Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 49

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After leaving Secret, Tangning found Han Ruoxue's car parked outside. Their eyes met but they didn't say anything. As they pa.s.sed by each other, Han Ruoxue said to Tangning, "The day Secret magazine is released is the day you will leave the modeling industry."

"Looks like you have a lot of faith in Mo Yurou."

"Even though she hasn't had as much exposure as you, she already has experience internationally and has gained extra points from the judges of the Top Ten Model Awards. In comparison, you've lost all value," Han Ruoxue said ruthlessly.

"Really? Then let's wait for the results..." Tangning wasn't taken aback at all as she responded calmly; her words were strong - nothing dark in the entertainment industry was going to crush her.

Han Ruoxue glared at Tangning full of hatred - her desire to destroy Tangning was getting stronger. An artist that could not be controlled, whether tied up or free, always posed a hidden danger. Only when she stepped all over them and ensured they couldn't get back up, would she be completely at ease. Especially since Tangning had such a strong hatred towards her and her brother!

"Tangning, there's something strange about Han Ruoxue's expression." Long Jie turned around to glance at Han Ruoxue, she felt a bit a worried.

"Right now, she wants so badly to crush me!" Tangning understood; she knew how much the Han siblings hated her, "If I really fail with the magazine this time, I can imagine what a bleak future I will have."

"It won't happen...Lin Wei and I both have faith in you. Plus, even if you do fail, it doesn't matter, you still have Big Boss!"

Speaking of Mo Ting, Tangning remembered Mo Ting had said he would come pick her up. So after getting not far from Secret, she picked up her phone to call him. On the other side of the line, Mo Ting laughed as he told her to turn around. Around the corner, a Lincoln Limousine was standing under a tree.

A tall man leaned against the car, his fit body was accentuated by the black and white striped retro suit he was wearing. He didn't have a smile on his face, but the contours of his face were soft. The mole on his right ear was dazzling - Tangning looked at him dumbfounded. This emperor-like man should be surrounded by an army of people. But for her, he was willing to stand all alone in this quiet corner.

Tangning's eyes began to swell up; the incident from earlier had already disappeared into the back of her mind. She was a model, but she was also this man's wife.

From the day they were married, this man had been accepting of her faults and had been fulfilling all her wishes. Was she going to continue making the sun wait because she was still focused on a fallen star?

It wasn't worth it!

"What's wrong?" Mo Ting asked gently; he noticed Tangning looked a little depressed.

Tangning shook her head without saying a word.

The words "I like you" hung to the back of her throat.

"Is it because you are too tired from the magazine shoot?" Mo Ting looked her up and down. He noticed the cuts on her legs as his pupils dilated in anger, "What happened?"

Long Jie was about to explain when Tangning cut in, "Mo Ting, let's go home, I have something to tell you."

Mo Ting glanced at Long Jie, it was obvious what had happened. This debt, he was going to make them pay back - but not just yet.

Afterwards, they all boarded the Limousine. However, the entire journey Tangning was nervous and quiet.

Mo Ting did not question her. When they finally reached the manor, he carried her in his arms straight to the bedroom. Now, it was just the two of them. Mo Ting placed Tangning on the bed and instructed the maids to bring the medicine box in.

Tangning watched as Mo Ting knelt on the ground and helped her apply medicine; she could no longer contain the rush of emotions in her heart as she instinctively clung onto his neck. In a nervous but stable voice, she said, "I see everything clearly and I understand everything now. Mo Ting, I like you and I want you."

"I thought I wouldn't be able to like someone in such a short period of time. I even denied this feeling I had in my heart. But now, when I face Han Yufan and Mo Yurou, although I am still angry, my heart no longer hurts."

After saying this, Tangning slowly loosened her arms and looked into Mo Ting's dazzling gem-like eyes as she enunciated each word clearly, "I know everything I have now is because of you. So, I like you and I want you. I want the entire you."

"Can you give it all to me?"

No woman could make these words sound so touching and natural. As they had previously promised to be truthful to each other...Tangning did not hide her feelings and said everything straightforwardly.

I want you.

After hearing her confession, Mo Ting looked up and grabbed onto her cheeks as he forcefully pushed her onto the bed. He was going to use his actions to express how overjoyed he was feeling inside.

"I'll give myself to you, only you."

Tangning was startled for a moment before she wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist tightly and pa.s.sionately responded to his kiss. She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his tongue dancing with hers...

Tangning didn't notice when it happened, but she suddenly noticed her skirt had been lifted up and the back of her waist was wrapped in a warm embrace. The fiery pa.s.sion in her heart was slowly ignited...

She didn't want to care or worry about anything. At this moment, she just wanted to truly become his wife and become one with him.

As it was still daytime, the sunlight was strong. The rays of light beaming into the room allowed Tangning to see Mo Ting's body, it was emanating with a healthy glow. Her face flushed red, but she wasn't left with much time to react because Mo Ting's kiss was slowly following the lines of her collarbone down her body, pa.s.s her curves, eventually reaching her lower abdomen...

Tangning was nervous. Even though they had already been this intimate on their wedding night, the thought of that instant of pain made her scrunch up her eyebrows. She had no experience. Even though she now knew how to kiss well, thanks to Mo Ting, the real thing was about to happen - all she could do was immerse herself in his kiss...

Amongst their pa.s.sion, Tangning unconsciously bit Mo Ting's shoulder as the two perfect bodies intertwined together not leaving a single gap.

A thin layer of sweat gradually covered Tangning's delicate body. The pain she expected didn't happen. Tangning looked at Mo Ting disappointedly, her eyes were dewy...

Mo Ting resisted the urge to possess her as he lingered around her collarbone, "Over the next few days, do you still have work?"

"I need to ask Lin Wei..." Tangning replied gently.

"Tell her not to arrange anything..." Mo Ting moved away from her collarbone and looked straight into her eyes, "Because...I might make it impossible for you to get out of bed over the next 3 days..."

"What about your job?"

"My most important job right you." Mo Ting once again locked lips with Tangning. In between his kisses, he looked at her with a narrow smile and asked, "Do you want me to enter now?"

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 49

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