If that's the case, aren't you more malicious than I am?"

"Tangning, let's make a bet. The magazine will be released next Wednesday. If my level of support is higher than yours, then you better retreat from the modeling industry and never take a step back in again."

Mo Yurou impulsively declared a war on Tangning as Tangning responded with a slight smile, "Who do you think you are? You want me to retreat from the modeling industry because of you? You really think highly of yourself..."

After speaking, Tangning left the room with Long Jie. As they were leaving, they heard Mo Yurou give out a frustrated scream.

"Tangning, I'm so sorry, today I didn't know how to judge the situation," Long Jie apologized to Tangning.

"It's ok, even if it wasn't because of you...Mo Yurou still would have found a way to cause trouble for me," Tangning responded in an indifferent manner, "Let's just leave everything for Wednesday..."

Let's wait and see how Mo Yurou will return in low spirits...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 48

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